How to avoid Unscheduled Access to your listing

Hey there, how are we going to avoid unscheduled access to your showing, Shana?  

I’m a little baffled that this is even happening, but it is. So we are seeing that people are coming. Agents are coming to Shana’s listings without an appointment. Hmm. OK, it’s crazy. They’re in the neighborhood. You know what? I’m just going to go in and I don’t know what the response is typically. Well, I mean, the point with the showing time, they screwed it up.

Oh, so now you can just like, offload that. And at Time said I could I have the approval Scape goat, whatever.

So again, the only thing in control is you. So my suggestion is to put that Super key somewhere else, stop hanging it on the front door, put it in a conspicuous place, if you will. And that way they have to call showing time to be able to get the access. So that’s my recommendation. You know, we hide a combo lock, hide Super keys.

Now this OK, so I’m all for super difficult instructions, like a run around the corner is a ladder. Take the ladder out and. Yeah. Like do the whole thing. Right. There’ll be a code over here now.

But be careful with this because actually Nylsa, I’ve we’re doing an open house this weekend and I received a couple of calls and they’re like I sent my buyer to your open house and they’re interested. And I thought, well said. Do you remember this buyer? No, I looked in Supre and sure enough, we had like four showings. We just listed the day before four showings. They were not scheduled. So. Yeah, and you’re going to get calls like where’s the super box? Well, if they , that’s a lot of showing without any appointment.

Yes. And you know what I mean. This home was vacant. But I’m curious if anyone is seeing this in occupied homes. That’s scary. That’s a real safety issue.
Yeah, it’s nuts. Totally nuts.

Wow. Be the calm one during the storm. People super important. If you guys are seeing anything else, just let us know about this, right?

Yes. So, yeah. So just be careful. Hide your super key. You know that that is happening and take precautions.

And also, as a listing agent, I might throw in an extra tip here that if you see that keys are getting passed around, they are likely to get lost during this process. Oh, yeah. So what I would do is possibly make an extra copy of a key or tell you so you have them, because if it’s going to be a problem, don’t create yourself a real problem by habit not having the key. Right.

So I have an extra spare or two so that you could do something with it, maybe use a listing agent if you’re sending your clients away, maybe you need to be there for this weekend. If that’s the case, maybe you need to be the bouncer at the door, so to speak.

Maybe you need to go in and have we’re going to be have an open house Thursday and Friday and you’re going to be there and then offers are going to close that way. You’re in control. You know what’s going on. You know you can do that. All right. Well, it’s an exciting market. I think we’re all here for you that Shana, she’s a luxury listing agent and we’re super happy to get to share this topic with you. Close it out.

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