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How and why? To suggest topics for TNT each day. So my name is Mike. You probably know me if you’re watching this. And that’s Shana Acquisto. And we’re going to talk about why and how to suggest some different topics for us. So if you have an urgent question that comes up, then please please email myself copy Shana and put Omkar on there and we’ll get that topic covered the next day.

Yeah. Yes, that’s important to us. Yeah, it really is. So it doesn’t matter what that topic happens to be often. It would be a question that you might have that you think, man, I should I should ask or I could use a little bit more information on, yeah, whatever this is for your client.

So the idea is that we do T.A. just before your workday is supposed to start at 9:00, so you get your questions answered. So anytime you have a question, sometimes like an email, sometimes a phone call is something you’re thinking. But this is a format right here where we can answer that same question.

It is a format now. There are instances where you’re having a crisis, right, with a deal and you call Stacy and we understand that. But it could be that you also just are in the car and you think of something and you want to know it. A light bulb comes on and you should just email that out and you can copy Stacy as well. But send that to us, send out your thoughts. And if you did have a crisis, even though it was worked out, send us an email and say, Hey, I think this will be really good. I just went through this.

I didn’t really know this. I think it would be good to take a deeper dive into it on TNT. So anything, you know, real estate related, send it to us. And if you see something interesting, you see an article that’s interesting, anything like that, that can also be included. You can send that over as well. So yeah.

And the idea would be that we have a whole bunch of questions that are already answered. So we’re going to split the screen and show you some different things so you can get those answers to it. Yeah, because the idea is where.

Do you find it after? Yeah. Right.

So you would go to real estate news Real estate news And we’ll put that in the description so you have it and we’ll chat it in for you. And when you go there, you’ll go ahead and type in a search. So for example, if you wanted to be reminded of something on 1030 ones, you couldn’t remember the exact information you may type in 1031 and hit enter. And now what you’re going to get is information on 1031 exchanges in a reverse, 1031 in creating wealth and whatever it happens to be.

And if you look down here, you’re going to have all the relevant links, right? Yeah. And you’re going to have the full transcript. You’re all there. Everything super handy.

And maybe that helps eliminate some questions that you have or answers them for you. Right. This is kind of like Google for real estate questions.

And I think that’s a good a good reminder that instead of making a panicked call, maybe do a little due diligence on your own and see if it’s been covered before. Right? Because most likely it has. And if not, then we’ll add it. You can send it to us, but always check there. First, we want to be efficient with everyone’s time and then we also want to make sure that we get information out there.

So yeah. And then if you want to do even deeper dives into something else, right, like maybe another one is Iris or you have an HOA question. So we just searched Iris there and maybe ho you have a question so you would type in halfway and go ahead and hit enter and then you’ll see results here. You could be more specific on your search if you want, and then you get more specific results.

But everything’s here. Maybe this helps explain something to a client that you need explained. Yeah. And you say, Hey, here’s the link to it, right? And here’s what’s going on and here’s why we covered it and how we covered it and what’s going.

It’s just we want to keep everybody informed and we want all of us to have you know, we talk a lot about being the best professionals we can be. And the more knowledge that you have on these topics, the better. And that’s why we want to share and get them out there, too. You can never stop learning, right? And the more you know, the more you grow here that all the time too.

Yeah. And then so talking specifically about the urgency of different items, so we normally do have topics in queue to discuss but we would love. So this format is about you is the agent, right? It’s not about us. And what happens is if I don’t have something that somebody suggested that they want to hear about, then we’re going to go ahead and just talk about what we think is the best topic for.

To be able to discuss with you. And we try to hit it from all different types of angles and give you information on all different items, whether it’s finance or taxes or, you know, like there’s just like a million topics that we cover. All real estate related.

Yeah. So if it’s about learning for you. Just general knowledge. Perfect. If it happens to be contract related questions or negotiation things, if you have the question, then most likely somebody else has. Yeah. And if we haven’t covered it or covered it from the angle that you want covered.

We really want to. And like Mike said, we do this for you. We want to always be a resource to get you as much information as we can and to be there for you to handle any obstacles that you have. So this is just one way. So make sure you’re utilizing this. Make sure you’re on TNT every morning so you can get this information right. A consistent schedule is important. Having that structure, I think, is essential.

And, you know, hearing the information is what it’s all about. So if you think TNT is amazing, then we’re just going to continue on like it is, right? If you feel that you would like more control over it, right? And you’re not getting exactly what you want. Just a friendly reminder that you actually control the narrative. You can give us things. So I hear a lot of the times that agents are like, Oh, I really like that topic.

And it might be something like an agent telling a story about how they overcame something or something crazy that happened or something drama related in the real estate transaction, it seems those are always like the most interesting to share. So share it and let us talk about that. Sure. That’s what you want to hear. Then we’ll talk about it. You just have to let us know.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 08.04.22

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