Hi there, Shana Acquisto Broker at Acqusito Real Estate, and I’m here with my friend Adi Sharma, and we’re talking about his family. I don’t know what you would call it, masterpiece property in the Himalayas and how you could go and stay there yourself. So we’re going to talk a little bit about how to book it. And I am curious before we talk about that, is how many people are from around that area go there versus, you know, maybe more of a tourist out of the country.

So than others here. There are a lot of I would say the majority of the people who come there are coming from larger cities necessarily. People come from all the large cities, a lot of the you know, the the professionals who are doing their regular nine to five jobs. The memo from larger cities wanting to get away and they come in. So that is what is normally there. There are people I mean, again, it’s a small percentage who come from abroad, because when you are coming from a foreign country, I think a lot of the people who have the objective of doing a lot of the sightseeing things that you might have,

What you go to as you go to the Taj Mahal, which is another big thing where you see all the old ancient sites, which is which is which is important as well from a tourism perspective. But getting away in the middle of nowhere is usually not on the agenda of people who are traveling long distances. But there are a few. So, you know, there are a few people who have shown up here from France, etcetera, that they just want to come in in between the sightseeing.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Also, if you’re there for about three weeks, you’re doing all this and then you want five days of chill and then go back and thank you for that 24 hour trip. I’d want to take just a little bit. So I do have a couple of questions in here before we get to how you book. And it’s what is the elevation? What is the home elevation?

What’s the elevation for this place to be in? I can’t remember the exact amount, but it is it’s not very high up in the summer. You do need fans in there. And because there’s no air conditioning, that isn’t. So you use five because it’s there no need for air conditioning. And I would need it in the windows. It doesn’t get cold. So you have the snowfall. So it’s kind of it’s not like Texas, whether it’s a desert, because this is up in the hills. But you really don’t need an AC. You do need a heater.

So, you know, the property has heated floors and there’s a nice fireplace that gets lit up and stuff. So but I don’t want to give the wrong number. I can’t remember the exact height of this place. But it is higher than normal. So I don’t know if it in the foothills. So it’s not it’s not like Mt. Everest where you go to there 16 layers of things. It’s not that way need.

And my husband will be like all geared up hiking Mt. Everest. But how far is his base camp of Mt. Everest.
So base camp of Mt. Everest from here is going to you got to get into Nepal. OK, then you have to take another trip from there. So it is from here. You go back to Delhi, Delhi and Kathmandu, Kathmandu to that place. So it would be a little bit of a home, but yeah, like two hours, three hours. Now, there is no flight from here to Delhi.

So you take rail or road. I mean, there are some flights which are about three hours away in a small town, but I would say you would give yourself at least about eight or nine hours before you can get to the base line that has a shop and then going to get to base camp.

This is probably a good place to go after base camp.

I would agree with you. Yes, this would be a place where you would want to go and just chill and let the people look after you and help recover.

However, that’s awesome. They have a spa and everything. All right, great. So we’re going to put the link in the chat and you guys can share that and look at all the wonderful photos and the offers and everything. And I will say, I couldn’t believe when he we were talking about pricing earlier that it’s roughly about one hundred dollars a night. And that’s for everything.

That’s for your food, for you to just feel like a king or queen a hundred dollars a night. So, man, if we could just have something like that here, that would be great, wouldn’t it? I’ve never heard it. I haven’t heard of one hundred dollars a night and a long time.

But the good thing is a lot of the time it’s not like, you know, it’s yeah, it’s available by room as well. But generally the families will come over and the old thing, OK, you know, two or three families that’s a five bedroom is that is rented out. And so it’s it’s like a homely feel. It’s like an NBA fan. But with the full service model.

Yeah. So you’re not going somewhere and then having to go to the grocery store and get all your food for all your food. I mean, that’s right.

Yes, that’s awesome. Yes, and it’s it’s really nice to have that drink at the end of the day. Yeah, someone is making some noise that’s included.

This is an all inclusive resort. Yes, effectively, yes.  

Well, yeah. Mike thinks you can do two thousand five hundred a week. It could be just fine. So Mike’s going to set out to be a booking agent also.

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