Meet Ana Ortiz

The Importance of Support Family: Meet Ana Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we have a panel with us and we are super happy to have her for many, many reasons. She is one of the new members, has been working with us now for a good period of time. She you know, it was an amazing addition when we  had an and I’m glad that we’re able to show her off on screen so everyone gets to know we’re here. And she’ll be speaking in just a minute.

But I wanted to give you a little bit of background. Right. So she’s working with diLusso on Marketing and she’s a new member of our support family. She she works there exclusively. There’s a bit of a tie, a tie in to what she does on a daily basis that directly benefits the agents.

But she does a lot of things that help the company overall. Right. So we’ll hit on on those items with Anna. Anna came over in a it was like an amazing trade we made, so to speak, with  Leo and Leo when we were talking. Throws like I need a couple of people.

And he was transitioning and modifying his business on how he was doing things. And he’s like all these like you can. He’s like, I’ll give you a nod. And and and I’m like, all right, sold. And yeah, it was like this amazing acquisition. Right. And we were like, All right, thanks, Leo. So he continues to still help us out with the technology. But we were able to to acquire Anna and that and that whole thing was like one hundred percent. She was working on projects on our project with him as one of those things.

I was like, wait, we can direct this. All right, that’s perfect. Let’s do that. So maybe we’ll talk to Ana and let her first give some of her background and maybe tell us where you’re from and you know, some of the things you did before and your previous experience within real estate. Right. And then we’ll go into what you’re doing now. So thank you.

About Ana and her Job Position as part of Support Family

Ok, so hi. I am from Mexico City and yes, I was working with Lior before, so with him I was like managing his projects and helping him, like with all the other things. So right now I transitioned and now I am very happy working here. And I thank you for the opportunity. But for the past five years, I’ve been in marketing, so I usually worked for marketing agencies.

So I like my strong areas are like social media and like design, marketing and everything related with that. And I also have like some real estate experience. My husband works on Coldwell Banker here in Mexico, so we know a little bit of the how these works.

But as you know, the Mexican market and the US market is really different. And like here, we have different types of constructions and different things. But I do have like some background as well. And I really like  what do you do in your company? I feel like very, very happy and being able to help. So mainly what I do here, I’d like to see the social media platforms make sure that everything is OK. I oppose everything that is required. And right now we have some things going on.

As you may have seen before, we have the Abby Vasek series that you have and then we have the small business spotlight where we try to engage with more people based on what you have, like on your area and what people do there on Frisco and Plano. And they are where you are. So that’s great. And I think that’s a very good thing to go to engage with more people and to reach a different audience.

So I think it’s very important to know the segment, the audience, to whom are you communicating and to whom are you reaching by knowing, like what they go where they are and how is the best thing to do that? So, yeah, I’m basically doing that like helping with social media, with the ads and seeing like, how do you reach more people and get more leads in, are there to help all the agents and to gain more business. And also I am with the property management, like making sure all the pictures are there, like the website and the links are working on the QR codes, like making sure everything is there. Of course, Megan is always helping me, so that’s great. And I think that’s mostly what I do.

Yeah, well, in addition to to Megan, but for us as a company to have Anna and I kind of look at Anna like maybe the behind the scenes Logan, because any time we’re on these calls every day with with Anna and whatever you tell her to do, it’s. Yeah, sure. And she just gets it done. And she’s just so sweet.

And, you know, these are all things that we’re reminded of that we don’t have to do. Right. Double checking. I mean, we all want to double check everything because we’re human. But, you know, she’s taken it, taken all these things and making sure that they’re implemented properly to gain us more exposure and, you know, just things that we don’t have to do. So, yeah, I really appreciate it.

It’s been amazing. She kind of is taking a bunch of the things that Megan had incorporated and grabbed on to. And Meghan is slowly relinquishing those so she can work in a couple of different areas. But Anna’s doing a great job of kind of acquiring each of those things and documenting it, understanding it, taking care of it, putting training videos together. She does a Wiki post each day, so that saves a lot of time. So you’ll see that  formatting is going in there.

