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And the next item that I want to add on. So this would be an additional item to go under that is going to be how to access the whole vault is probably something that I should cover. Yes. OK, so let me go ahead and see if Omkar maybe if you can move where Shawna’s screen just was for a second because we don’t need that. Where is setting is inside. Zoom on my computer and move it.

And then what I’ll do is I’ll pull up Zoho vault and I’ll allow people to kind of see what’s going on next.

So yeah, we’ll move that to another screen and we’ll get that resized and put where it should go and we’ll go ahead. And I’m going to ask Omkar that we control the the scene will reset the scene and we’ll go ahead and share redoing a new set.

And the next topic that we’re going to hit is going to be Zoho Vault, how to log in, how to find a secret, how that all goes. And I will be sharing my screen and I’ll kind of take that over once we get there. So let’s reset Omkar with a new transition and go back and we all start the next topic. So it’s recorded, right?

If you guys are utilizing the vault, it’s really important to start doing that. Yeah, no, I agree.

Great. It’s a great way to not have to remember four thousand passwords. It’s all safe and secure.

Very helpful. I agree. So let me. He’s another problem. Resizing. And we’ll see if we can resize this up here on terms of sideways. No, no, no, it’s fine. It’s really fine. We probably need to go back to it just a little bit.

So really possibly. I don’t think so.

All right, we got that fixed. We’ll leave it open, John, if you could, please. I just had to resize it.

All right. So we resize that and we’ll go ahead and we’ll hit a new transition for us.

And not this bad boy, a CEO who wants to know how to use the Hovell, so it’s a common problem, right, with people being able to log in. It is, and they don’t know where to get it, what’s going on. And a lot sometimes it’s a DocuSign, sometimes it’s what


Sometimes they’re not know, hey, I have it saved on my home computer or I have it saved on this device. I don’t have that with me. So that’s why I really encourage everyone to use this ball. It’s so helpful. Like, it’s saved me tons and tons of times. The only thing you have to remember, you have to put your username and password in one time. All you have to remember is your phrase, your passphrase.

So so for the first time, use of the passphrase is going to be a it’s like a longer phrase that you put in. It is not your username for Zoho, it is not your password for. So you have to be signed into Zoho first and they have a passphrase. Right. It’s often longer. My passphrase is, oh, I’m not giving you mine. All right. But what we’ll do is we’ll go ahead and click over here. So let’s go ahead and share the screen, if you don’t mind.

Perfect. And now on the screen, what we have is all the information for Zoho. And we will take this link and we’ll chat it in for you and grab that. So it’s going to be Zoho Dotcom Backslash Vault. And Omkar will go ahead and chat that into you guys so you can see that. And once that’s completed , I’ll go ahead and start to walk you through the process.

Perfect. So I’m taking control of the screen and now at this point we’re inside the vault and this is the area to access it. So if you’ve never been there, that’s the right place.

And what it’s going to ask you to do is to go ahead and sign in and you’ll see your own account. Oh, sorry, that’s me.

I don’t want to login. Yeah, well, I guess that’s fine. I’ll do that for you.  And I’m putting in my normal password.

For Zoho, and I’m confirming that, and now once I’m logged in, I will go to Zoho vault.

Zoho and I have so many things saved here it is vault, OK, and now when I’m inside Zoho Vault, I will put my passphrase in.

And this is going to have all of my different secrets inside here so that you can access it, so once I’m inside Zoho Vault, I will be able to view all of my passwords and see them.

These are all of my different pass phrases so that I have them. And in the upper right hand corner, you can also install, which I highly, highly recommend.

And this is the best way to access all your secrets is to go ahead and install the the Zoho Chrome extension for Zoho vault. And the Chrome extension really, really helps out. And what it does, it highlights and shows you the secrets that are shared with you. We’ve shared just about all these secrets with you that are relevant for you as an agent. So they’re all shared under the agent view. So we have all the different secrets that we share with you through that, through that the agent view and then through support view, we have all their secrets shared. So if there’s a secret that you have to be missing and that’s where you can go ahead and access that, you can ask if there’s one that we missed. But the way those passwords are shared with you, you would be able to simply go to whatever website you want to sign in to. So this one here would be zip forms. And when I go to zip forms, what I’m going to have when I go to that website.

And we’re signed in, we will have the password in the upper corner that that password is shared with you and you will simply go to all passwords that are at this. And we would type in zip forms and it’ll show up for you under it forms this zip forms password will be shared right here. I don’t have my permissions saved so I can view it for some reason. Forms it forms is not shared with me for some reason. So that’s stay out. Yeah, no, I definitely don’t have permission to access it forms you have permission to access except for one. No, I don’t know why somebody didn’t share that with me. I would be a relevant person not to be able to get in there. But if we want to go to DocuSign I

could share it off. Showed off their. I think I have DocuSign, yeah, oh, no, I don’t actually have a zit forms account because I’m not a realtor. So under DocuSign, the correct way to do it is is going to have this one icon right here. And what that’s going to show you is what the password is.

