Linking your account for CCAR

How to link your CCAR Account- All right, so let’s talk about linking your account correctly for CCAR so we can do that.

So let’s go ahead and share that screen, since I totally screwed up that last one and didn’t say, are you guys is our real estate association that we belong to, which gives us access to our MLS. OK, so we are members there. We pay annual dues and we pay for our MLS and also get our key access from our association. So yeah, very good.

And what I did is we will check this link in. That link will be below in the description, right below the link button. So as you scroll past there, give us a shot if you could. And let’s take a look here. So we’re pulling it up on the screen. And what we have is just about everybody’s names in here. And as we scroll off, what we’re going to see is that we have one profile that is kind of completely completed.

How to link your CCAR Account

So I’m going to go ahead and take a look. And we have Shana’s profile properly completed here. So there’s several things that go within this. So all of these links do end up helping you is the agent. So from an SEO standpoint and from just like being able to find what’s going on, please go out there. Please claim your profile correctly. Please allow people to get in touch with you when they want to write.

And then the phone number should go directly to you and then you should have I’m here as well. Your email going to you and your website. So the website should link to your agent page. So it should go to, if that’s the case. OK, so go ahead and put that in for yourself, but change it to obviously your name and link it to your correct page.

CCAR Website Update

So the CCAR website went through an update this past year, last couple of months. And, you know, this is where you’re going to you actually will have to log ins, but essentially you log in, this is where you pay your dues. So you all should have the ability to log in and know where it is. So just click on your profile. And it’s very simple to update your photo and all the things that you just mentioned. But it is important. You need to be recognizable everywhere, everywhere.

So and it should be extremely consistent for people to be able to send business to Linda Miller does maybe she’ll she’ll probably update would be my guess. It’s weird how they have so many ways during the week. Please, when  you’re meeting with Meghan, ensure that this is one of the items that you get completed and we should all be good. So thank you guys for completing that.

Thank you, Megan, for the assistance and kind of walking through that and that link we do have. And we’ll make sure that we put that in the description for you right now. Yep. Thank you guys very much for that.

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