Is Your New Home New…

Is your new home really new? Wow, that’s a crazy idea. Are some of the items in it really refurbished?

Yeah. Well, sometimes people say, Hey, I’ve got a new house, but it’s really not new. But some people build or buy a brand new home from a builder and expect everything to be new in the home.

New appliances, new mechanicals, new flooring. All of that, right? Not so fast.

Ok, so how this kind of came up is during the middle of this whole pandemic. What we had was we had a lot going on right. People couldn’t get appliances and there was some like crazy things that items were in super short supply. So to get over the hump, companies did quite a few things.

Some of them went out and actually bought like whole companies for appliances so they could control the supply of them. And that was, you know, the way that they could tackle this so they could get it first instead of somebody else.

Really, it’s impressive, right? And then some other ones, like you’re saying, went to refurbished items.

Yeah. So this this is something that came up recently. A homeowner had moved into the home, closed, moved in. I think it was two months later had an issue with their microwave. So they contacted, went through the warranty and said, Hey, this should be covered.

Yeah. So the technician came, looked at the microwave and said. Is this this a new home, right? Yeah. Well, this isn’t a new microwave, so the microwave was a few years old, and so they were a little stunned by that.

So what the homeowner did is they went and started checking other things around the home, such as their air conditioning units outside.

And those were old. Those were actually. Here’s the thing on those is I don’t know that they make new models every year. So it may be if you move into a home in twenty twenty one that it has, it was built twenty nineteen, but it had never been used. In this case. It was a couple of years old and had been used and been refurbished. So refurbished model a refurbished model.

So I don’t know how you guys feel about that, but it’s something to pay attention to if you have somebody. Purchasing a new home, building a new home.

That’s a question to add to your list of questions for the builder. Is there any point that you have time that you put in or refurbished or not a new model and any of the appliances or mechanicals that function in the home or a substitute one in what happens in that event, right? Because there’s been some of that.

Yes. Now I recently did have one where they didn’t think they were going to get the refrigerator that she ordered. So they put in just one like we have in our garage, a substitute one, so she would have one in her kitchen. However, it came in and this builder led her keep the substitute one.

So now she has a free garage fridge, which I thought that was really nice. You know, she was very from June till December, delayed on her closing, so it was quite an inconvenience. But she was very good and supportive and understanding of the builder, and that’s what she got in return. I thought that was really nice. Hmm. But I expect if I am purchasing a brand new home that is getting a.

I guess there’s certificate of occupancy for twenty twenty one. I do not want appliances from twenty eighteen. Yeah, I think that an HBC that was rebuilt. Why did it fall in the first place, like what happened to it? I don’t know. That’s just my thought. So pay attention to that. Another new construction.

And if you hear that you’re going into builders and you’re asking these questions right, it seems like one of the first questions you would start to ask now that this came up. Then you can start taking a list of builders that have a policy that they would use either refurbished equipment or something like that or, you know, used equipment actually, right, whatever that happens to be. And that would be a lot of snow, right?

Start that list, send it to Stacey and won’t be able to make some notes of it as this goes forward. Very good. Yeah. And if you do see or they tell you, Oh no, everything’s new. Just get that writing and understand where that is referenced in the contract, the builders contract.

And if it isn’t, I’m sure they have it in there that they could substitute because of the shortage and be fine. But you guys need that’s another, you know, added value that we talk about all the time for your clients. So you need to be careful and be aware. All right. Sounds good to me. Crazy covered.

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