That’s anything she’s also taking and taking the videos and putting them together for our website. So if you go to the main page of our website and you scroll down just a little bit, you’ll see that there is a video section that’s going on there. And she’s putting that together and working the transcript and downloading that and putting that together. She’ll also be helping us out with putting everything together from our agent training that we just had with fanfares. So she’ll be the one behind the scenes to put that stuff all together so we can present it in the best possible way to you as the agent and have it there in perpetuity.

And you might have heard her mention that her husband. And is in real estate in Mexico City with Coldwell Banker, and so she has she’s very familiar with real estate and how it works, but their market is is quite different, right, Anna? It’s not it’s not as competitive.

Real Estate Market in Mexico

It’s it’s slow where you are, right?
Yeah. Right now, people are not looking to buy or sell like it’s difficult right now. There are like some government things and political things that are stopping people to sell or buy. So it’s like a different market completely as well, that they are like political things and like economic things that like force people to make transactions. They really think a lot about making it as well.

Some transactions because it’s difficult, but. Well, yeah, like we know that this is real estate, like things change and sometimes there are like very good things and very good moments to sell. So people right now are like stopping to think it’s twice and that’s them right here.

It’s different. Yeah. Well, we are so thankful to have you as part of our real estate family.

And, you know, and that’s just a reminder to all of us to not take things for granted like our market and being busy and having being afforded the opportunity to be able to continue to work and and not have those outside forces like that that, you know, limit what you what you can achieve now and is also working on continuing to grow what she does here with us.

And, you know, when we first started, it was really important to her that she’s continue to grow. And that was one of the main commitments that we made with her, is that we want her to continually get better and get more skill sets and become more valuable. So one of the items that you’re picking up now is we’re talking about reporting and kind of like accountability.

So you’re going to be helping us out with some of our task management stuff and with documenting due dates for certain things and manage the projects they’re within Zoho Analytics with us. And then you’re also going to be working on some of the reporting items where we say, like, hey, every week we need this report ran and we need to know when it’s outside of tolerance.

And you take a look at it and understand it and look at weekly, monthly quarterly reports and see things. There’s just so much data to analyze at the company level and the level for each agent that we’re trying to spot things before they become problematic or see areas to focus on, whether it’s lead source or specific agent need something.

There’s a lot of data to drill down to and we’re trying to get Ana to be able to collect all of that and continue to grow what she’s doing right. So we’re very excited about that. But that’s an improvement that you’ll start to see when it’s a small business and there’s just one or two data points or something. Right. It’s you kind of see it and understand it.

But now as it grows, we don’t necessarily have some of those direct lines of communication and we need some assistance on that. So we’re definitely looking forward to that. Yes. So great. So that’s that’s a little bit about and she is truly a great person. And, you know, yesterday I felt so good about all the different people that we got to have on and everyone got to kind of meet.

Those are investments that we’re making as a firm to make sure that we have those people. And we’ve been very fortunate that they’re all really, really good people and that they care and they want to do the right things. And they’re they’re growing and they enjoy what they’re doing. So when you have somebody who enjoys it and they truly are passionate about it and it’s amazing like Omkar super passion about what he does. And Anna really enjoys what she does. And she’s on the meetings and energetic and always happy and all that.

And now the same exact way. He just has this passion for what he’s doing. And it’s no different from what you see every day with Megan. So that kind of culture that that being created because we get to deal with great people. And it’s a testament to the agents because it’s not about just our interaction with with these people. It’s about the fact that when they speak with the agents, that the agents are grateful and happy and there’s just this positive culture. And that’s really a big deal. And it can’t be understated.

I saw several times yesterday throughout the chats that our agents were praising other agents. And it was really I like it just made me feel so good that that’s that’s who we are because that’s truly who we are and that’s what we want as a company, you know, and it’s not easy to get. I mean, if you talk about other companies, I mean, just think about big corporations.

Some things they always have, you know, it seems like there’s conflict everywhere, so to have this, you know, this real estate family that all supports one another and we’re all on board to praise one another. I mean, it’s it’s great.

