How to schedule a media day?

Oh, perfect, so would you like to schedule your media day correctly nationally now? Yes. All right. So we’ve walked through and we kind of have a more of an automated process for you to be able to put Comedie Day. It’s kind of a complex thing. And as we’re walking through this, there’s there’s, you know, some things that go into it. And we’ve tried to distill that process as we best can. And Katie is going to show us exactly what we should be doing. That’s going to help us out quite a bit. So we have a video that Katie sent in for us. Thanks, Katie. Yeah. Thank you for explaining that. And hopefully this helps us out. So if you need to schedule your next media day, this is probably your best resource to go ahead and take a look.

Thank you. Let’s see what Katie has to say. Hey, thanks for joining us, Katie. Oh, hello.

Today, we’re going to learn how to schedule your media day using Zoho. So when you get to this point in the transaction in Zoho, you put them in as a seller. You uploaded the listing agreement.

You put in all the required information along the way asking about bids fast to make sure that the transaction is complete before progressing to scheduling Media Day, you should be presented with these four choices deal lost, restart seller plan admin, active listing or schedule a media day. We’re going to focus on the scheduled media day. When you click on that button, it’s going to give you all the different boxes to validate when you think the list is going to go. If I think this is going like let’s say December 5th, let’s say we’re going to list ever two seventy five, you’re going to select which media package you want, standard luxury or ultra luxury. Then you’re going to put in your first two choices of when you want media day. I’m going to say the first at three pm. Or I could also do I’d say the second at 10:00 a.m.. So you’re going to put in the times that you what your preferences, the days. Are there any additional media renderings that you need, like a pool or something? On this one? I’m going to put no. And then it’s got some more information for so that the the photographers with Dallas Pro or whoever we’re using has some more information about the property. So is there an owner’s retreat down? Yes. How many beds are upstairs? Three backyard size medium. And then you’ll hit save when you do this, go ahead and cancel out of this.

When you do that and you hit save, there’s going to be an email notification that gets sent to Ana, Magan, myself and Omkar so that we know that there’s an upcoming media day. It’s going to send us all the information that we need. I’ll show you what the template looks like. It’s going to have all the information that Meghan needs to schedule what you want with Dallas Pro, and then it’s going to let myself and Omkar know that we’re going to have a listing coming up soon so that we can be on the lookout and have information ready for the video editing.

And then once we start getting signed calls. So as you can see, the notification that gets sent out is all the details about the transaction. This is helpful for Megan, again, with marketing as she’s starting to put together different flyers and different assets that you’re going to need from her. Then we also have our marketing immediate booking. She’ll get these that information that she can forward to Dallas Pro or whoever photographers are. So it’s really important that when we’re scheduling media days now for our listings, that we are following the process and using the tools that we have in Zoho. I have gotten some feedback lately that Meghan is being sent emails or texts directly requesting certain days or to schedule different shoots. And that’s not really fair to her. We have a system in place. And so what we really need to do is have you guys put this information into Zoho so that all the appropriate people are being. Triggered and notified, including Megan, and then she’ll work diligently if it is a really quick turnaround. The owner of the transaction also gets a copy of that email. So once you get that email, you can go ahead and just forward it to Megan with your note about, hey, can this be rushed?

We’re under contract to another property and we need to get this lab ASAP, for example.

So thank you guys so much for following the process and helping to keep things kind of systematically organized for us, since we have a lot going on behind the scenes for the support family. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

All righty, thank you, Katie, for bringing that. There’s quite a few notes here that we can speak on, right. So let’s go ahead. I’ll let you go ahead first, Fiona.

So you know this. We have to have a process in place and it keeps all of us in check and it keeps things from getting out of control. So there are times where so the first thing when you are meeting with a client and a seller and you’re kind of going through everything, get a and two options, you know, for your photos option one and option to Katie just mentioned in there and put it in there. But please explain to your seller that we have to coordinate with  everyone to make sure these dates work. And we’ll get back to you within a day. So, you know, get the first two options and  try it that way now. We all have sellers and we all have things that they’re like I wanted at this time, I can’t do it until this time, whatever it is. Right. However, we have this process and we need to really stick with it to be efficient. OK, now what happens when it rains and things like that? Things are going to happen that if we do everything through Zoho, which is what we’re pushing to do, the proper people get notified and we can handle it. But, you know, I can show you this morning my techs, I’ve got 17 techs this morning just randomly from from different people. And it’s hard it’s hard to get so many techs. And when it’s something business or process related, it needs to go through Zoho or you send an email because the techs, we’re going to have to kind of rain back on them.

