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Kingdom estates in Fairview, specifically with Lovejoy ISD schools, super desirable in a really nice community off of I would be Country Club Road in Fairview. There is, you’re winding down. It’s a really, really nice drive and then tucked away in the back is a really nice community with larger home sites.

And then there’s kind of like a new area within this community. I would call it an enclave, not a whole community. So that one goes by kingdom estates and we’re going to go ahead and show off some of the stuff that is in there. So we’re going to show off the prices. We’re going to show off the the features of the homes.

And if you happen to have somebody that’s looking for this type of stuff, then maybe that’ll help you out. So let’s take a look here. So this is an interesting community with not too many properties.

So what I’m going to first do is go through and look and show you that this community is is rather small in nature. I think there’s only 10 properties that are in there and I’m going to go through and show you some of the photos that they have here.

The properties are pretty nice. They specifically do a great job with the kitchen and pantry, and you get some amazing ideas from here, at the very least, and you can have some things at your clients. Look at this website. Here is custom homes of Texas, custom homes of Texas.

And here we have some of their exterior pictures. They specialize in, I think they’re in general, two acres in size for the for the home sites and then they build a decent home upon them, for sure, right? So we have a combination of the regular composition roof and the metal roof giving some contrast here.

The contrasting colors kind of shine this off. We have the windows and you know, it’s just a nice, super clean look with a nice front porch, a drive through and then you’ll have the garage and everything on the side. So it’s a really nice layout for that home in particular.

Another shot of that same thing, different time of the day long, super long one story property that you would walk right in through. I specifically like this one that you can see through the home once you get upon it, so you’ll be able to see right through the home and see the whole backyard on this property. It’s punctuated with a really nice big front yard here and culverts in the front, but it is what it is.

It has to rain at some point. So that’s the property. They’re more of a kind of like Spanish revival type. Feel to it. Another home here just showing you some exterior, so you get an idea. This is the actually this is the front of that property that I was just showing you with the glass that you can see through here.

So these are some really cool homes. I don’t know why that one went so small and such a small quality, but it did, right? So as we just take a look through here, you’re going to see that these are are some decent homes. You’re going to run about three and a half million dollars apiece.

And that’s a price point that we all want to be selling just a few more of for sure, right? And then I’m going to go ahead and take a look through the pantry and kitchen. I think they do a great job specifically with some of those things in this property.

I’m going to start right at the front for what they have here. They kind of specialize with large ranges and the hood over them. They do a decent job here for sure of taking the refrigerator and making it disappear by putting that cover over it to kind of take it out of your eyesight.

This is a double island situation. I’m not sure how I feel about that one in particular, but it is something that they’re currently doing there. Again, you see that fridge and you see the beams and you see the stuff going on in here.

This is really interesting to me. I like this. This is the pantry and within the pantry they’ve done some of the things that I really like by putting appliances up on the cabinets or up on the countertop. So you have that they pulled some extra items into this room.

So it kind of took it out of the regular kitchen. And this is more of like a prep kitchen or a pantry.

They went all the way up to the ceiling with the stuff on the walls, with the wall treatments, and that was pretty good, gave you a window on the way out and a pantry so you can take have a nice view while you’re inside this room, and I’m just showing off some of these other kitchens because I think they do a really, really good job with their kitchens and it was kind of noteworthy.

This is one of the, you know, more interesting pictures. They kind of have this sit sitting space here with an offset color with an accent, nice, shiny. And that range, like I was kind of talking about again, I think they do a really good job. Some of the designs might not be my first choice as far as themes or colors, but the actual craftsmanship comes across really, really well.

And if you have a person looking at this specific price point, this is something that you may consider. I think they build a quality. At a very affordable price for what it is so custom homes of Texas, you may check them out, you might go over and take a look at this property. So you now do have the website, you do have the address and that information on where it happens to be located again, the pantry here.

So as I was flipping through those pictures, I hope you were able to grab. A little bit of information there. This is the information on kingdom estates in general. We’re going to chat in that link for you.

So you have it at the ready and you can stay up to date on some of the nicer communities and some of the better builders here locally that are still affordable and that your clients will be super happy with. Kingdom Estates.

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