Learned from Halloween

Lessons learned from Halloween last night. So let’s kind of think through this one, and you can learn a lot when you see what’s going on here, and these lessons are applicable in all types of different ways, specifically to what you do every single day with real estate.

So in looking at this, I’m going to give just a couple of words that I had noticed. Ok, and then we’ll take a look at it and kind of discuss it. So I definitely saw hover parents. I saw a greedy kids. Oh, like super greedy.

We actually saw on appreciative kids.

But I also saw, like, super cute and very thankful people as well, right? Yeah, I saw wine for parents that people were giving away. I don’t know what that was about. Yeah, no. But like people were giving wine away. And I also saw that there was a big interest at our place, at the very least for people to hand out the candy.

Oh my gosh. So we had my my niece and her son and daughter over, and he brought a couple of friends and they were so excited to run to the door.

Even Trevor was excited to run to the door a couple of times, and then the other kids kind of took over. But it was it was really interesting.

So is that something about people’s internal desire to please or to give right something? And so it was just interesting to me how much people wanted to get up and go, be nice. Yeah.

So I enjoy seeing all the little costumes. I will say that we had one, so we always give out king size candy bars, and this year we had, in our assorted mix, butterfingers. I personally don’t like butterfingers, and I found a lot. Other people don’t like better fingers and they let us know like butter fingers. But we are known for having the king size candy bars.

And so our neighbors next door, they always bring like groups of friends or like, Hey, here’s these this group of friends, and then they’ll come back like third and fourth time, like, Hey, here’s these other friends of ours. So it was really funny, but some of the people are like, Oh my gosh, thank you for the candy bar. And then some are like, I don’t really like butter fingers.

Could I have something else I could choose from? And I said, No, we don’t. You know, and I told Mike, I said, the next time somebody asks me that, I’m going to say no, but thank you for not taking it, I’m going to give it to somebody who will be thankful for it. But I didn’t. It was aggravating.

And if then when you had the butterfingers, if you had a rude kid, you gave them the butter for.

We did. We did.

Like, Butterfinger got a bad rap last night. It was really bad. I thought Butterfinger was a fine

Candy, one kid I did hear. It was this little boy. And he said, I love butterfingers. Thank you. And then when he was walking back, his sister, whoever was with him was like, You really like better figures? He goes, No, I don’t, but I don’t want to be rude. It’s like, Oh, I should have given him to. But yeah, it was interesting,

And I felt there was less participation than normal and there was more alternative type celebrations or things that you had heard about, right? I don’t know if that was because it was on a Sunday or what happened.

I don’t believe so. So our neighbors across the street had everybody over for a group party and had all the kids and had activities for the kids to do. I don’t know if it’s safety or if they just, you know, maybe that’s a result from the virus from 20 20.

I don’t know, but I felt like we heard that more that there were different pockets of things going on. But does that separate them and not give them exposure to what is really all about and different, you know, different, I don’t know, different experiences?

So how does this relate to real estate? So let’s think through this right? It shows you who people really are during these situations. They get to put like this mask on and act how they want to act for the night. And it’s it’s always one of those funny things. You see people dress up in all types of different ways.

And I see some of the parents dress up. It’s just a way to kind of put yourself out there in a different way, which is kind of interesting, right? Personally, I’ll confess. Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I don’t like Halloween. I just I’ve never really liked the whole concept of Halloween. I love that the kids dress up and it’s fun like that. But I’ve just never been a fan.

But I do see some some things that are inappropriate, right, and things that are really tastefully done and fun, and they’ve put a lot of thought into. And you remember those, you remember those things, both both sides of that.

So who dresses more inappropriately on Halloween, moms or dads? Are you ever like, Look at that, dad, look what he’s wearing.

Uh, well, no. Why do women do that? I don’t know why on Halloween, do they decide that’s the day?

Beats me. I have no idea. The other side of the coin on this is when the kids came back and they put all their candy out on the table and they’re looking at them. And they were kind of judging like, Oh, who gives this out? Oh, who gives this out?

And in each one of their bags was a Cadbury egg. And I know there’s the Cadbury eggs that are that are called scream eggs instead of the Creme Eggs. These were not. So it was really interesting to me to talk about that a little bit.

Well, that was from Easter from last year gave out the Cadbury eggs

Dollar store candy. Sounds like to me, was really funny. That’s awesome. So yeah, I’m sure the candy was fine. It wasn’t.

And I think that every situation like this, like every event, every holiday that you can, you can analyze and take away things like you like we just did for Halloween and apply it towards your business. So the things that you like and don’t like, you know, take it all in and then remember that as you’re going out and conducting your business every day,

Are you the type of person at the door that makes this kid say trick or treat before you’ll give them candy? Yeah. Or do you not worry about that type of thing? Yeah, it doesn’t matter to me what they do. Just give the candy out.

What if they say, Give me some candy?

I’m saying, Hey, here you go, bro.

Mike’s funny. He shows them all the candy we have and lets them lets them pick. I’m more like, No,  

I don’t do that. Yeah, whatever. Does it really matter? Everybody has a different style.

Just trying to teach kids a thing or two.

And next year, it might be the type of style where you put the bowl out just to bowl and say, Take one, please. I would be an empty bowl, and then everyone will think that some kid took them all. Stacey’s kids got Christmas candy. Wow, is this a time?

We joke that next year we’re going to give out canned goods, but no, we’re not. That’s funny. So funny. Well, whoever said they love butterfingers, we have them left over. So this week you can have some.

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