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Hey, everyone. Today’s topic and I’m going to cover is humbling during a pandemic, and I felt that this was a relevant topic. And if you work with your clients, whether they’re buying a lot and building something or working at a new home construction site with a builder. So last year, beginning in March, we decided to start a house and we never lucked out in finding a rebuilt home, being listed on the market that fit our needs. So we did in round two of building because we had just built about four years previous to that.

And looking back on it, I kind of wish the same thing I had done or had wanted to do the first time and writing a journal or starting a blog, because there’s so much that goes into it. And every decision that you make along the way ultimately affects how it turns out in the end. Right. So first off, building a home takes a lot of time.

Yes, you can buy new construction and go to the builders design center and pick out all the easy things. And, you know, everything’s kind of done for you. And you get the enjoyment of a new build. But there’s also a custom built where you kind of start from the ground up, which is what I have done twice now, the second time, not necessarily by choice, but it just was what we wanted to do in the end.

So we did a custom built and identified a lot to build on. It actually took three tries because the first lot we identified and put an offer in, somebody came in at the last minute and put in all cash offer to close and so missed out.

The second lot we put in the seller didn’t want to negotiate really. And so we decided we would walk away and we went and found a third loss that we had kind of written off because we never really drove on to ground. And that was one of our favorites. So that was what was purchased and then the real work. And so with the custom built, we did the floor plan ourselves, just like we had done with our first build.

And we had basically taken the layout of our first build and the alterations and changes based upon what we had discovered living in our first home, what we would change. So more closet space, more storage space, separate rooms for children and all sorts of different things. And we also had to design it in a way that matched what are required. So that was another thing to add into it.

So all along the way, there were so many choices and it seemed like each day there were choices to be made. And I kind of have a list running in my head and chasing down my husband saying, hey, we need to design this investment.

And the builder asking us, have you made a decision on this or that kind of became a running joke with our builder that we had twenty four hours to make a decision or an hour. And that’s always hard, especially when you’re balancing work and life and somebody who’s at your home trying to do the masonry work.

And you need to make a decision on how you want the rocks laid out, you know, little things like that that would come up. And you didn’t want to have this ability to go to another job. Well, you work on making a decision. So I am a self-confessed interest junkie. I actually have a home board that I started long before we built our first home.

So a lot of my design inspiration comes from that and also other online resources like House. Luckily for me, my husband and I have very similar taste for the most part. So we had kind of our ideas and what we wanted and we are pretty good at compromising if one of us like something about your business, so. There were a couple of things that took place along the way that didn’t turn out as we expected. The first was a DIY idea that we had and that was doing corrugated metal in our home as an expense to our fireplace.

And so we had found a barn that the people didn’t want the galvanized metal anymore on. And so we took that and our builder and his crew decided that they would put a clear coat on it just to protect it. And in doing so, which is what most people would do, we discovered that it turned more like it had been in the fire. So we went back to the drawing board and that took a few weeks to figure out what we’re going to do.

And we ended up with purchasing new metal, but it was metal that actually can naturally rust is left outside in the elements where you can speed up that process by making up a special mixture. So there were numerous days spent in our garage with metal out on sawhorses and spraying the special concoction on it until we achieved the look that we wanted because it was cool.

Meantime, it was hard to meet with a lot of the different service providers in the home, anyone from the building material provider to the better person. All that was difficult because nobody really knew what was going on and you had to ask where places were closed or by appointment only and living in a smaller town, we weren’t able to also take advantage of the big city to go look at different building materials.

And a lot of our products were sourced online and not even seen in person. One such example is appliances. So as you may or may not know, there’s been an appliance shortage. And so in in searching for appliances for our home, we obviously wanted a matched set, which was virtually impossible. And so luckily we were able to secure some through leafier, but we bought all of our appliances sight unseen, and they were shipped with fingers crossed that they would ship on time and not get damaged in the shipment process. So they arrived.

They were stored for a number of months until we were ready to have them placed in the home. And once they were placed in the home and those turned out well, but the refrigerator turned out a little bit smaller than I had expected. And so just little differences on what you were able to see in person versus buying online. Same thing goes for light fixtures.

Each of our light fixtures were purchased online and some came in and we liked them. Others we weren’t as much of a fan on on. So just little things to think about. It’s always different once you get things into the actual setting. We also had another issue with getting a garage door. Some of our garage doors came and we were missing one.

So it kind of became the case of a missing garage door and a running joke between ourselves and our builder with the missing garage door was going to appear. And I think it ended up taking two or three months before the garage door that was missing finally came.

So luckily now we have all of our garage doors in place. Flooring was also something that took a lot of time to figure out because we wanted something that would be both kid friendly and pet friendly and also available. So that was always an interesting process, trying to shop around for the best deal and the best product while not being able to go everywhere in person or looking at different sites and ordering different samples from those sites like Lumber Liquidators. Another thing that we encountered was team colors.

So I did a lot of research online for the top annual paint colors of twenty, twenty or twenty twenty one, and ended up kind of becoming best friends with a local store because I was always down there trying to figure out what color we wanted for the interior of our home. So when it all boiled down to it, I think I went through at least ten different sample colors. We had sample boards everywhere, a lot of the colors that we were chosen. We’re trying to be a mix between kind of grey tan and a green color, and a lot of them did not turn out as expected.

And in the end, I got outnumbered and we went back to our pink color we have used in our previous home, which we still like in our family. So there were delays that took place due to materials taking longer subs that had gotten. Or had other things going on, weather and any time that you whether you build the house or buy an existing house, there’s always the must haves and nice to haves. And looking back on it, like what you would change now.

So when we have built our first home, there is really only one thing that I would have probably changed with it for the most part. And now in our new home, there’s not that much that I would change about it either.

So even after living in the new home for a number of months, there’s still things being finalized and still subs coming in and out occasionally. And we still get through everything because everybody has different schedules and builders are super busy right now across most of the country. So that’s what we’ve encountered in all in all, it turned out and we love our home. But just something to think about as you’re out there working with clients or if you’re thinking about building a home based upon my experiences.

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