Kim Miller Realtor – Hi there, Shana Acquisto, Broker at Acquisto Real Estate, and we have Rising Star Award winner Kim Miller here. And we are going to talk about this Rising Star Award. OK, let’s talk about, you know, this was a big deal for you. And if you guys don’t know, Kim was in the Real Producers magazine as a rising star and she was sought out by real producers. And there’s some criteria for this. Yes, right. Sorry. What was the criteria in earning this prestigious award?

So I learned the criteria for the award and it may be different each year, but it’s based on revenue. So a rising star with North DFW Real Producers is someone that’s an agent that’s in between year two and four that’s doing a great job. So real producers, they recognize the top five hundred agent in certain counties. So this one is more DFW. So more like Collin County.

They only do Dallas, Texas, and they now have the Tarrant County magazine. So I learned that to receive a an award with them, they’re looking at revenue, how much revenue you do in a year for the top 500. But for the rising star, somebody that’s just going out there, being consistent, selling homes, building trust and making a name for themselves.

Well, that’s amazing because they say it takes several years to build up and to have consistent business success. That alone is super impressive for me. Let’s talk about when you found out about this award.

Ok, so I found out in oh, my gosh, I think it was the last week of December. Twenty twenty. So it was right before the New Year. Yes. Super excited I was like, I don’t know. I felt like I won a Grammy or something. Just because you’re being recognized for your success and you don’t.

In this business, sometimes a lot goes unrecognized like ice to to just know and get that reassurance that, hey, everything I’m doing is working and someone recognizes it and it kind of just gives you momentum to keep going, right? Absolutely. Yes. So, you know, you kind of talked a little bit about it, but why is this so important to you?

Like, you know, I think the acknowledgement felt really good. But what was really cool about it is they do a story on you. So you get to be interviewed by a journalist and you get to walk them through your story. And what was so fun about that was just it might give me a good tip, like write down some of the things that you want to get across to the audience, whoever that may be.

And it was really fun just going back and remembering why and how I was successful, you know, by just telling the story of how I got into cells. And that kind of goes, you know, we’ll talk about that like the crossover between consulting and cells and then real estate, but then remembering, like, my first transactional, my first lease and then my first someone in the neighborhood contacted me. And then I remembered by just doing having this interview that I saw 11 houses in six months,

Guys, 11 in six Months. I mean, and I was just like and it’s a hot market. Don’t get me wrong. It is. But it wasn’t an night. And I will tell you right now that it doesn’t matter that to me, being in a hot market makes it even more challenging because, you know, people know there’s realtors at every corner, right? Everyone knows realtor knows a realtor in their neighborhood. And the fact that you were able to do that.

And she touched on another thing that I’m going to mention is she said she remembers her first lease. Yes, you do what it takes when you’re starting. Right. And yes, I know

that we recently we still have a client that has purchased several homes that we obtained from a lease from, you know, look into lease lease to property. And then it just, you know, after that their home seven or eight right now, home ownership. So do what it takes.

You don’t say no. And I think that’s I know I learned that from you and I learned that from my just. And I think it’s just who I am. I know challenges me. But, you know, just you just do what it takes to make it happen and do working with, you know, just you want to learn everything in a business. I don’t I’m not an expert. I never will be an expert. I mean, I think things things every day.

But I think, you know, challenging yourself to do everything in real estate that you can.So I agree. Well, congratulations again. This is Kim Real Producers magazine. If you guys are over to our office, I want you to take a look at it because it’s really impressive.

And I really enjoyed reading her story and I loved it too, because I got to participate. And Kim and I met. In Orange Theory, so we went back and was able to do a photo shoot, an orange theory, and it was so much fun and it reminded me of how much I love you. Oh, thank you.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.20.21

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