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Is a national real estate license in the works. We’re going to discuss that. This is Shana Acquisto. I’m Mike. We are real estate brokers and the answer is probably not. It’s not in the works. But is it getting a little closer? Maybe. Are there some things that are going on right now with state licensing that might make it easier to head towards that? Is this something that’s further off? I don’t know. Should we regulate certain things and make the contracts a little more clear across borders? Would it be easier? Yeah, there’s a lot of different things about this topic. So let’s go ahead and discuss the topic in general.

So track there are actually not the greatest. And you go to our website and you’re like, dude, what’s going on here? How can you guys really that good? I mean, that’s a real statement, right?

It could be better. It’s not that they couldn’t be worse when you call them and it goes to voicemail, that hasn’t been set up yet. It’s like, you know, it’d be hard for track to be worse. So in that regard, I vote for something larger in scale and scope and something that actually works, you know what I mean? So it’s pretty pathetic. And real estate is more or less the same I’ve seen across the country.

Most of the stuff is similar. There are some differences between each one. Yeah, right. We take a national exam and then a state exam. Yes. OK, so we’re kind of like. There in some regard, we are now you have to be locally competent. That’s a totally different item, right, to gain local competence.

And there’s different laws and, you know, things in different states.
But yeah, but like, for example, is the biggest.

But to ask a question, how would I be more competent or able to practice real estate being from Dallas in Austin versus Oklahoma City? Is there really anything that would make me more qualified to be in Austin versus that? Right. If if they’re equal distance away and one might have Texas law and I might be more familiar with filling out the contract, but like, why?

So maybe it would on the flip side, you should only be licensed in the state that you have residents.

I don’t know, but in that regard, I can only really be practicing real estate like in my city that I live in, I don’t know. Right. Yeah. So there’s a lot of questions about that. There’s an article on this. Let’s go ahead and split the screen and share this bad boy off. We’re in a chat in for you so you guys can see that as well.

I do agree that there needs to be some changes in our industry. No, there totally does. Did Biden just up and real estate licensing educational requirements nationally. So you signed some executive order? I stopped watching the news, so I don’t see a lot of this stuff. And we scroll down and we’re going to see some different things that had kind of happened here.

So there are seventy two initiatives and apparently signed by by our president and one of them has to do with some real estate rules. So if we take a look here, there could be potentially the precursors. Precursors put in place for moving towards some type of national license with a state component that is separate but maybe easier to do, a state that has something like this is Florida. Yeah.

So let’s scroll down. And there’s different states where we have reciprocity. Yeah. I mean, there’s there’s some minor differences laws, believe me. Right. But is it a good idea? I don’t know. I think it’s not a bad idea. We live in a totally different era than we used to. It’s easier to get around the Internet. It’s a real thing. There’s a bunch of. A bunch of reasons why you should be able to do it.

Yeah, I get it. And knowing that we are now licensed and in multiple states, I do see the need for education. So if you’re going to do that and have one license before you can, actually, I don’t know. I see that you need the competency and just, you know, understanding the contracts. I don’t know. I know how you feel about this. What if you live right on the border between a couple of different states? There’s some people that might live super close to two or three states.

Yeah, right. Right on the border. And what would it make a difference? I don’t know. Well, what you need to know what’s going on in and maybe if you do that, then you’re required in that state before you can actually practice. You have your license that you have to be under someone for a period of time or some mentor program.

Well, imagine if we lived so right where we live. We live in a Four Corners intersection. There’s four cities right in our intersection. Right. Plano, Frescoed McKinney and Allen. And we happen to reside in Frisco. What if we live in that same exact area and there happen to be four states in four different licenses, there would it doesn’t make logical sense that I am just as competent in Frisco, McKinney, Plano and Allen as one another. I don’t

Know. There’s people who live here who are licensed, who aren’t competent. Right. So I don’t I don’t know the answer. I think that, you know, there has to be some definition of competency and. A proof of competency. I think that’s where we fail. OK. Well, not just a test.

Yeah, I want to make it easier. We live in a totally different age than when some of these rules were put in place, and I’m all for it. I’ll pass your test, make it easier, give us some national licensing instead of state licensing and let’s see what happens and vote.

So we have a vote of if you think no licensing is a great idea, yes. Yay or not. No, I mean, that’s a great poll question.

I like it. Yes, sir. So we’ll put that one up there. And it might have a state component to it that you have to pass competency locally with some type of thing, going online, taking some. You know, I like the idea of the appraiser’s, you know, how they have to have to do it and they can get license, but they are licensed first as an apprentice. So they have to be an apprentice for so long under an appraiser before they can go out and do the business on their own. So I think something like that would be really beneficial for us to do.

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