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Hey there, agents, if you look at the calendar today, 7.21.21 and why I’m going over the date is because I want to let you know this is a great time to put on your last push. Right. School’s going to be starting soon. Everyone just went on vacation.

Doesn’t it seem like everybody just left, right. And then they get back and now all of a sudden they had things that they thought about. So everyone thought about moving early in the summer. Then they needed a break through like, oh, I can’t do this. You know, house prices are too high and there’s multiple offers I’m going to drop out of the market. So they dropped out. Then they all went on vacation. Kind of did that midsummer. Now, now is the time.

So now is the time that you’re going to want to get back on anybody who was previously looking early in the spring, anyone that kind of waited, anyone that dropped out of the market because they said now’s not the time. I don’t have enough. I don’t want to compete. I don’t want to do this, whatever that happens to be. But if you know, anyone that wanted to move earlier, wanted to move sometime soon, now’s a great time. So go out and reach out to those people.

We kind of hit like a summer lull. But you don’t want a lull in your business. You want consistency. So one of the important things to kind of speak about right now is that let’s get you in your new property for the new school year. School is a huge motivator whenever we talk about real estate. And this is something that we want to capitalize on now.

So just think about let’s just take a minute and reflect. Do you have anybody that is in your database or anybody you’ve just met or anyone else interested in real estate? That school is a huge motivator and the answer’s probably, yeah, totally. Do they want to be in a new school next year? Is that important? If it is, now is the time that you’re like, hey, we need to totally do this right. And that’s a motivator, so sometimes you want to be up against a deadline to get things done.

You probably often heard the phrase that deadlines make deals, right. So what you want to do is know the deadline that’s coming up soon. The deadline is school starting soon. So, no, the time of the year. No, the days when people at the register buy.

So if you happen to be in a narrowed focus area and you sell a lot of homes and frisk all McKenny Plenel, I don’t know when school starts next year, know that date, go to the website, look it up and know maybe that’s a great social media post that you put out there so many days before school starts. Oh, that’s crazy. We can still get you in your new home before then if you want to. OK, that’s a motivator. That’s a good idea. Right? So just take a look at that and see what you can do with that little piece of knowledge that we’re just remember reminding you of.

Then you can also look at the criteria for enrolling in that school. So now that you’re at the school website and you see what’s going on there, then there’s going to be certain criteria. Maybe you only have to have the property under contract. Maybe you have to have your first utility bill, whatever it happens to be, each one is going to be a little bit different.

And what you want to know are what the requirements are. So, chat in now, if you have a requirement for a city that, you know, off top of your head or that you have bad experience with recently on enrolling in the new school for the new school year, when everybody up against that deadline, there’s a lot of experienced agents out there who kind of have been through this before.

So this is a motivating factor. Right. And as a parent. How excited are you for school to be starting, right? I know it’s always super exciting for the kids to have their first day of school. They have like their new sneakers, their new clothes, and they have an outfit. They have a new book bag. And they’re super excited. Right. Well, I know the parents are like 10 times as excited when the kids go to school for that first day. Right.

And I guess maybe if it’s like kindergarten or the first time they’re going off, maybe a touch sad for a little while, but then all of a sudden you’re like, whoa, this is crazy. Somebody else is taking care of my kids and giving them different experiences and teaching them. That’s amazing. So kids have been home for so long now, whether they were working at home for school or for the summer or whatever that is. But it’s been a long time. And as a parent, maybe you think you deserve that break. I don’t know. But school starting.

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