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Who wants to know the standards that we have here to Acquisto Real Estate, if you’d like to know the improvements in enhancement standards that we have. I’m going to go over that with you right now. So we’re going to take down that Zoho background behind me. We’re going to add something a little bit different, make it feel a little bit better for Acquisto standards and what we’re trying to do.

So we’re making all these improvements for you guys as agents. Right. And I want to talk about the rule of thumb that we should kind of have together. So the rule of thumb is we want to make any change for you. When you can say the following items to me. So if you can answer the following questions that an enhancement that you’re requesting is going to save you time and or is going to produce an additional transaction throughout the calendar year.

And if you as an agent can make the case that, hey, if I have this enhancement in Zoho, then it will save me time and I will create an additional transaction for myself every single calendar year, then that’s an improvement that we should be able to make for you. Right. That’s our standard. Now, the question I’m going to ask back is I’m going to say, is that an improvement that only will help you or is it one that can be utilized by others to also create additional transactions for them? So if it’s something super nichi that’s only going to benefit you, then I may say no.

But if this improvement that you’re going to make is going to help others as well and allow for it to be utilized company wide and it’s going to create additional transactions for others, then that’s the type of change that we want to make within Zoho and stay within our software. And that’s what we need to be able to provide to you is for that. Now, what that doesn’t necessarily mean is that we would customize something to fit your exact workflow because we might already have that improvement in place and we might be calling it something different.

All right, so what we would be able to do then is redirect you and say, well, I understand that you really want to accomplish this. This is how we’re currently handling it. Does that meet your requirements? And you’re like, oh, I didn’t know we currently had that set up. Right. So I could go ahead and share that with you, because there’s a lot of items that we continually improve that we don’t necessarily show off to every single person or might not be relevant to you at that exact moment. Right. We’re just making enhancements all the time and not necessarily every single one gets released and gone over.

If I did go over every enhancement we made company wide, that’s all I’d be doing every morning on TNT is only going over updates and nobody’s got time for that. All right, so the direct workflow would be tell me personally if there’s anything that you need and the best way would be to send me an email and set up an appointment during our standard meeting times that we have we have 15 minutes every single Tuesday or Thursday that you can request on my schedule.

And we’ll be able to get together and go over those items directly. But if you send me an email with, hey, this is what I want and why this is an enhancement that would help me, then I’d love to consider it. I’d love to make that improvement for you. And then we’ll have a direct time when we can go ahead and do that.

So if you booked that time, then off and running will be and will be able to continue to make those improvements for you. It’s important as things change that we’re all on the same page together and that we know we’re trying to make improvements consistently for you. So thank you guys for your time right there. Let’s go ahead and this topic and then we’re going to go on to the word of the day.

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