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How do you do? This is Mike and Shana Acquisto, real estate brokers and co owners of Acquisto Real Estate. How about learning one? Yes, one just real new real one brand new real estate skill to you as an agent every single month. Right, that’s going to be important, you’re going to get better at this, better at that, better at all these different items, and we want that for you as an agent.

So let’s talk about some of the things that you could get better with, right? That you can dive into lead generation. So you want to talk about that, like, how do I get better being a lead generator all the time? So we’ll talk about that.

We’re going to talk about things like how could you get better with graphics? How do you look better to present yourself? How do you get more people that you’re engaging with? How do you write better or how do you represent your listing better? How do you get better with buyers? How do you know more stuff locally every week? One brand new real estate skill every month. Right? That’s all I want.

So, Shana. Yes. Let’s kind of talk about that, OK? Right. So you get questions all the time from the agents and most of the time sometimes are real estate specific, whether it’s on a contract or what do I do? And those are technical. You get those with experience over a period of time.

Correct. However, there’s a lot of different things that will add different things to your toolbelt, like I’m a real estate broker as you are, but I practice real estate decidedly differently than you do. Yes, you do. Right. And I’m fine. Yeah, no, it totally is. But we have complementary skills and we try to add them in for you. But as an agent, you need to have all the skills right. And we’re here to help and augment and do the best we possibly can for you. But if you want to truly be amazing at your career.

Yeah, then you have to continue to add and push yourself. So let’s take yeah. Let’s take just a moment and stop down and think. What are some things that you’re not good at? Right. What are those items and if you truly want to grow with your career, then you push yourself and you become better at those whatever those things happen to be.

So if it happens to be I want to grow my business and I want to generate more business. OK, totally fine. Now, what we have to do is find a new skill, right. Let’s get better at it. So for one month, totally concentrate on it, dive deep, look at it, research it, spend some time on it, just like totally focus on what that happens to.

Could be several. So focus on the one that maybe you see consistently that you’re like, wow, could be better at that. Wow. I wish I was better than that. Better at that. And just pick one one only. You know, for me personally I have several things. But, you know, focusing on one at a time is how you really get good at that one and then you can move on to the next one.

Yeah. So examples are like graphics. Maybe you want to be more consistent with submitting things to design Pikul and you want yours to look better. So maybe what you have to do is just research it. You have to really dive in, study, look at it, see the elements of design, what’s going on, what are the best listing brochures where the best online listing websites for single agent websites. Right. And then you look at it, but you dive in and you say, look, this is what they’re actually doing, right? So you get your branding, you have your stuff, and then you dive in and totally hit whatever that key item,

You have that knowledge of it. Then you do your best work. You know, you talk a lot about, you know, is that your best work? Like when you turn something in, make sure it’s your best work. Well, if you’re you know, if you just do it to get it done, that’s not your best work. So you need to really focus on it and learn to dive deeper and learn a little bit more about it. And then you will be able to submit your best work. Yeah.

And then you’ll be amazing and be super happy with all the things you learn can be really, really impressed and just try to master that one item. So again, if it’s design, totally cool, then you master that, but only look at it from the perspective of I want my testimonials to look amazing with design. Cool. Well, now what do we have to do? Go look at a bunch, see what they are. See the format. See the size. See the aspect ratio. Now you’ll learn a bunch of stuff, then you take that and you try to apply it differently. Like how was it branded, where’s it going, how do I get on, where do I put on? And you’ll see it, there’s a lot one thing every month

Right now, I am learning how to use the Gimbel. Right, that’s a that’s something that I wanted to learn how to do, so that’s not I mean, that’s more of a technical, I guess, thing.

No, it’s a brand new skill. You want to learn how to use a gamble.
And I know it seems it’s super easy, but it’s actually not. And I will learn how to do it.

That’s good. Think that’ll help me. I’d be impressed right then. Then you know that. What if I don’t use it? What if you don’t learn it, then you don’t you don’t get better this month. Right. But maybe next month? No, everyone should want to push themselves in just one way. So find 12 things for the year, right. That are going to matter. And maybe we’ll put that. Megan, I’m probably going to move that and put that in next month’s topic to find 12 real estate skills for the month, you know, for the whole year that you should you should look through and try to get better. OK, some for me.

No, there are I need so some that are different that you might not concentrate on right now would be maybe technical writing. OK, for real estate to learn how to write a better description or. Well it might help you with that. But like why wouldn’t you also be awesome and why wouldn’t you know the best things to look for? The different variants are going to help you out dramatically, right? Yeah.

And I’ll tell you guys, when you’re doing those types of things, you should also utilize Megan because she’s really good at it and she can help you. But if, you know, it’s kind of like a 50 50, you have to do this part of it in order for her to help you. So she’s really amazing and all of that and willing to help. That’s what she’s here for, you know, and becoming a subject matter expert as a realtor, extremely important. So find the item that’s not your best work on it and become an expert in that once every month. So who’s in take the challenge and push yourself.

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