Land in Lucas – Who’s excited, ladies and gentlemen, I’m like this, my lovely wife, Shana, luxury real estate broker, and we have something to show off here. Producer Omkar did a great job putting together a land video. I looked at this and I was like, wow, this is interesting. We should show it off. So, Omkar, if you could split the screen up, pull it up for us and put it there and we can turn the volume up. So crank up your volume. Ladies and gentlemen. And we can look at this.

Land in Lucas

So this is a video highlighting lands in Lucas’ and a potential just expanding on your house a little bit and adding in some of the land and and showing how pretty it is and showing what’s possible.

So we had Frisco three d come out and do all the drone flyovers and then utilize diLusso marketing and Omkar Producer O to go ahead and put this video together and great it. Shana picked out the music, I believe, if I’m not mistaken, did a great job of picking that out. And overall we have an amazing product.

So ladies and gentlemen, turn up your speakers and let’s enjoy ourselves. Omkar, take us away.

Thank you to Omkar putting that together, and just so you guys know, there were about eight different videographers and photographers that took these shots that Omkar put all together.

So it’s simply amazing. It’s very impressive. The property itself is spectacular. There is thirty seven acres of additional property that can be utilized there. We were able to show that often highlight it shows an individual what the current property there is and what kind of like the lifestyle is this song selection.

I really like it. Just feeling good. It does. It does. It’s amazing. Señor Omkar. Spectacular, the color grading was on point, the speed at which it moved through, it just captivated me. It let me I just felt great because picture over. I thought we were going to show. Yeah. Omkar, remember we said we’re going to show you off, so let’s go split screen and show off picture of producer.

Oh, I think he has story for us, you guys. Yeah. Just to remind you, like he’s on top of this every day. Every morning.

Yeah, he certainly is. Yeah. He’ll be pulling that up here for us in just a second. But sometimes it’s good to know the person behind it, right? Yeah. And so shout out to producer. Oh here video productions. There he is the CEO. He is the guy behind the scene. He is your guy. He’s my guy. He’ll tell you what time of day it is. Any time he’s your boy. He’s your boy. Oh your boy Omkar.

He is ready for you and he does a great job and we’re very thankful for.

Certainly does. We’re going to go ahead and chat that link in description so you can have that handy. If you want to review it for a second time. Maybe we’ll play it on the way out today. I don’t know. Oh yeah, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll throw something crazy on their own car when we get down after that to wrap then we’ll just play that.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.11.21

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