They’re getting they’re getting everyone’s getting lots and lots of techs. And it’s so easy and quick. And I get it. I love to text as well, but save text for the small things that can be really, really important and almost an emergency.

Ok, and when we start in Zohar, when we put all the notes in there, what that does is it translates all the way through. The process is not actually that difficult at the top were designed to have several buttons. And all you do is click on a button and enter the  fields that you need. And it’s going to walk you through the whole process. OK, if you don’t know exactly what to do, there’s an item and it’s a tooltip and you’ll have a question mark on it. You hover over that, it’ll explain it better and then you can move on. Right. So it’ll give you an idea of what it is. So sometimes it seems like why do I need that right now? The answer is there’s a lot of dependent tasks and end up coming on after that. If you start up front and put all the correct information in as you walk through the process, it works out much, much better. And you’re able to stay on line, right? You stay on track and each of those different items follow through. So we’re doing our absolute best to ensure that you put the information in one time and one time only, and it continues to go through and it goes right through the process and it makes it nice and easy. So please put the information in correctly. Right. And then do that. You might have noticed that as well, that Katie might have some additional buttons that you might not have. Mm hmm. And so with that, don’t worry about it. There’s some admin things that we have to do on our side. So sometimes they there’s additional programming that we instilled for them. OK, so please see if you can just make a note of that. And you should be good.

And you have to think also if somebody calls me or, you know, I get calls sometimes we all do because we’re always answering the phone that somebody has information about, you know, once information about the property. And it’s just important to have everything in one place. So we know, hey, photos haven’t even been taken yet. So we know how far along we are in this.

You know, in this in this process, so we can answer your calls correctly.

Yeah. And then everyone knows that it’s got three beds and two baths or whatever it is and what the price is and what it’s going live. Those are all actual things. It helps us prioritize work based on what dates you put in there. Sometimes things are important and they need to get turned around quicker. Sometimes we see like, oh, we have some time on this one. It helps everybody kind of notify be notified. And most importantly, when we’re telling them in advance because that email is getting sent out, they know when it’s going live, how fast they have to turn it around and it helps them plan the rest of their time. Right. So we’re trying to be polite to everyone else further down the line than necessarily you who happens to be doing certain tasks like experience. But, yeah, it should really, really help out. So please put in the correct information and you’ll see that you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

There’s a lot of buyers that are calling in that have needs. So if we you know, it’s more important to have the information in there.

So Katie, or whoever’s on, you know, taking the call knows what we have coming up to. So. Follow the process.

And if you noticed in there, nowhere did it say enter your credit card information or please pay now. No, that’s a really important thing. OK, and so what we’ve tried to do there is we’ve walked through the process and we made a fundamental decision that you are able to schedule your media day and you as an agent don’t pay.

Listen, there’s no cost up front to you. We didn’t want anyone to get in a situation where they sacrificed on the quality of what they were doing, where they went down to a lower package or any one of those different items because they didn’t have the  capital at that second to pay for it. We didn’t want to make it a process that was like expensive to collect their credit card information. And in doing so, there’s like processing fees and all those things. We didn’t want to layer on extra cost.

We try to be the absolute best we could. So in doing that, we as a firm accept some liability and we step out in advance and we pay for it. OK, now you as an agent are accepting the fact that when the property does one of two things that it is paid, so when it closes, it would be paid and would be reimbursed. So we’re we’re paying for it till your number two, if the property does not sell and it goes from active to inactive and you remove it, that’s the time that payment becomes due. If there’s any questions about that, then please contact me directly. But it does need to be paid. You are accepting the expense related to that, and that’s when it will be paid on either one of those two things or trying to make this affordable for everyone.

No, absolutely. You know, helpful. And we just ask that you’ve got to follow this process, please. It makes it more we’re able to do this.

And it is so much better when you get a note through Zoho and you just chat like at Mike.

Right. And you just picked my name. Here’s my question then. The experience from the other person’s side really just understand that. Yeah, because now they get it, this message, and it has everything right there that they can just simply click on. Here’s the link. Here’s the person, if you could. So you might have a certain amount of files that you’re working on concurrently as an agent. Imagine how many we are working on and all the details. And we want to refer back to something. And then you say like, oh, I have this person on and you’re like, you know, it’s on Johnstown’s street. And then like, we have to look it up in the database and we have to like his Johnstown’s one word. Is it two words like what cities it in? Like, what was their name? Oh, they were the Smiths. Oh, that’s perfect. I should be able to look that up super easy in the database.

Oh, which Smiths. Right. So it just totally helps if you do it the right way, do it through the database, it’ll help everybody and it makes the person on the other side want to help you more. Right. It makes it easy for them to be able to do that. So anyway, thanks for the video, Katie.

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