How to generate business during Covid 19- Hey, introduce us. I’m Shana. This is Mike. We’re real estate brokers, Acquisto Real Estate, Frisco, Texas.
Hello. And we’re going to discuss how to generate business during the pandemic. Ok, I don’t know why I like pandemic. Right.

So it could just be non-traditional ways that you can generate business doing the things that you do.
So we’ve been in a pandemic for a while now and hopefully we’ve learned, you know, three hundred and five days in quarantine to kind of manage and adapt and get through it. However, you know, something I think we fail to recognize is and we were talking about this yesterday on a call, but it’s like I only know five people and I’ve touched you.

I’ve reached out to these five people so many times, they’re going to think I’m annoying. Probably if you only know five people, really, then you probably wouldn’t be successful in real estate, OK? OK, so I think we have to start thinking beyond the traditional way of marketing and advertising. Right.

Ok, that’s and you know, when you’re thinking of your sphere of influence, I think we take our sphere of influence for granted and maybe we don’t understand what is our sphere of influence.

Ok, so think about when you go to the dentist, right. And you’re talking to the lady at the front desk or you’re talking to you can’t really talk too much to the dentist when they’re in your mouth. I get it. But that’s just an example. There are every conversation that you have in some way, shape or form. Either let people know what you do or you can engage them and say, oh, I’ve got to leave here. I’ve got an appointment. I’ve got a big listing coming up here. Hey, by the way, if you know anybody that’s interested, let me know and just kind of throw things in. But don’t take for granted.

How to generate business during Covid 19

When you go to a doctor appointment or a dentist or, you know, you’re at them, you’re shopping, we’re going to start being able to go out and shop a little bit more. Now, last year or maybe it was two years ago, I met a lady and Nordstrom’s. Actually, this has happened three times, three times. And a lady at Nordstrom‘s that works the makeup counter.

She’s a client, I met a girl, a lady shoe shopping, and then we ran into her at the restaurant.

She’s not she hasn’t purchased her and I chat all the time, so she’s in our system. So you have a true friend. I have a shoe friend, OK? Yes, actually, two it happened two times.

So just don’t you know, you want to disconnect and not always talk about work, but it’s not really talking about work. You’re letting people know what you do and you can you know, you can’t. You need to think about that wherever you are. Nobody likes to always hear about yourself. You know, if you’re always talking about yourself and, oh, I’m this and that. I think the majority of people don’t really like that. They don’t want to hear. It sounds pompous. You just you don’t want to you don’t want them to run when you when they see you. Right. You don’t want to be that annoying person.

But what you can do is subtly just have these conversations and say, hey, do you know. Yeah, I’ve got this real estate event, you know, I need shoes or whatever it is just it sounds like you’re trying to say, I didn’t realize. So what. Yeah, just be true to who you are and what you do. And if people don’t know what you do, how are they ever going to know to  call you when they have it? Real estate need they’re not.

So you don’t have to break down their neck and be the pushy salesperson. Just think beyond the traditional way and think about what you know. Don’t take your sphere for granted. Your sphere of influence isn’t just mom, dad, brother, sister. You’re your closest friend. Think beyond that.

So we. Yeah. So that’s a great point. If you’re looking at that, we can work. You are duly licensed in the state of Texas. Most likely. You’re right. And so you can generate business all across the country. Sure. So on your Christmas card list, that’s a great list to import into Zoho. If you have any kids that are in sports, every single roster, you can put those in and communicate with them. Right. So I don’t have out of them different and hopefully be able to have soon. You know, there’s just different ways to go about it.

The amount of people that you know is a lot more than you give yourself credit for. There’s probably a list and you can go to onboarding days zero and that’ll be in the wiki and search onboarding. Scroll down to zero and they’ll be a whole thing on. How do I get my different levels of sphere people you can input. And it’s going to describe like people you want to talk to on a weekly basis, a monthly quarterly basis, an annual basis, and how you input those people.

Yeah, so going back to basics is definitely a great idea, and that’s kind of how you generate it. If there’s a tried and true methods and just being a real person, you talk about shoes to generate business and I talk about like nerdy things like finance or money.

It happened yesterday. I was talking about something and I got a new client yesterday, last night, an expensive one. And, you know, don’t just think it’s when you’re out locally.

I mean, that’s that’s a huge, huge span to cover. But when you’re on the phone, how annoying is that? When you’re on the phone with customer service somewhere and they’re somewhere else in the in the country. Right. Talk about it. Spark a conversation and you will be surprised that they will either say, oh, yeah, my mom just bought a house or we just sold our house.

Something real estate related. We hear it all the time.

Right. We go out to dinner and we’ll hear. And, you know, and maybe it’s because we’ve been in the business for so long and we’re just in tune to, you know, hear those those words. But it seems like we always hear something real estate related.

So do you know where am I? So the gentleman I was speaking with last night. No, it came up that he liked what we were talking about and we formed a bond because he mentioned the fact that he bought four wheelers recently and he wanted to know my personal opinion of the Honda Talin versus the Can-Am. And so if you want to know that we would never have known like what in the world, that’s that. And then when I answered him and talked to him. Right. It was exactly the opposite how he felt.

But we were able to talk and engage in like we formed a bond. And it was really weird to have that discussion versus what it was. And he’s like, oh, this why I did it? And I didn’t know that. And like, I wish, like, we talked about it and whatever. And then we kind of became pros. And so it’s weird. And they were texting all evening last night.

I’m like, yeah, I said, I love your marketing section of the website. I love what you did with that. Like he’s saying this. And anyways, so but now he’s a gal. Totally. Yeah. Right. So anyways, and guess what, he has a home to sell.

Yeah, so crazy, there’s there’s different caveats to that, sometimes we can engage, sometimes we can engage. And at the end of the day, what you have to do is be true to who you are. And I was generating future business based on conversations and doing the right thing for people. Yes. And you happen to be doing talking about shoes and shopping and generating business.

I always talk about how you can generate through doing things like, hey, did you know that landscaping is done like this through your sprinkler system or that home security system or like, you know, this home automation feature? And I try to bring those up because I think it’s sometimes things that your traditional realtor doesn’t know or discuss.

And I’m trying to give you an alternate lane for not saying you have to be proficient in every single field. I am, but except my. But I know enough to say, hey, I can I know where to get you more information. We know enough to be able to have the conversation. You don’t have to know everything. Nobody likes, you know at all.

No, but you want to take your greatest weakness and make you the greatest strength over a period of time. And I wish I knew more. I strive every day to learn more. I have seen how I’ve grown over time is is what I do here at the brokerage. And I strive to be better at like our weakest.

Always trying to learn and improve. Always.

I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s worked or not, but I’m an enterprise now. I love when I get to drive somewhere in the car and listen to podcasts. Tons of engagement today, ladies and gentlemen. Tons of time and we are over.

Ok, so Stacy. Oh, OK. One more thing. Stacey said there wasn’t a link for show me your listing. That’s in the rap. Sorry. I don’t know, it’s up to you if you’re doing it, yeah, but is there?

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