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If you can dream it, you can do it. Let’s think about that and discuss it here in just a little bit. My name’s Mike Acquisto real estate broker. And sometimes you have to think about what you really want. Sometimes you have to actually go deep in the mind and you have to close your eyes and get the can dream about what you want. Then you can accomplish it.

This topic is brought to you by Kyle Dilworth of Goose had insurance, but not the current Kyle. Maybe like 12 year old Kyle, the one that had the voice that was didn’t quite change yet and the one that was a little squeaky. And he kind of had this wide eyes and he had a great view of the future. And he had a voicemail that said, if you can dream it, you can do it.

And that’s what he had. And as you look forward, it’s really true. You just need to think about what you really want to accomplish. Right. And then you can go after it and do it. So do you want a better work life balance? Do you want more clients? You want higher price points? Do you want to be able to achieve things like earning more money? Do you want to have it where you have an assistant?

Do you want to have it where you get to travel more? Do you want to have it where you can home office more? Do you want to have it that you can maybe schedule your work a certain way? Do you want it where you can schedule it that you can be a listing agent or a premium listing agent or any one of those things? Do you want to travel with whatever it is?

If you can dream it, you can do it you can accomplish it. You can make real estate work for you under your terms. If you want additional business here to questa real estate, all you have to do is come and ask and we’ll do our absolute best. We have a great relationship with each of the agents that work with us. I have to do simply talk with us, tell us what you want to accomplish.

That’s the purpose of our agent one on one times is that we can discuss those things. Right. We don’t have any specific requirements of you as an agent, but you might have some things that you want to dream up for yourself. And in that regard, we need to know about it and we can help you accomplish it. So if you would like to do it and you dare to dream, then let’s accomplish it together.

Simply reach out, turn one of our agent one on one time and let us know and we’ll discuss it. We want your career to be like you want. If you dream of growing to a larger team and having some things that you can accomplish, let’s do it.

It’s not a problem. Whatever those dreams are and what you want to accomplish, you never have to do anything for us. We always want it for you. So whatever that happens to be for you and whatever great or good or acceptable looks like if you want to take the year off and do zero business, totally fine, that could look like good for you. There are certain times that maybe you have how things going on in your world, that you have family members, that you have time that you need to spend with others.

And sometimes you would love it to be that you could dream that you could just take some time off. Right. Maybe you want to go travel the world and come back when that time is right for you. If you can dream it, you can do it. Whatever the things are that you want. If you want to just become a referral agent or you simply send business in and you stop going out and showing.

We recently heard of an agent. Who took off the whole year and they said that was something that they dreamed about, was being able to take off a whole year. They worked hard last year and they said, this is a crazy world and I want to take off for the whole year. I want to take off the summer. I want to take off the winter. You come up with what it wants to be for you.

I do believe that you need to be a full time agent, but I also believe that you need to be able to do things that work best for you. So if there’s something that you have that you want, then let’s accomplish it together. If you can dream it, you can do it.

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