iPhone 13

iPhone 13 coming out soon. So why are we talking about that? Well, it’s probably one of the items that you use the most in your real estate toolbox.

As far as devices go. Right. So you have a computer at home, but you’re on your phone all the time. So if you’re an iPhone person, this is kind of an important time of the year for you. We do have an article. We’re going to go ahead and share the screen and go to that.

We’re going to talk about release times, specs changes. Should you hold out? Should you be upgrading? Should you not? Was it last fall and plenty? Fine. We’re going to go over all of those things in more right now. So Carr goes ahead and split screen for us, and now we’re talking about the iPhone 13, and this is you know, it’s typically known as iPhone season.

That’s coming up relatively soon because we’re in get all these different releases and we’re going to have things and we’re going to start finding out about specs and what’s going on. Is there any big, major changes with the phone? What are the prices going to be like? What’s going to happen with it? And is there anything coming out with the new iPad? Right.

So we’ll kind of be unveiling those here relatively soon for everybody. So as we kind of look at the 2021 phone line up that’s coming out, and it’s only a rumor, I have to admit to that. So this link will have in the in the description for you as we scroll down, what you’re going to see is that they should be getting announced relatively soon.

Typically in September is going to be when we start hearing about this, we know all of the details. The exact price is the exact specifications. But often there’s a link leaks that go out in advance. So those leaks will come out and we’ll start to know, are there any huge, major changes.

So let’s look at a picture. A picture often tells a thousand words. So if we have Honokaa, scroll down just a little bit more and we take a look here. What we see is I don’t know, is that a discernable change? Maybe not too sure. Did the notch get a little bit smaller? Do they move it over? Did they change some things there? I suppose so.

Am I buying a new phone for that? Probably not. I don’t know if there’s enough stuff up there that gets shown. I don’t know. On my phone. I think I have the date and maybe the time up there. I don’t know how that would change us at all. The sizes are going to be roughly the same.

If I was looking at that, they’re going to be about the same, the design. What we’re going to have is a different screen. We’re going to have better battery life for and have all those same things. But we don’t have anything extremely major going on.

But as we continue to scroll down, we’re going to see that there’s a change in the camera. And I will say that most people, when they actually look at it, it’s not a phone. Right. Think it. I don’t know why we call it a phone, because any more we don’t call on it a lot. That’s not the main purpose of what this is. Ironically, it’s really a camera. And that’s the next part we’re going to discuss here.

So we’re showing some of the differences on the camera. And I think we just passed that just a little bit higher. Back up, Omkar. We’ll see that we have. Yep. Right there. The difference in the iPhone in the next camera. So let me scroll this down here.

And what we’re going to see on the 13 and the 12 is we have a little bit bigger camera lenses for each one of them. And in having that, what we’re going to have is better flash for a bigger opening and a better lens. So you’re going to get better resolution and you can get better pictures.

So that’s a big part of what your phone really is, is a camera. So if you are generations behind, you will see a major change in the camera and it will be better specifically at low light. And I think that would be a big thing for you.

So as an agent, as you’re posting things out there, the higher resolution is definitely, definitely going to help you out. So if you can spare yourself and maybe throw a new screen protector on there and make it last for another month, then maybe you have a new phone coming to you.

Maybe you want to say buy up, save up, maybe you want to pay the other one off early, whatever those things are. Go ahead and take care of it and get yourself ready for iPhone season. Get excited, ladies and gentlemen, because it is coming.

That also means new iPads, new Mac, like there’s so many new things that will be coming out and we’ll be unveiling each of them here in the near future. But we do email on here. We do Zoho CRM. You do so many things on here that having a great phone with a good case can be super important.

So Mike‘s tip of the day is going to be go ahead and get your case early. As soon as they come out, the best cases sell super fast. You’ll go to a company and you go to their website and you’ll see like all the new phone cases are sold out right away.

And it’ll take quite a while to get the new ones and you’ll end up buying them at the store and paying more. So if the new phone comes out, you know which one you’re committed to going ahead and buying, then go ahead and order the case so that you have the case.

When you go get the phone, you’re all set up and you can turn it on. Nothing worse than getting a brand new phone and not having a case for it and then being nervous or not turning it on or any one of those things. So there we go.iPhone 13 coming out. If you have the iPhone 12 and it’s Alemán, maybe the time is coming for you. Maybe you’ve held on just long enough that you can get yourself a new phone.

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