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Highway 380. It’s called a bypass. And universally I wonder, myself included, if it’s really bypassing anything, what we’re doing and what the heck is going on with that road. All the creativity is creativity. Good thing when it comes to road construction, I don’t know what report you’re going to decide. We’re going to show some stuff here and kind of walk you through it and discuss it and give you updates.

So originally, years ago, I don’t know how long this has been going on 5 years. Forever, I don’t know. But originally there’s a lot of congestion in the downtown McKinney area from Princeton to like 75. So there’s a lot of accidents, as we know that’s on 380.

So the idea was to bypass the downtown area and get back on. But I think it’s kind of expanded beyond that now and they’re trying all these different ways to go around problematic areas. But I don’t know. I don’t know if they’re really solving a problem or just they’re not.

So I have a suggestion. Okay. So I want to loop. I want no, no, listen. So I want to loop around 75 and 380, that whole intersection in 121 and 121 and 75 just to circle around that whole area. It just goes around in a circle. And when you get close to those roads.

It belt line loop. I don’t know just around all of that area, there’s just so much traffic congestion there that if you put a loop around that whole area and it was like just a circle and you can get on and go around that circle wherever you want, it would alleviate the traffic at those core spots.

There’s like four core spots right there. Right. And it would alleviate all of it and it would do what you want to do.

But instead they want to, like, disrupt all these neighborhoods and commercial, you know, businesses that have recently gone in that now have to be demolished. I mean, it’s it’s super expensive.

So that was my suggestion. I don’t like to go into anything and be negative about it without a suggestion. So that’s my suggestion for improvement. Okay. If we go ahead and take a look at that, I think you’d see that that would actually be a pretty good idea.

So we have a hunch that the design and what they plan to do is already been, you know, kind of agreed upon. But they’re going through these motions of the latest is after the feasibility study, the proposed improvements from the meeting just recently, March 22nd.

So we’ve got this pulled up and, you know, there’s a controversy of does it come through? Prosper and Prosper is really fighting this hard. You know, it was Tucker Hill. Tucker Hill was fighting it hard. So from both sides, east and west, it’s really causing a lot of stress for a lot of homeowners.

I mean, so full disclosure, we do have a vested interest in this and it is to keep the stuff away from Walnut Grove and what’s going on here.

And to, you know, we have future real estate developments going on in here. So we would prefer to see this area uninterrupted. But then you look at it and step back from an overall perspective and you’re like, what? The world is really going on here because it’s just some real, real craziness.

And let me just make a statement that you should not just sit back and see, you know, and what’s happening and talk about it. You should get involved. Right? This is a good example. We were there at this meeting and talking with they had all the different engineers there discussing different segments of the 380 proposal. And one of them, they had really nice large photos out showing exactly how it was going to happen.

And I notice there were a lot of things that had come in since this whole bypass started. And I asked the engineer, I said, Wow, you guys wait. Looking at this, this isn’t here. This neighborhood isn’t even here. And he goes, Yeah, it’s really difficult for us to keep up with what’s going on and how how fast they’re building.

And I thought, man, don’t you guys have a drone to, like, fly over and do a photo of the most recent? I mean, this is like five years ago. So it was really interesting. I know which one it was, but there was a whole neighborhood that wasn’t even in.

Yeah, some of the things are interesting and some of the things are not when you really look at it. So what I will zoom in and show you here an area that you’re looking at and why it’s like so big, right, is we have one. I think we have a four lane road right here in the middle as it goes through in the in the middle. A side road. That’s connected. So this is 380 as it goes by Tucker Hill right here.

And as you see, Tucker Hill, when they come out on to this, they’re going to have to go up and go all the way around and come back down here to come back across to to make this turn. They lose their early.

They have a large section here, and I guess I can kind of understand that. But it seems like they should kind of have something here. So anyways.

Customers were really customers are soft. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with McKinney in 75 and El Dorado, but they have this intersection that you come, you know, you exit and you come up to get on El Dorado and you’re basically coming to oncoming traffic and you just kind of so I just I’m never a fan of that.

I just see that being, you know, that’s got to be a high risk for head on collisions, right? It was crazy.

Yeah, it definitely is. I’ll see if I can pull up this and show you a creativity that’s going on with this, with their intersection here. And creativity is never a good thing when it comes to traffic and traffic patterns in my mind. Yeah. So I’ll see if we can get this all loaded for you. It’s a large file.

But get involved and know what’s going on in your area. I mean, we have one neighbor that is super involved. Right. And she knows she’s met different land owners and different people in the area. And, you know, it’s been really beneficial to hear everyone’s different, different sides and be able to talk, you know, get the message out for people to to voice their opinions.

They have comments. And I think that because of of all of the input that they’ve received, they have changed this several times.

And they’re going to need to again, because some of the ideas are just kind of straight crazy.

You know, people look at things from like an engineering aspect and not from really necessarily the the homeowner or maybe the new businesses that have gone in. You’ve got new business. This road’s coming in here. You’ve got new businesses all down here.

Oh, well, we can’t keep up with knowing what’s there. I think they should be able to do that.

They probably should be able to. And they need to be held to a slightly higher standard here.

Maybe a Stonebridge. So Stonebridge is getting widened dramatically here in what’s going on. They have overpasses and underpasses and this kind of seems reasonable.

But here’s where it does become a problem is with Stonebridge getting widened. If there’s anyone out there that lives in Stonebridge, which Stonebridge way like a staple. It’s like it’s McKinney’s largest voting block.

And the people that live in Stonebridge would believe that Stonebridge is a in internal neighborhood road. They would believe that that it’s.  

