Hey there, so we are at our real estate word of the day today, and because we have our special celebrity guest here, Ken Molestina, our word of the day happens to be a journalist. So a journalist defined from Webster is a person who writes for newspapers, magazines or news websites or prepares news to be broadcasted these days.

You could also include streaming In, but you can’t wait to go and submit that to Webster there. So we’d like to use the word in a sentence. Would you like to do that for us? A journalist is a jack of all trades as well. How about that? OK. Journalists are expected to know a little bit of everything, especially in the world that we live in and the communities that we serve.

And so we have to be kind of well rounded. We always say master of nothing, but what’s the word master of nothing but jack of all trades. You should know that when too is going to throw it out there. What started out as a good jack of all trades master of none is that that’s the one jack of all trades master. Yeah. So that’s kind of that’s kind of our little deal.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 5.21.21

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