And this is the corporate account for DocuSign and it shows up here for me. And I would be able to click on this button here. And that’s going to go ahead and sign me in. And I progress through and it’s going to give me the username and password so that it can sign right in to each one of those items. And at different times, you might want to save your password or update it. So if you go ahead and update the password, then you go ahead and you’re not going to change Shawna’s DocuSign password. Right? So we said we share that with the proper setting for you, but if you’re wanting to change your own password on something, then you can go ahead into the upper corner. And if you have the proper permission, then you go ahead and click on any one of your secrets, like my home wi fi. And you can go ahead and show your own secret and you can change this secret right here. I retitling it. There’s a couple of things with any secret as your username and your password, the name that you call it.

Any time that you put a password in here and you share it with somebody else, you’ll probably want to put your own name after it so they know that secret yours. So like, for example, if you add realtor dot com log in or something like that, and we have a bunch of different people that have that same log in, then what you’re going to have is a ton of people logging in to the same type of thing. So don’t say it is realtor dot com and share it with other people. These are only if you’re sharing if you’re sharing that secret. But if you’re sharing the secret, then what you want to do is create and make sure you name it yourself correctly.

Now, sometimes when you go to add, you know, if you’re in in the browser, so you’re in, I don’t know, searching something, just look up something and you go to add that into Zoho vault.

What I found sometimes it it puts it in as it names it as a very odd Web page.

So I would always so you can remember it later, because if you don’t do that and you’re thinking, oh gosh, I want to go to ESPN, but it actually when I added it, it put it in as like four or five or six something. Right. Something totally different. You’re not going to be familiar and remember what that was.

Yeah. So if you are signed into a Hovell and you go and you type in a username and password and you hit log in, what happens in that scenario is it saves that information for you and it’s going to prompt you. And that’s what Sean is talking about, is it might save it is ESPN dot com or ESPN is owned by, I think like ABC or something. So it might be like ABC, dotcom backslash, like whatever and like in parentheses have like ESPN.

But you might consider it the ESPN law again, not like an ABC family product or something along those lines. So what you would want to do is change and edit what you say. But as you can find it, again, right on ESPN, if you’re accessing and you think it’s just your Cowboys score updates. Than you would if you were going to search for it as cowboy score updates, then save that secret as cowboy score updates and then you’d be able to find it in the future. Right now, to save stuff to Zoho Hovell, you have to have the required password. So this is a situation and a question that’s been coming up from time to time .

It’s requiring me to have a longer password that I want to have. And the reason is it has to be secure. So there’s a whole vault.

We require that we have an email address or has a uppercase character, a lowercase character, that it has a number and and a special character of some type.

And I believe our classification is has to be at least five characters long. So if you’re establishing any new password somewhere and you’re putting it and saving it into battle, it’s going those are going to be the minimum requirements. So I strongly recommend as you modify your passwords and as they time out or as you update them, that you change your password and update in default and save it with all of those qualifications, that’s like a minimum standard that you should kind of have for yourself. And it’ll really, really help you out going forward to save them all. Totally correct. Put them in a vault now. Vault is yours. We don’t access it for you. Those are your personal password. You can put in your bank account information, you can put in whatever types of things you want. There’s also other secrets that you can put in there that are your personal. So it could be like the combination to your safe, if that’s what you want to put in there. If you want to upload some other super secret

documents, you can also do that and have them saved where they’re there so people can access them and not where you can access them for yourself. It could be like your front door combo. So like we. Yeah, OK, I’m not going to talk about that, so.

Or if it works, I don’t know. All right, so just a quick pause there on our front door. Let’s go ahead and move on to the next thing.

Do you consider that whole topic pose quite a bit like way over Beeton way, way over Beeton.

If you need more information on Zolo Vault and go to Zoho.com/ tutorials. I wanted to talk you guys that. Yeah, we don’t want to be a tutorial on everything, just how we spend one last thing on the whole vault.

If you call and say, hey, I’m sorry, I don’t know my passphrase, that’s not all that I know.

Well, what are they supposed to do?

Call Zoho support and go through the whip? And that that is it’s as good as it can be. But like we support we have to call it ourselves.  

So it is what it is. Sorry, I get something you can remember. Yeah. Like that’s on you. I don’t know what else to tell you.

All right. Give a thumbs up. If you’re so hopeful, tell me how much you’ve appreciated all the different tech blunders that I’ve gotten to have here in the last couple of minutes that I’ve gotten to work through. Well, the other thing, I’m not getting in so or rookies.  

We each we all have those same problems. Ladies and gentlemen, it does happen to everybody. And I’m going to grab our last topic. We only have a couple of minutes left, so we’re just going to muscle through. We’re not taking another break. We already modified as much as we possibly could.

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