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How to look up for a lender? All right, let’s get some information and be able to look a lender up.

Yes. So from time to time we get an offer in and we haven’t heard of a lender (how to look up a lender) or the company and we can’t reach them. And you just kind of are curious about that lender. So now there is a way that you can look them up and you can see if they have any, you know, where they’re located, how long they’ve been in the business.

You can even search their disciplinary actions if they’ve had any also. But I think it’s just a good quick check to kind of verify the lender and look up the lender, you know, get a little bit of information about them. So the state of Texas thing or like a nationwide thing to you know, I think it’s a nationwide thing. Perfect.

Well, Shana, let’s go ahead and show if a lender is licensed in different states, I believe, too. So if you wanted to just look somebody up to see if, you know, if your favorite lender (how to look up a lender) can lend and, you know, in Idaho, then you can look them up and see.

MLS System

So this is an MLS item. No Texas specific. So you can look it up. It’s nationwide. So that’s really good. And I don’t want to necessarily look anyone up right now and put them kind of on the spot.

So, you know, we’ve had a couple of recent issues that, you know, an agent comes in and they’re also that the lender. Right. So the buyer’s agents, also the lender. You know, it seems a little weird. And maybe you just want to look them up and see, you know, get a little bit of information about did they just get license? Have they been in the business for years? You know, just give you a little information about them.

Sounds really good to me. That leads you to just fact check things out. Yeah. And so Ronald Reagan once said trust but verify. So you want to trust but verify and then you can go ahead and take that look that one up again. So we’ll have that link down below. That’s going to be right next right underneath the like button again. And you guys can grab that.

How to look up for a lender- You can look up licensees through the track website for real estate. You can also check disciplinary actions there, too. And, you know, so it’s the same thing. Just get a little info. No. Very good. That’s always great. Yeah. Perfects it. I appreciate that one.
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