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All right, we’ll look that one up and we’ll see. And we’re going to go to the screen and see what we get next. But the next topic we’re going to share here is going to be how to grab some of your assets.

So this is how to grab assets for properties. So if you have a listing and you have assets and you want to get them, let’s show you how to access them. This is something that Megan would like to be able to go ahead and see. So let’s transition over to the screen and I’ll show you show you where you need to go.

Perfect. So now here we are. I’m taking control. And we would go into work, drive. So we open up Zoho, work, drive, and now inside here, we’re going to come down and you’re going to have a folder that’s labeled property assets.

So you’re going to click on property assets. And within this, there’s a bunch of different links for you that are all shared here and they’re categorized. So as we’re looking at these, you would just find the correct folder for you with each of the different assets.

So these are all completed assets as they come down. I’m going to just click on Mike Shepherds listing here and we’ll take a look and see what’s kind of going on in here.

So when I click within this, it has the different items that are each within here so that you can take a look at them. So we’re going to have the thumbnails to YouTube. So he puts his videos up and these are the video thumbnails that go on YouTube. This is something that support takes care of for you and then picks those out and does that. Then we have gifts that would be inside here. So these are going to be different items that are going to go ahead and play. And it’s got Mike Shepherd and what’s going on. So it’s got this information and those are all completed each time for you with a couple of different pictures on the property so you can go ahead and share those. All right. So we complete them. We put them in here. You need to access them. You need to utilize them. So if you looked at that, there were several within that same folder that Mike could have chosen from. OK, so let me I clicked a little too far. So within the Jeff’s, there are three different ones that he’s allowed to to kind of go in and use. I’ll click back here and then you’ll see that we have the floor plan. We’ll get published there when that is completed.

So Logan works a floor plan and then we’ll go to social graphics, social graphics, maybe.

I don’t know if this listing’s live or what we were doing here. And then we’ll have floorplan list reports and I don’t see photos. So this listing must not be kind of completed here. So I will jump back to another one. But you will have each of your different items all completed in here and you’ll have the media assets and you’ll have your agent portrait will be inside there when you guys have that completed and you’ll have your media assets, including the video pictures and whatever that happens to be for this. OK, so each one of these have the images, the portraits, whatever they happen to be. And I guess we have a picture of Kim standing in front of the house. All right. So that picture could be used in different places. Maybe she uses it on social media and zooms in a little bit or crops that would be totally fine. And then there’s the actual images for each one of these. So if you want to see it in a slightly different way, then you can arrange the way in which you see it. You can see it in thumbnail view and it makes it a little bit easier. So I should have that on for you so you can go through each different picture and see what it is. These are assets that you can use. So if you like these pictures, they can be used on social media for you and it can totally be utilized.

So that’s an interesting picture in it. That’s something that that kind of speaks to you. And, you know, if you’re saying if you’re having a blue day, maybe you can have it. You see, I don’t know. So that’s for you guys to come up with and to utilize. But these are where your assets are for each one. And you’ll be able to access them really easily by going inside there and clicking throne, being able to see them. So I think that’s how Meghan wants you to go ahead and access those documents. I will go back and say so. There’s a lot of items in there. Yep, right. In this ties together with whom you are and what kind of personality and what you’re building and how you’re growing your reputation. So putting out the best quality pictures, putting stuff out about yourself, doing real estate, having the pictures, collecting these assets and put them out there for yourself is going to be the best way. You can’t rely on anyone else to do it for you. We are helping you in assisting you. Right. But I don’t obviously watch your social media feed. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what assets you have and what you don’t write. I don’t know if it’s delivered a little bit late for you or any one of these things. You. You ultimately are the listing agent, and I always talk about that, that it’s your listing, it’s your responsibility. Yes.

So it’s your social media profile. It’s your reputation. It’s your personal brand. And if you want the things done, then just want to come through design, pick one, take charge and go ahead and do them. You can have everything with your personal branding on it, with your logo and what you created. It can be your colors. It can have your color outline. You can have anything you want. I just don’t know exactly what you want inside your mind and what good looks like. Good. Looks like something different to everybody. So good to me for my my personal self is I have zero social media now that doesn’t help me grow my business.

Right. But it might help me mentally by not having that. I don’t know. So it’s just different for every single person. Yeah.

So do what good looks like for you. That brings us right to two o’clock. Shana. Yeah. Are you totally done. Yeah. All right. Marketing shot is totally done. Tomorrow’s a lot of marketing. So let’s talk about tomorrow real quick.

And, you know, we’re going to talk about our website and all the new changes that we’ve made and what’s coming soon and kind of get ready for next year 2021. Hang on. We’re going to go to that’s a wrap. We have an animation for this.

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