Lake Property – Hello there, Mike and Shana Acquisto, real estate brokers and co-owners of Acquisto Real Estate, and we’ve been learning a little bit of something about farming, ranching and getting a little bit more space in how amazing it can be.

So we’re going to show off like what this world could look like for you. And we’ll let you know that we’re starting to get a perspective on a whole different set of things. My daily carry pocket knife. Now, this is my daily knife. I carry it.

Yeah, it’s been an amazing ride. We’ve really, really enjoyed getting a little bit more space, being able to plan what our dream home is going to look like, how it’s going to play out on the property, what we’re going to have at the end. And we’ve just loved in.

And if you would likewise want to do the same thing, let us not change your lifestyle. Very good. We’ll be here for you. We’re going to have some contact information that will show down below for you. You know, don’t just think it’s just Texas and travel to all states with our clients to find that perfect property that fits your lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle change, but it’s got to be a super special honor for you to get on the plane with you you know, we really enjoy.

Give us a call. See you soon

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