Hey there, Mike Aquisto, Real Estate Broker and Co-owner of Acquisto Real Estate, and I want to let you know that I’ve got a guy. What exactly does that mean? It means I got you if you need somebody a referral for whatever it happens to be, real estate wise or like kind of close, we totally have it. We’ve been doing this 20 years, my wife, myself. And over that time frame, we’ve got to meet a lot of different people and we’ve known a lot of great people and like some ones that we don’t recommend as well. So I have a whole list and we’ll put some of those down below.
But if you need anything and it’s not on the list, just reach out to me. So if you need like a financial adviser, you need a lender, whether it’s in this state or another, if you need insurance, whether it happens to be for your property or for something else. I’ve got a guy if you need plumbing, licensed, unlicensed, if you need electrician, licensed, unlicensed painter like you, kind of picky. You need a new pool, you need something remodeled, whatever that is. Let me know. I’ve got a guy we can take care of it. You need like a roofer that’s actually legitimate. I’ve got a guy. Just a handyman. Sure. Got that too.

Anyways, let me know. We’ll put a form down below and you can just put in any information you need and we’ll reach out directly to you and let you know and give you a great referral. Now these referrals here, we received nothing from like zero, nada, zip, zilch, nothing. Right. And they know us. So they’ll tend to give you a really good deal and they’ll say thank you and they’ll be very appreciative for the work. But we don’t earn anything and we also can’t control their actions. So from time to time, people are like not perfect and they have their own free will.

So we’ll do our best for you. Thank you.

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