Inflation Real Estate

Today’s real estate word of the day is inflation. Let’s go ahead and define that, use it in a sentence and quickly discuss it. So inflation is the general increase in prices and falling of purchasing value of money. The same consumer basket of goods cost more over time due to inflation. Inflation may be slow and steady. Or steep and hyper, depending on the economics of the economy or of the currency.

So that’s the definition and to use it in a sentence. Mike thinks inflation. I don’t know, maybe there’s other bigger problems out there that we have, maybe we can look on the bright side, maybe we can say like, oh damn, we have super great interest rates right now. Oh, wow, we work past this. Hey, there. We kind of have a vaccine. Let’s look past all these other things.

And, like, quit looking at the one negative item over here in the corner. And let’s look at the hundreds of amazing items, wants to start traveling again, right, wants to get out there, a lot of people inflation. Yeah, that’s a quick discussion of it.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.17.21

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