It’s Time For A Raise: Sell More Expensive Homes

It’s time to give yourself a raise. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Let’s go ahead and sell some more expensive properties. Hmm. I like that. So we’ve had several agents set new highs very recently with numbers that I’ve seen come in. Right. I start to see numbers come in like nine fifty in one point one and one point two and two point five. I saw one come in the other day at four point five.

But it just had an extra zero on it. And it was really four fifty. So that that’s like it’s totally fine. Sometimes mistakes happen. But I got super excited for the agent when I saw that come in. So if any of those numbers resonate with you, congratulations to you.

I don’t want to point you out specifically, but you know who you are and you should be congratulated because you’re doing a great job. Right. So as we’re kind of going through that, I did have an article as well with a couple of ways to go ahead and do this. So what I’m going to do is share this article and discuss them, and we’ll talk about setting new highs for yourself and new price points and getting yourself a raise.

All right, so here’s this article and we’ll put that in the description for you, and this is going to be if you want a raise. Here are six tips to increase your average sales price, because when you raise your high, then it’s going to pull everything up.

I’m a big fan of getting rid of the low ones. If you can find a little bit more time in your day than your do a great job. So that’s my first tip is to eliminate the lowest ones. Right. Like just slash at the bottom when you slash those and just get rid of them. Then you’re going to end up doing well. So that was the idea of installing a minimum is so that it forced you to remove those from your from your pipeline.

But let’s go ahead and see what this guy has to say here. So he wants you to choose your farm. Well, so that does make sense that if you are farming or participating in a more expensive market than another, then you’re going to also have higher price points. Right. So, you know, something that would go along with that is I’ve seen as we as we move from one home to another, that as if when the home was more expensive, we did sell more expensive homes just because of that. It was really crazy, because I don’t know if it was a mental thing.

I don’t know if it was just the people that we would associate with. I’m not really sure. But our price point definitely went up. And it’s not that we were farming that area, so to speak, but it was just more about being in a more affluent thing. You might also see that you as an individual have been selling more expensive homes because the market is now more expensive.

It’s kind of like everybody got a raise. Right. So that’s one of those items there. So is what it is. Number two is going to be to know your luxury market. So if you’re going to be selling more expensive homes, you need to be knowledgeable about it. So it is one of those things that if you want to sell expensive properties and you do need to meet the custom builders, you do need to know where they are.

You didn’t need to be touring those areas. You don’t want it to be the first time when somebody brings something up that you’re unaware of it. Right. So you should know each of these different places. I would challenge you maybe to go out and see one new super premium location on a weekly basis to know where it is. Go on a Sunday drive and see those places. And that’s going to go ahead and just give you some more knowledge. Right. No tax consequences for luxury real estate investors.

We talk about that from time to time. So you’ll see topics such as 10 31 exchange. You might see at ten thirty one reverse exchange. That’s something a little bit different where you buy the property before you sell it, and you can do it out of order. So there’s different things there that would be important to you. So knowing the tax consequences are going to allow you to talk about it and talk about, you know, higher price things be where the luxury clients are.

So, you know, this is like the person who joins the country club because they feel that the people with more money are at the country club. And I don’t know, a lot of it comes down to being true to who you really are. And if that’s your scene, then that’s probably good.

But if you had hobbies that were at one end of the spectrum or the other, it’s probably something that if you had an opportunity to gravitate towards the one with the more expensive or more affluent people that do, it would probably be even better. Okay. So just kind of consider that be where they are and step up step up your marketing. Right. So spend a little bit of money and and do those things to to reach these people.

So maybe that marketing is something like, I don’t know, maybe you’re picking between a couple of your hobbies and maybe it’s you sponsoring something within that group. Maybe it’s you sponsoring a team, maybe it’s you putting out the money.

Maybe it’s you putting some money to host the event or to bring the food or the appetizers or the drinks or something like that to the organization. So that would be marketing in in that type of way, which is being true to you and following your hobbies and what you’re kind of doing. So we do it often with kind of hosting. Right. If there’s something going on, we would host what we’re doing and then go ahead and post it.

So post that out on social media that like, hey, it was an honor today to be able to bring food for blank, take a picture, all the people, tag them in it and share that out. Now it’s you doing something for this organization and it’s marketing and it’s high end. Right. And that pretty much goes to the next one, which is hustle. And you have to be active and be around and be involved.

So whether it’s walking down the street and meeting new people and saying hello. You never know where those people are going to come from. So, for example, this morning, I don’t know if anyone’s heard my hitchhiker story, but I did have. And to to hitchhike in the Grand Tetons and it was really crazy that last night I get a text over and he’s like one of the guys that I actually hitchhiked with lives in Brooklyn.

And he’s like, hey, I know you’re in real estate. I’ve actually been watching your real estate morning show shout out. And, uh, we are going to be buying a house. And here’s our here’s what’s going on. But we’re in Brooklyn, New York, and we’re buying a house that’s worth Blanck. And I was like, oh, damn. All right. We can help you out with that. Right. So we won’t go over the exact numbers, but it is a really nice number and it’s impressive.

And we’ll see how we can help them out. So just a little hustle, just a little. Being involved is going to go a long way in different situations like that. Now, I can’t possibly go to, you know, to Brooklyn, New York, and help them out, but we can put in some effort and energy and go ahead and find a way to to make that happen with given a referral to a great local agent who can help them that we know, like and trust.

So pretty exciting. And I like it a lot. So those are some ways that you can go ahead and raise your average price point. And I’m super proud of everybody that has recently set a new high. That was one of those things that we wanted to do this year. Right, was everyone wants to sell more expensive homes and make more money.

And that’s kind of key and central to what we do. So today, just be thinking about that and find a way that you can impact it. Again, my personal belief is you if you eliminate the stuff at the bottom, take your lowest transactions where you made the least or whatever that is, then maybe all of a sudden you’ll find the time to put in the hustle and do those things to be focused, to concentrate and put in the effort and energy to find the big ones. Right.

Whether it’s through an organization that you’re a part of, whether it’s through a new hobby that you now have new found time for, that you can raise your price point and sell more luxury buyers. So, ladies and gentlemen, that’s going to conclude us with this topic. Best of luck.

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