Avoid a Pool from Freezing – Hey, so how does your pool not freeze? I don’t know, it’s been cold outside and there’s been a lot of things going on and if your power stayed on, then your pool probably did not freeze. And it’s most likely due to this park right here. So this is a temperature sensor that can be used.

And there’s normally two of them on your two of them in your pool. This one here in particular goes on top of the pipe. And this  is the thermometer and this goes inside the pipe and measures the temperature of the water as it passes by. And it’s held down by a clip on the top. In this inside is what reads your temperature. This on the top, there’s going to be a red and a black and these get wired in. So then this goes into the pool equipment, which allows for the temperature to be red.

Ok, so I’m going to go over here and chat in a lake there, probably in the description already, but let’s show this off freeze. Yeah, well, so that was one of my problems this week. And so as we take a look over here on the screen, what we have is this is the new one that’s in here because this one actually froze while I was while I was outside Rose and.

Well, no, it froze during. So I had to do some modifications. What happened is it got brittle because the sun in the UV light eventually broke this down and then there was snow on top of it. And I wiped the snow off and it cracked and I had a problem. So I ended up getting the opportunity to replace it. So if I take a look here.

Yeah, so this is there’s a small hole in here and it’s it’s not much bigger. It’s like, I don’t know, pretty small is smaller than your finger, your smallest finger. And this goes right inside and it’s held on by this clip. So this is a new one that happens to be there. And then this gets wired all the way back in. This goes inside the pool equipment.

And then there’s simply too little things here that you’ll wire that in. So that’s where you wire the red in the black in. Right. You just put those two diodes underneath there and you’ll be totally good. And then we have one for the air temperature and one for the water temperature.

Ok, and this right here is inside the pool equipment box. So that’s where all this gets wired into. If we are to scroll in here just a little bit, what you’ll see is a second one of these that is hanging there. I replace that one while I was in there as well. And this right here happens to be the air temperature.

So it’s kind of out of the way, but it shows off the air temperature for you so you can read exactly what it is, if you like. Hey, what does that cost? Here’s a link for you. It’s eighteen dollars. Ninety nine cents. If you buy one, if you buy two together at the same time, they’re going to be cheaper. But that’s just giving you a rough idea.

There’s more than enough wire for you so you can run it back. It’s not a huge deal. And then I will show you exactly how that kind of works. This is the the control center, and you can get to it right from your app on your phone. In most cases, if you have that installed and you would just go right to the pool and then from the pool, you’d be able to see the temperatures.

So what we have here is the air temperature is forty nine degrees currently at our place in the pool. Temperature is not reading. The reason that the pool temperature is not reading is because there’s not water circulating. If we go ahead and actually turn down the filter pump and let it run for just a little bit, then what you’ll see is a pool temperature will show up because then there’ll be water flowing through and it will read what that temperature is.

The reason your pool does not freeze is because of this bad boy. It kicks in to freeze protection. And what that does is it circulates the water through and it makes it that you don’t have a challenge with it. So if I was to show that off, I thought I had a link for it. Maybe I did. Maybe the last one. Here it is. All right, cool. So what happens is the water comes in from your skimmer basket. It goes underground.

It’s most likely not going to freeze here because it’s lower under the ground. And then this water comes in and it goes through here to your pump. This pump keeps it circulating all the time. When it goes in here. This is a place that it can freeze from time to time in your filter. If it stays there and it’ll freeze and expand there, it can freeze in any one of these lines that are above ground.

So the whole idea is to keep the pump moving, but you have to tell the pump to turn on. And this is what tells the Pump to turn on because it’s reading the temperature. OK, so that gives you a little bit of an idea of kind of what’s going on here within this.

And me, I’m impressed because, I mean, a lot of people are a little intimidated by the pool and the equipment and all of that. And you’ve spent, you know, over the years, you’ve spent the time to understand how it all works, where to get the parts and how to, you know, do a lot of it yourself. And it’s impressive and I’m very thankful.

Yeah. This is all around the house for myself. The pool temperature is now forty one degrees for the water. That’s actually really cold. So if you I think I saw it down to thirty seven was as low as I saw the pool temperature for the water itself, and that was after all the freezing had kind of went away was when I checked at forty one degrees is the water temperature right now and then the ambient air temperature is here. And of course you could turn any one of these other items on here and off we go.

Yeah. Forty one degrees. That’s a temperature you could possibly do a polar plunge and you could it’s really cold.  

I was in there and I had my arms in just like up to maybe my bicep told me to put my arm. I know I did, because I wanted you to have the experience. I had both my arms in. And I was I was messing with the pool cleaner and it was in that far. And I had it in just long enough to detach a piece. And I would say my arms were in for 30 seconds. And after I pulled my arms out after 30 seconds, I was like, wow, that’s really cold.

And I thought about Alaska. And when somebody goes overboard and that you’re totally not living for long in that water, it is a crazy situation. Water is really cold and hypothermia is a real thing. And I didn’t get it in those 30 seconds, but I don’t know if I could have held my arms under the water for a full minute. It’s incredible how cold it is. And that’s just my arms. Not like my head, not my legs, my core, anything else.

And it was warm yesterday. Yeah, but the water wasn’t. It still is still adjusting. OK. All right. Well, other topic. There you go. So some things are easy. Let’s get done. Yeah, we’re done. Sorry. We’re done.

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