Yeah. Passing the praise has been a great concept and it allows other people to kind of flourish and hear positive things about themselves. So we’ll make sure that we continue on with that. And it makes it really easy to praise her because she does a really good job. Tell us a little bit about your family and then we’ll wrap up because it’s important for people to get to know you a little bit. Yeah, right. You’re a human. You’re not just like an email address or a job position. You’re really Ana. So tell us who Ana is.

Ana’s Background and Family

Ok, so I have a family where I have my husband and two kids, so my older kid is Carlos, who is five years old and Eric is three years old. So they are like very, very dominant ages. So five and three, both toddlers. It’s a little difficult sometimes, but it’s fun.

I love having them here right now since it started. We are like having online classes. So I think I’ve learned a lot. And this time I really appreciate this time that I have with them, like to learn to spend more time with my family. So I’ve seen all the positive side of this that they make like having the time to do, like spend with them and to learn more from them.

And also right now, Carlos learning to read. So that’s such a difficult process, but I’ve been glad to be part of it. Like to see how he makes major changes and he is starting to read and write maybe these projects. I wouldn’t have seen it if he was in school, but I’m very grateful like to see all these happening. And also I’m very close to my parents. They live like five minutes from here, also my brother. So we’re like a big, small family.

We always leave like we always got there, like to have parties or to eat together. So I think that’s something Mexicans we like to gather. I love with our families and to have like reunions and parties. Not so much with the pandemic, but yeah, we really appreciate doing that.

And my sister lives in Miami, so she’s there and she’s very happy living there with her family that age. She also has two little kids, five and three as well. Well, five and four years old. And yeah, she’s very happy and we miss her so much because we’re such a close family. But we’ll see here for the holidays. And that’s like very exciting for us. And yeah. You ever come to Mexico City? I’ll be glad to have you.

All right. So just listen to that, you guys. So the market is challenging. Her husband’s in a very challenging profession. Her kids are now home and she’s having to do all these things. And she’s the way she’s looks at it is as a positive. Right. She’s finding the  joy and the positivity of something that you could look at it in a negative way. Right. And I do have one question.

We have similar in our family. We all are close and like to get together for dinners and things like that. And I’m curious about your family, if you do something like this. So when we get together and we all bring different types of foods and dishes after we’re completed eating, we go around the table and we kind of judge who had the best meal or who brought the best dish.

And sometimes it’s awkward.
And I know Amy‘s on here and yeah, we’ve all been kind of judge and particularly me, like, yeah, we were on the table and we say, like who?
What was the best and what was the worst. And I have no idea why our family does have like super honest. And you better bring your A game because like all of a sudden, like, your dish becomes the worst one there and people like remember it.

I remember that last time I was honored because they would ask Amy said you started that in.

So, you know, I would be asked, for example, to bring sweet potatoes, OK? And I brought them like several years and then all of a sudden I brought them.

And then here comes Amy. She decided to bring them. And it was a little weird. So now it’s like, you know, you’ve got to step up your game and it’s a competition to see who makes the best.

So does your family do that? And what’s your best dish?

No, not really. So we’re not great here, so we usually, like, just buy things and say, yeah, you will buy this, that you will buy that. So we don’t like that much or not great cook or send our family.

Well, you should come have dinner with you some your steane while it was it was great to get to share some of what you do on a daily basis and let people understand who you are, who you are and get to know you just a little bit. You’re are you on social media and are you accepting new followers?

Yes. Yes, I am. Social media. I am. I have my Facebook page and my Instagram. You want to call me? I will accept. All right.

So we’ll find and I will give you her, you know, we’ll give you her social media information.

And, you know, she’s at a cluster real estate. Yeah. In a and a little chat that in for you. And we’ll put that social media handle down there so we can do that. That will be down in the description that’s right below the like button. So scroll by that and you’ll be worth giving in a some appreciation. But thank you very much. That was that was awesome. Thank you very much for joining us.

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