Landplan- Custer/380 – Good morning, Mike and Shana Acquisto here are real estate brokers and co-owners with Acquisto Real Estate and there’s some action going on. So I saw a white sign yesterday, maybe a couple of days ago up at 318 customer for the first time that I was out there. And this was with the land plan that was going to be something on the customer side. And they want to get some approval on some modifications. So let’s go ahead and split screen and show off the land plan and see what they are doing here, if we could, Omkar.

And so Land Plan is a big development company. They’ve been around for quite some time and they do really cool projects, in my opinion. They certainly do. Yeah. And it’s typically a really nice development. Whatever it is, I, I would agree.

What I’ll go ahead and do is I’ll show off what they’re doing here. Well high end. Yeah. Let’s go ahead and I’m going to show you some single family residential areas that they do. Chappel Creek, Chamberlin Place, Woodland Farm Estates, Shenandoah, St. Briar Park, Tranquility Farms, Lakewood Village and Prosper.

OK, so if I was to click on any one of these, I’m not sure I do know St. Briar Park, so I’m just going to show you what those happen to be. This these are like some examples of kind of what you would see there. That’s their gate. That’s the area. That’s a home. That’s another home. That’s another home. That’s another home. Hey, all right.

So we saw those. So that’s an example of what you might see between eight hundred and four million dollars. And they have all different types of communities. Right. So maybe Chapel Creek’s another example that I believe that’s a Frisco one as well. And here you would get to see some examples that are driving at some empty land. There we go. That’s a walk path. That’s a creek. That’s a house. That’s an overview from above. That’s pretty interesting. I like that picture right there. I’m actually going to go ahead and save that image myself because I like it so much. Save it to my desktop.

There we go. And let’s move on. So this is what you’re kind of looking at here, right? So these are the types of properties that land plan is kind of known and famous for. All right. So now you’ve kind of seen that and I can go back and show this off. So I think that was a great point that you’re bringing in. So we’ll go back to this. And now this shows us where we’re at. So this is Custer and 380 where they’re at in this document here in particular is showing what they kind of have going in.

They are over here working in this kind of area right now. And this is 380 across the bottom and cost are coming up the side. The property that we have is would be off the screen and up to the upper right. And what we’re looking at is they have some roads coming in here and some water drainage from overflow from their dam. So this is a water  type situation down here.

And this is the dam across the back. And then they have this overflow area, but then they have all these creeks that would be in there and then they have trees. So they plan on capturing this and putting in more expensive homes along this area.

So backing up Klodt, maybe not directly on three on Custer, but in this area seems to be the same type of things that you would be seeing at Chapel Creek or at one of those stones that they seem to be.

Yeah, they’ve done some really cool things. And so, you know, it’s a huge master plan development. But there you can show them the red.
It’s going to be commercial, but it goes all the way from Custer, all the way over to Coyte. So there’s a lot to. Yeah, there certainly is.

Um, here we saw the other day that there’s a kind of school to a charter school, a charter school that’s going in. I think that was first.

Yes. Might have been for Yeah. Pretty close. Maybe it was one of those.

It was right by wherever the Walnut Grove Cemetery is, there’s a new charter school going in there. So we’ll maybe discuss that in the near future. What it is, if anyone’s a charter school expert, please let me know because I. Yeah, and I’d like to learn some more about it. But then directly next to that, they have another track. They have a ton of property up here and they’re going to be developing it out really nice. It it appears to be a very substantial neighborhood that’s coming in.

There are already working on the beginning stages of it. But this is something that I’m personally looking forward to and I’m happy that it’s coming around right there. Interesting. I will show off some additional items here. This shows all of this stuff. This is their stuff that was followed a long time ago. So if you’re a super nerd and you want to look through it all, I do have all of that. This is public record and it’s a lot of pages. I don’t even know how many pages we have. Sixty six pages. So if you want to look at each track and see exactly what they were doing when they put this in for the.

Is already built.

Well, it’s being developed now and there’s quite a few homes in there, I don’t know what the percentage of build out is, but yeah, and they go through here and they show their average lots and what they’re going to be for minimum and maximum and what the depth is and everything else. So anyways, there’s tons and nerd data in there, if that’s important to you.

Now you’ve got to know. Yeah. So let’s go ahead and go back to just toss Omkar and we’ll let you know that we’re done with that.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.22.21

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