Jellyfish Lighting : Permanent Lighting solution

Jellyfish lighting an indoor outdoor lighting permanent solution, I don’t know, is this going to work for you guys? So Christmas lights have evolved in a bunch of ways. So it first started, you know, kind of like Clark Griswold style.

And you had to have just like a ton of lights and a ton of electric. And it produced, like, all this heat. And you could only plug so many into each other. And it was kind of a nightmare.
And you couldn’t get all the same quality and you couldn’t find enough of them. And Lowe’s or Home Depot would sell out of them and you’d be going all over to do these things.

And then we evolved into this really nice place here locally where people started to have these custom lights made for their home and they became Leidy’s and it became really cool. So we’ve kind of been in this period of time where, if you wanted, you could put Christmas lights up on your property and it looks really, really nice and you could set them to timers and all those things, and it could be photo sensors and it was cool. And you know, me, I kind of like I like the home improvement stuff. I like to do things. And I like doing things around the home and specifically talking real estate, so this the opportunity to talk about Christmas lights kind of is something that we should discuss on how that affects maybe home values, how  well it shows for properties during during the Christmas season. So we’ll just kind of go ahead and discuss that topic now and show off a new product here with the jellyfish lighting. So let’s turn the screen and show off what jellyfish kind of has to offer. This topic was brought to me by Kyle Dilworth of Gousse, had insurance and he’s like, hey, Mike, I think you would like this for your new property. And I was like, huh?

That’s interesting, Kyle. And I was really, really excited to see it. He said that he has some in his neighborhood and they look really good. And it’s like, huh, that’s interesting. And so what I’m going to do first is we’ll go ahead and just show there’s a video up at the top on how it works and maybe we’ll see just a little bit about it and go full screen on that and take just a quick look.

Lighting system through an app on your phone, you were able to decorate for all holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Easter and 4th of July, as well as setting nightly programs to turn on and off from sunset to sunrise or customized static times. The color of your jellyfish lighting system is matched to the color of your home, so it is discrete from the street.

For the last nine years, I’ve been scaling this roof, putting up Christmas lights, risking my life, and ever since we saw jellyfish lighting, this has been great.

It’s to a lot of our challenges, my wife loves the holidays, she loves the ability to customize the lights, and for me, I no longer have to worry about getting up and down off the the roof. So we’ve really enjoyed the installation process. And we.

All right, that guy just said rough, so who else says that I get made fun of all the time, right? So I totally get it made fun of all the time for how I say Rove and that guy just said the exact same thing. Without further ado, we’re going to get back to the video. And he’s very, very passionate. This guy says that he almost died getting off of his roof a couple of times and. Right. That’s why people really care about this. So, Chaton, now, if you have custom lights at your house or if you like them or if you think jellyfish is getting you excited because we’re going to get deeper into this topic.

We look forward to every holiday now to having a festive house and being able to really have joy in watching the lights. The system is low voltage, using one watt per node. It is also rated for twenty two thousand hours, which equates to about 15 years of regular use.

That lady just said it worked for 15 years and it uses super low energy and you can use it in a bunch of different ways. Now back to the video.

On top of the holiday decorations, our lighting system also allows you to support and celebrate your favorite sports teams. Firefighting is one of a kind in that we own and manufacture both our lights and controllers to give you the best lighting experience. Jellyfish biting is the perfect solution for all of your holiday sports and accent lighting needs.

All right, so as we’re taking a look there, we’ll go back just to to myself here if we could. And so Kyle told us all about this. So thanks to Kyle, he did some preliminary research. He said that it would run about three thousand dollars, which is more than custom lights for the home. I can go in and I want there’s another video on it. Maybe I can have a producer kind of look for the next video on YouTube. It was like how installation works of this, because I want to show upclose exactly what this product looks like so you guys can see if it’s something that you would like, if it’s something that would work for a permanent installation. So we’re kind of looking for that right now. But it is something that Kyle said he had seen in person. It looked really cool. And he said that his wife, Veronica, did endorse it and said that it was something that was  cool enough that they would actually go ahead and use. So I was like, wow, that’s that’s interesting. And it appears to be kind of a real thing. So if anyone has seen this in person, tell me if you like it. And if you think this is just like a screen for just a good holiday lighting. Right. Then that’s something that I want to be able to hear from you guys. So tell us how you guys feel about it. If you think this is something that we should do with the new property, then let us know. So let’s go ahead and see if we’ve been able to find out how we’re able to install it. And I guess we have to switch over here and take a quick one.

When installing jellyfish lights, there’s a couple types of cuts that need to be made. There’s a Gabal cut and there’s also minor cuts. Fairly simple, but do take a little bit of technique to learn how to do it. There are several steps to installing jellyfish lights. First, we must get the power to the outside of the house.

Second, we installed that clip’s. All right, so that’s the key thing that I want you guys to see here is this is a permanent solution and it’s not just kind of like lights hanging there in staying where they might on top of the roof. This is actually put it looks underneath and it looks like it’s a really good permanent solution. So it has options to decorate things in all different ways. So it’s kind of covered and it looks it’s concealed. It’s permanent. So I don’t know if this is actually approved or any of those different things, but it’s really cool. And you have a bunch of different options. Are talking about sports teams or talking about holidays or talking about events that you can kind of coordinate all of this for. Right.

So just  consider it and please Stacie’s chatting into me, which is very, very important to find out if it is approved. Our new property happens to be in a voluntary way. So I kind of think we can do what we need to do there. And I’ll I’ll check with them and see if it’s in there. Any other deed restrictions that you can do it or you can or in there a voluntary guidelines I suppose. But take a look at this and see if it’s the right thing for your clients and now, you know, just a little bit more about it. So if somebody says I’m looking to install permanent lighting and you hear the word jellyfish lighting, you now know what it is. So I’m happy to have brought that topic to you guys. And I hope that you found it to be. At least insightful from a real estate perspective. Thank you very much, Dick Kyle.

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