How to turn off water to your house- All right, Mike and Shana Aquisto, real estate brokers and co-owners with Acquisto Real Estate. And we’re continuing on with our plumbing series now. And so we’re taking a deep dive into plumbing.

So before we do, I’ll tell you what happened to us yesterday. We took all of our Christmas stuff down and we had everything picked up and, you know, the end of the day and we had worked all morning at our place. Then we went up, watched a movie. Of course, I fell asleep. It becomes almost midnight, walk downstairs, squish. It’s like, where did this water come from?

Well, our washing machine, I don’t know how it happened, but the door did not lock. I had started a load of laundry at the door, somehow opened and it continued to run, apparently, and water just kept gushing and gushing out everywhere. So, you know, if you have something like that and you’re like, oh my gosh, this water continues to run, what do I do? And you have to go turn the water off, what do you do?

How to turn off water to your house

The answer is this piece right here up to this multi tool, and we have the link for it. So we’ll pull that link up. We’ll go splitscreen and check that in so you guys can see it. But it’s an extremely affordable piece. It’s nine dollars and ninety four cents available on Amazon. Wow. So you can see that it looks like you can have it delivered to you today.

And here I have a lot of water off.

No, it’ll be delivered to you at one o’clock if you want. So that’s crazy that you can get it so fast. So for just a couple of dollars, for nine dollars, you get this item essentially oiled. And it has two things, a couple of things with it. So what this does is it can turn the gas off to your property. So if you have a problem and you need to go outside, then you locate your gas line and you simply put this inside right here and you turn it.

That’s how it works. Now your gas is off. What if you’re not really strong? OK, not well. So this has like an Uber, right? Right. So it’s kind of got like anybody can do it. Yeah. Well, most people most people should be OK. And then on the bottom it says water, OK, like this way.

So you can read it and you open that up. That’s going to be probably at the front of your property and in the bottom. I don’t know if they can kind of see, but it’s like a key, it’s a water key. And you put this in and you turn it as well and that’s it.

How to know if it is on or off?

And then the water’s off or it’s on depending on which direction it’s going. And you’re kind of like, how do I know which ton? Well, you know, we’re always on because I also have that left. DeLuise. Yeah. So that’s if it’s like going around and around. But that’s not that’s like a screw. So this is different. So let’s go ahead and chat in the next link and click over to how I know if the valve is on or off. So we’ll scroll over here and I’ll grab this one from us and show us here.

So if I pull this up and make this just a little bit bigger for us, what we’re going to see is it’s on. If the water if the the valve is the same direction as the water or gasoline is flowing, if it’s that way, it’s on. So it’s just like flowing. So no rising tide he left.

Correct. If it’s a cross, then it’s closed to stopping it. So these are like bubble valves. There’s some type of valve in there and it’s just going like off and on. And you know it when you see the valve going in that same direction. And this is the same for most of them and they’re all different. Right. So what we have here is a ball valve again and this is off. So you can see it’s off because it’s like a cross and not go in the same way.

And if it’s going the same way as the line, then it’s on and all these all different ones. Right. So this is open or on and this is off or closed. So if you happen to be walking by anything, then you can real quickly see if it’s on or off in. All you do is just give it like ninety degree turn and then it’s on or off. Just about all of them work the exact same way and it just turns on and off and you’re kind of good to go. And this would be the same for all types of things.

You’d see this a lot in gas lines. You’d see it in, you know, all different types of applications. And so you just need to have this tool and it helps you be able to turn it on and off and it avoids a major, major problem. So the one that we spoke about earlier, which was a minor issue because the water didn’t keep running. Mm hmm. Right. But if the water if the hose had broke or inside the wall, then.

Or the connector broke or something like that and the water just continued to run and we couldn’t turn it off, then you simply grab this tool glass. I’d turn it off and then your water stops to the whole home. Then you can repair the issue inside and then you go back outside and then once it’s fixed, then you can turn it off.

If not, the water doesn’t stop running. Right, so some of the newer homes are issued kind of have the internal shutoff valves, right. And you’re a huge, huge fan of those really like those.

I haven’t heard anything negative against them, but it seems to make sense that you can shut off just one part of the house, not the entire.

Super good. So that’s instead of going outside, you probably have one of those in your garage and you just in turn it off and then you’re all good at that. All right. So now you kind of know how to do that in for a couple of dollars. You have a simple solution. This tool also has a couple of additional points on it that I’ll bring up here. So it has a like a point here that you can use to break something if you need to.

Ok, so you can hit it like a hammer and it’s got the grip so you can hit something and break it. And this is a key. So the key that’s on this side, if you can kind of see over here, yeah.

This is to lift the water off where it is. So the water, you put it in the ground and you need like this key to turn it and lift it up so you can get that. Yeah. So you can get that out of the ground. So it’s buried in the ground and there’s a down there. Yeah. And you just put this in, turn it and then it opens and then you pull it up and it comes off and that’s how you can get it to close correctly.

So if you have one of those outside your place, but you don’t put it on correctly, it’s because you don’t have the key to be able to, like, lock it correctly.

So I suggest everyone get this and give it a shot before you have a problem. Correct. So probably a good idea.

Go ahead and purchase that. We chatted to Lincoln and for nine dollars and the closing gift, you know, it’s not bad. You could maybe put your logo in here or something like that, put your phone number in there. I don’t know. It’s a super simple tool. And until you need it, you’re making me nervous.

So that making you nervous, why don’t you hold it? You’re like talking with it. Oh, look at it. It’s blue. It’s actually yellow.

Yeah, it’s yellow. That’s funny, but it turns with the green screen. I don’t know why it turns blue, but it kind of does.

So anyways. I like it. It’s a good tool. Use it by it. Good job. And if you want more information, go back and look at all the other videos he did on this plumbing series as well. So this is the whole idea is to get you more knowledge as an agent. And if you know these types of things, then you can help your clients out.

So we talked about all different types of things, whether it was foundation repair and plumbing problems there. Yeah. Whether it was like how to mitigate them and how much things should cost and where to find solutions and like how to avoid this in your home and how to detect these problems. And. Right. So we’ve talked to all different types of things in the series.

This is just one more item for you to put in your tool kit. Got it. Trying to make a little bit better every single day. All right. All right, sounds good. Well.

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