Buy a Home in Frisco – Is now a good time to buy a home in Frisco, Texas, that is the question and we’re here to answer it for you. My name’s Mike Acquisto, real estate broker and co-owner with Acquisto Real Estate. That over there? That’s my wife. Her name’s Shana Acquisto. She’s a luxury real estate broker, but she’s not here right now. But we did put her picture up, so hopefully she can help us out now, go through some of the things that she would say if she was here. So I did use the word home, not house.

So it’s very different. And that’s why I want to stress on that word to start with. So home implies something very different than house. Home means family. It means stability. It means community. It means mind. Right. You take ownership of that word. You take a house and it becomes a home when you add a family to it. And that’s exactly what fiscal is. So the questions that kind of come up is, are there good schools in the area? What’s the quality of life like?

Are there employment opportunities? What are prices like for homes? Tell me about local government. Can we about state government and their effects on my daily life? Tell me about comparisons with other areas and how does the future look? Those are all things that you want to consider when you’re going to buy a home. And, you know, as we kind of look at them one at a time, we’re going to talk about schools.

So Frisco ISD definitely has good schools. If you go online and you check that out at any time when you go on to great schools dot org and just kind of do some searching on it, you’re going to find that they have amazing schools. In fact, most of them are really new. Most of them have great people that work at them. I know a lot of the teachers there and they seem to have great hiring practices to end up with people that really care.

That’s a huge thing to me, is when the teachers care about the kids and then you create that kind of bond there, you know, so that’s

one really important thing when you’re buying a home is you always want to know that the schools are good. Even if you don’t have student kids that are student age right now, the next person who purchases your home probably will. And you want to make sure that you’re in a good area for good schools. That’s one of the first questions that I hear all the time, is what’s the best school for my child to go to? My kid is blank, right? And then we kind of talk about that. But schools is a huge one.

Quality of life is what’s going on around there. Right? Is it close to things? Are there enough things around? Is do you have enough space? Are there sports that kids can engage in? What’s it like at school? You know, you kind of talk about all those things that go into quality of life.

Is it warm? What’s the weather like? There’s a lot of factors. And the answer to each of those, it’s pretty darn good here. That’s why people like it. So, yeah, it does have a great quality of life. Are there employment opportunities? This area has been growing dramatically over the last several decades and continues to do so.

The future outlook looks great. So yes, there are employment opportunities and there is room for advancement. There is a lot of higher education around. There’s a lot of highly educated individuals around here. And we’ve all heard that phrase that like iron sharpens iron, great people, good communities, they all come together. Yes, fresco’s a good place to be local government.

So we have people that care in our area. And that’s an important thing and as well as our state government. So I’m not going to get political on you, but I do think that they that they care at the very least. So that’s a great place to start. If you are going to compare frescoed to other areas, we’re going to come out looking really, really good.

You’re going to look at comparisons based on like what do I get? What’s the affordability like? How does this compare with another market outside of DFW? And when you do all those comparisons and you look at the quality of building that look at the neighborhoods, you look at the community, you look at all those different things that commute times, you’re going to come out looking pretty darn good.

So, yes, this is a good place to be. It is a great place and it compares well compared to others. And the future does look great here. So is now a good time to purchase a home? The answer is yes, it is. I’m Mike Acquisto, that’s all I got.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.26.21

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