Is real estate about sales?

Is real estate about sales or is it more about the business process that’s we’re going to talk about right now with luxury real estate broker Shana Acquisto on some of the things that we talk about, right, is how are you growing your business?

Do you have to go door to door and get stuff? Do you have to talk to people one on one? Do you need to be in person? Is it about the process or is it about the sales person, right? Or is it a combination? Uh-huh. All right. So Shana, let’s let’s

Get into it. I think it’s a combination. Sure. I think our business is a relationship business. However, if you don’t have something to manage all those relationships, then I think you can fail, right? Yeah.

And you know, not that your relationship is going to fail, but are you going to be the first person they think of when real estate, a real estate need comes into play?

So and does any one individual have a large enough scale and scope or reach to get to all the right people if you’re not using the right system or process and you’re not doing things on a regular basis?

So if I was to take a look at it, I’m going to say that you and I are both real estate professionals and you’re successful and I’m in the business. And what I would say about that is that you can do real estate in many different ways. Sure. Right. Yeah. And it can work for you.

Well, it needs to work for you or it doesn’t work. So I like to say, you know, with the combination that each year I like to start out with a new plan, right? Look at last year, the previous year. See what worked, what didn’t revise your plan, your business plan and have a plan.

A lot of people just, you know, willy nilly it and go where the fires are or just putting out fires or, you know, instead of having a structure and a strategy and a strategy. Yes. And if you do, you know, things are daunting, you know, CRM and all these things put them all together. But we have help, which I’m thankful for you that we have these systems and processes in place so we can do that.

So if you don’t have a business plan or a structure every day, stop what you’re doing. And you know, over this weekend, you need to get one.

And it really starts with super simple things like time blocking. Well, yeah, getting up. Yes, that’s number one, right?

Insistent on getting up every day and going to work. We Home Office and we always have, but we hold each other accountable. We it’s like we go away to the office. This is our office, but we get up every day. We have a routine and we stick with it.

And sometimes throughout the day things change, right? But if you know you have these tasks and you set these habits every day, then you know you’re going to be more successful.

You know, as we started in our career, what I really found is you had to put in the same amount of effort every single day in sometimes during the year you were selling and sometimes throughout the year you’re building your process in your way of doing things.

And in that if I looked forget today’s market because it’s totally different. But if I looked back in the past and I thought about a traditional real estate market where most of the homes are sold in the summer and you know, you do less in the winter, that’s when we would do.

Sorry about that. That’s when we would do all the business process stuff in the building and the farming and the hard work social media in the winter. And then in the summer, you would actually just have to go about doing it. Yep. But I think the best combination is a hybrid where you’re able to keep yourself busy all the time and move consistently from being in the business to working on the business.

Yes, and there’s kind of the line, but it doesn’t mean that I’ve got from eight to five, I have to have work stuff, you know, block time out for yourself. Hey, I’m going to spend this time to go, you know, have me time or shopping or whatever you want to do for yourself.

But if you have a structure, then you know you can work around it. But if you’re always just kind of on call and letting other people control your your business, then you don’t think that’s good. I think it’s healthy. I don’t think it’s productive.

But now, so here’s the thing is, I think if you put in more business process time, then instead of having me time at a local park, you’ll have me time and maybe Malibu, because what you’ll have is the opportunity to to be somewhere totally different because you worked harder and because you gained. All of that, so, you know, I vote for a little less me time, but a little better version of me time when that time comes.

I agree. So planning so you know, look back at last year and think about all the things that you struggled with or that worked and put it in play for this year.

And I think it’d be good. And I’m interested to know how many of you kind of have a very consistent routine every day who gets up, you know, starts working and tries to finish working, but you have a structured day and what does that look like? I’d be interested to hear from

Structurally super important, and I don’t know that I would care what you do as long as you do. Because eventually, I’m not all that smart, and what I find is that if I just try something and then I get a result like it worked or it doesn’t work, yeah, then you can try something else or you can modify it.

So the decision tree is really, really simple. Mm hmm. And so just do more things and you’ll get more results and then you’ll be able to to solve the problem. Yeah, for sure. So it’s it’s not complicated. Just do more.

So manage your relationships.

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