Hello, Mike and Shana here, real estate brokers and co owners with Acquisto Real Estate and topic number one for today is going to be keep your car clean.

Keep your Car Clean

What? Why does that matter? It does matter. We don’t really put people in our cars anymore.

Well, but some people look at it. Right. So let’s talk about why that would be important. OK, so do you want to tell the story or would you like me to? I would. I would love for you to tell the story. All right.

So I’m talking with my good friend Brad and Brad interviews a bunch of different people. And we were talking about different ways that we interview and what he does. So he said his hiring practice is when anyone comes to interview with them, that as soon as they walk in, he heads, has his assistant, lead them into his office and sit him down for the interview.

And then he steps out the back door and walks around and goes to their car. And he finds because he knows who works there and he understands that. So when he walks around, he looks in their car just to see what it looks like, to see how clean, how neat, whatever that he is, he he feels this tells a lot about a person. Yeah. And then he doesn’t care what kind of car it is.

He doesn’t care any of that. Right. He just cares like kind of how clean you keep it on the inside. So that’s what he does. And he takes a look at that. And then once he finds that out and he walks back in the meeting and he has some additional data points. There you go. So consider what your car is like. And if you would hire yourself or not.

Mm hmm. Yeah, I know. I think, you know, it’s like having a clean house. It makes you feel good. You know, it takes a little bit of weight and pressure when you’re all cluttered in life, then that’s kind of your mentality, right? You just can’t see past it. So. Absolutely. Yeah. Keep your car clean.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 1.26.21

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