A like a cluster or one of the larger roads. Preston Road in Frisco. Yeah, but what the what they are trying to make Stonebridge into is a major north south thoroughfare that when 380 comes in and opens up, it will force all of this traffic right through Stonebridge and make it not only a cut through but a major north south thoroughfare. Very similar to Custer.

And it is designed to alleviate traffic on Custer. So if you live in Stonebridge, you are not in favor of the Prosper route?

You would rather the route go through Tucker Hill. And the other side of all of Stonebridge Ranch, not just bordering. No, all of it’s just going to be this. Is super traffic.  

If you’re living in Stonebridge Ranch and you see increased traffic all the time, I mean, is that something that I don’t know? I just don’t know. Normally, people don’t vote for increased traffic right next to them.

I mean, where we live, we’re going to have we’re going to have it. But I think there’s better and more viable options.

And the reason that you’re going to have increased traffic that goes right by you at Stonebridge is because what’s happening there is the other road of 380, if you choose, if the Prosper option is chosen, then what would happen is all of that traffic that is now two miles away.

If we looked at how the road is coming in, what would end up happening is all the traffic from Prosper would from that Prosper road would be two miles away and there would be major, major roads two miles apart. So imagine having 121 and 380 super close to each other. So I’m going to see if I can get us to where that would be. So there’s going to be two miles away.

They’ll be this road and they’ll be the 380 road. And with that, all of this traffic would come right down through here and line up and go into Stonebridge and it would. Become a major, major cut through in stone bridges, traffic would be greatly, greatly increased.

So I want to tell you the exact option that you want if you live in Stone Bridge Ranch is you would choose option A is what you want and you would go ahead and vote and tell people that you are not in favor of option B. And the reason is because you do not want increased traffic onto Stonebridge.

Stonebridge is getting written in as a three lane North-South road on each side, so six lanes total, which would force them to increase the width of it in right through Stonebridge Ranch and thus increasing the amount of people going through. So you are not in favor of this and we’ll show you where you can give your comments.

And I just want to say so we have auto ops chatting in currently lives in Denton and it’s finished. But in Denton he’s he’s right like there’s when you’re going into Denton from 380 on university it’s crazy crazy crazy congested there. So yeah.

I don’t know where. Yeah. It’s just going to become a problem.

If it’s finished there. Does that mean there is. I know there’s that loop to 88, so maybe that is the loop that goes around the city. I’m not 100% sure, but maybe.

Yeah. Is it a full loop.

That in is it a full loop there or is it just, you know, so there’s different options here. What’s going on? That one loaded quicker, but it’s not actually the one that I was looking to show. So that’s beautiful. Let me see if this one loads.

We all want to get places faster, but we do.

Feel like this could be a major, major problem. What it is not is not fixing the real problem. And so, you know, that does make it increasingly, increasingly difficult. Yeah. When you don’t actually address the real problem. Let me see where this incredibly creative solution is that they offered us here. When you see what’s going on at cluster, it’ll kind of exemplify to you.

You’re like, Whoa, that’s a crazy suggestion. Come on, give me the page three.

It’s a half loop. So loop 288 is a half loop. I call it half loop 288 just.

And that’s where I think we need actually to have some revisions here. So my suggestion that I was going after is to loop this whole area, right? So again, when we’re coming up with a suggestion is to be a real loop and to loop all around this major intersection and this major intersection and provide relief around the whole thing so that you can get around and not go to this intersection and not go to this intersection.

And I think that’s really going to help. And then if you want to have another east west road along here, that’s fine. But put it where there’s nothing yet. You don’t need to have it right on the same road.

They already have three miles away. They just do.

It worked on and it’s going through. I mean, that looks to be a pretty large road.

I kind of think the spacing between 121 and 380 is about right and just put another big road out there.

Well, that’s kind of the idea is there I’m unable to pull up the creativity. They didn’t know.

But you can go to text dot what does that link keep it moving Dallas dot com and you can find this and we could chat it in yeah so go to that link if you want to get more information and study it a little more. But it’s, it’s probably this link right here is your comment section.

We need to get these comments in right away specifically if you live in Stonebridge, I think there’s that option that I said there on which one you prefer over the other. Yeah, would be great to do.

And maybe you have a designated person in your area, you should hop on your neighborhood social media pages or pages and see if you have somebody already designated. If not, please get your comments in. We have we have someone in our neighborhood that took charge of it. And it’s really nice of her. And she’s gathering everyone’s information.

Yes. And getting it getting it out there. So we really appreciate that.

And so what we were actually trying to do in our in Walnut Grove, if you live in there like Mike Shepherd, then the suggestion actually is maybe actually to remove all access from 380. And it’s a bold thing, but if you don’t do that, what happens is with the access on Custer and with the access on 380, any time that there’s any slowdowns at all, Google is going to reroute everybody ways.

Yeah, right in front of your house and the neighborhood. It won’t be a golf cart community. It won’t be like riding your bike through it. It will become a major thoroughfare any time that the intersections. Back up at.

All. And I see you having to put in, you know, the speed bumps, you know, just.

Yeah, so let’s not do that. Let’s just shut down all access from 380 and not allow that because there’s already access on Custer. If you allow any access on 380, the two roads will be connected and it will become a cut through.

And to avoid that, you have to eliminate one of the two and then put a light on Custer somewhere.

So that’s the best I got.

Is I understand that we’re growing but going through and disrupting an entire subdivision, you know, that affects homeowner rights. That’s not what we may know, that things are coming around. But who would think something would come right in the middle of your of your neighborhood or affect it that greatly?

So if you have a better suggestion, let us know. We want to hear the best suggestion. You’re not the one that’s kind of thinking of. Yeah. And we’ll get those all published and get them all shared here with comments.

So yeah, so sorry we ran over a little bit, but I think this is an important topic that we needed to kind of elaborate on.

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