ICE for your Buyer – Ice contact information for your buyers and sellers in case of emergency. That is Shana Acquisto, real estate broker, luxury style. And I’m Mike Acquisto. And she’s my eyes.

Yeah, I. Yeah, well, that’s how you’re in my phone is ice, right? Just in case of emergency contact. Shana, please, if something ever happens to me. So what we’re going to go over is when you need it. What happens if you don’t, if you can’t contact the clients and should we put it in our CRM? Probably so. And how often does this happen? So let’s go ahead and start at the top and discuss this topic in full.

ICE for your Buyer

You know, unfortunately, this came up because of one of our own scenarios. So we have a seller moving out of state. And he you know, it was asked when he when the listing agreement was signed, you know, is there anybody else doing our due diligence? We have to make sure that all owners sign the listing agreement. So, nope, just me. I don’t have any family, any anybody here.

OK, so we get the home listed. It is. And multiple offers and we are getting bombarded with calls. It’s like a call center. And. A week goes by and we can’t reach the seller to find out how to proceed with the multiple offers, so what we have to do is not make anything up, not set a deadline.

Remember, you have to follow your same protocols. Right? And if we can’t reach the seller, the only alternative is to temporarily put it temporarily on them off the market and let everybody know that is happening. So you put it in your showing instructions, you put it in MLS, and you never want to throw your seller under the bus. You have no idea what could have happened.

But things can happen. So how do you avoid that? I think we get you know, just as we were talking about leases before on the lease application, there is an emergency contact. We should all have an emergency contact for our clients, whether it’s one person or a family.

What if they went away and something unfortunate happened? What do we do? So we need to have an emergency contact for your clients if you have a buyer and they just go to you, which happens sometimes, right? It happens. You know, maybe you ask for a backup there, because if they put an offer in on a property and they’re under contract and you can’t find them, what do you do? So buyers and sellers especially, please get an emergency contact and yes, put it in our CRM.

And how often does this happen? This has never happened, actually.

We’ve done a lot of transactions and this isn’t a common thing, but it could potentially happen to you and it would definitely take a bunch of your time. So, you know that think things do happen. We’ll see how we program this in CRM. We’ll maybe ask Stacey if this is something that she wants to kind of tackle and see how we relate in ice contact to a transaction.

I want to also give a shout out to Jodi. Thank you for writing this topic for all of us to learn from Jody Daley, realtor in Frisco, Texas. This will definitely go down as one she’ll never forget. That is true about.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.22.21

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