Create an Awesome Floor Plan – I’m Michael Acquisto, joined by luxury real estate broker Shana Acquisto, I just say the word Luxury and it just rolls off my tongue. I like Luxury. Yeah, very good. Doesn’t as do I. It’s been great. You’ve worked a lot of years and then you finally get to that point where you get to sell a lot of premium properties.

So congratulations to you. And all that hard work does pay off Omkar. Let’s go ahead and split the screen and show what is possible with a floor plan. So here we are taking a look at box brownie and box brownie for an additional charge. Does have some floor plans that we can utilize that are a bit different. So what we utilize is I do feel it’s extremely important to make sure that we produce a floor plan for each property that comes standard with our normal typical package.

But what I want to do is go ahead and show off what some additional floor plans that could be completed look like in this scenario. So these don’t have measurements in them that it’s not as exact, but it’s kind of a rough thing. But if you turn that into them, a floor plan to start with kind of like the matador, then you can get it upgraded to one of these cars in a garage.

Yeah. Actually fit in there. Really?

Yeah, I know they don’t have clutter everywhere.

There’s all these different items. Right. So these are examples of just tons of different floor plans that you could have is going to have their turnaround time. It’s going to show the property in a different way and you’re going to have, you know, just different options. So I’m not sure which one would represent your property in the best possible way. But if you, as a listing agent, feel that this is something good that you’d like to do for your property, then you can absolutely do that.

I love that. Yeah, I think a lot of people are visual. Right. And they want to see a floor plan.

But for me, it’s hard to kind of imagine my furniture and and things in there. So when you do something like that, it just kind of brings it to life.

I like that. Yeah. I feel it does as well. So maybe we’ll try one of these out at some point if we have a a nicer list and that we could do that with. Right. So if this is something that you’re that you’d consider here, then we’ll go ahead and try to utilize that for you.

Yeah, we already have the basics behind it. That’s amazing. Right. And then the rest. Yeah. And then they ended up with this. They probably called them and we’re like, hey, what did you what was this.

Oh, my dad used to be and you know, he was an appraiser and he would have to draw out floor plans and my sister would tie them up and put them together for him and he would turn them in like that.

And she’d just be like banging her head against the wall.

If it does happen from time to time, I can imagine. But it’s much better to have a good looking. Yeah. Floor plan and sight plan than than not. Right. So when I saw this, I was like, wow, that’s let’s just share that out there. Cool. And see what it could become. So anyway, pretty detailed in some of these. Yeah. And the fees are twenty eight dollars. That’s a lot of work for twenty eight bucks.

So we’re going to have something similar to the one on the left from Mattapoisett. Yeah. And it’s going to be very detailed. Right. And then over on the right we’re going to be able to produce something like that. So where to go box for. I don’t know. It’s it’s kind of a decent, decent situation. I don’t have exactly what our process would be or kind of how that could work. But it was one of those things that I saw and it was like, huh, that might help out people might enjoy that many things.

I love that. Very good. Well, there you go back from this. Yeah. We’re going to take this link and we’re going to chat it in in for you. We might try the you know, I’ll let you pick which one you want, but I have no problem with starting with one that’s customized to our company brand. Oh, yeah. If you like. That is also kind of try to create that one first, if that’s important to you. And then when it’s done, maybe we’ll show them.

Why not just do it anyways. It’s always good to visualize property. It’s good to give it the best effort you could. When I saw this, I was kind of like, huh, there will be an additional charge for this. We’ll have to discuss all, you know, what that is. But now you’ve kind of seen it. We’ll take that link, check it in for you on cars, feverishly typing that in the background.

You get that URL completed for you and your amazing Omkar. I know he does a perfect job. Can you imagine having to work with us every single day and deal with us and being like, so last minute on how we have things and, you know, we come to the topics like ten minutes before or hey, we forgot to tell you we’re out of town. Yeah. Oh, you’re going to log in this way and.So there’s a lot to dealing with us.

But he does an amazing job of managing the Mike and Shawna situation, which is with us. So I don’t know, quite a long time. Yeah, it’s like a whole pandemic type of guy. You can leave. I now know he can’t. He actually signed a lifetime service contract. It’s insane, I don’t even know what that’s. Yeah. Like Stacey and everybody was everybody’s in good.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.22.21

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