How Realtors can develop self awareness

How realtors can develop self-awareness, just be a little bit more aware of yourself, but to be honest with yourself, now that Shana Acquisto, she’s really good at what she does at real estate. And we all need to work on becoming self aware, especially myself. So the first thing that you need to do is you need to be objective.

You need to evaluate your transactions from the past and really look at them. You need to be accountable and they need to track and push your boundaries in what you have.

Yep, I agree. Looking at things objectively is really important.  

So let’s dive in. Shana, don’t always do that. Let’s get after this. Ok, let’s do it. All right. So talk about being objective. And you know what? That really is yet to separate yourself. Right? But look at yourself, but not be like, Oh, you know, I’m really good at that when in all honesty, you’re not, you know, be truthful with yourself. I think you bought yourself.

It’s I mean, something that I like to do is I’ll take a minute, you know, if I get in where I’m feeling maybe negative, right? And you flip it around and you think, how? Just think of that. Whatever your negative about or you’re talking about that, you turn it, flip it around and you’re hearing that yourself from somebody else, right?

Oh, OK, how would you feel? And I think that really helps to know, OK, if I flip this around, I was on the other side and I was hearing what I’m saying, how would I feel? And sometimes it’s like, Ouch, you know, it’s kind of an eye opener.

So OK. So that’s a good way to look at it, to be objective. You know, and sometimes you have to be honest with yourself, you’re like, grade yourself as whatever that is, right?

You ever go in like an analogy would be sometimes you go to a changing room and you try something minor like, Damn, this looks good, and then you’re like, Wait a minute, like, something’s weird here. And then you walk out of a story like, this is totally weird. Like, the lighting is not the same. Are you getting a mirror is not the same. It’s just a little different. Right? I’m sure that’s happened to just about everybody.

That’s why there’s a return.

Yeah, but what that really comes down to is like how you see yourself? No, it is. Hey, you know what I mean? So that’s like an analogy. So now we look at it and then think about your career. Yeah, like how are you as a negotiator? Mm hmm. Right. How are you as a business generation person for yourself, right?

How are you as a delegator? Previous topic we just spoke about. Yeah. How are you about as an accountant? Right? What about your technology? How are you on social media like all these skills? But really, look at it and then learn more skills all the time?

And are you one to always blame? Right? It’s really a blazer, and I’ve been guilty of this. Like, you try to put the blame on everybody else when it’s really yourself.

Like design pickle. Do you blame design pickle for too many things, right? Maybe it’s a lack of of putting it in, right? So there’s a technology phrase it’s called Gigio garbage in, garbage out. So whatever you give them, right, sometimes comes back this way.

I’m not going to take their side necessarily and say that they’re always perfect because it’s not necessarily right. Right. But as you kind of look at it, you do self reflect. Like, Did I explain that right? And how are my results coming back?

So that’s very true. So, yeah, just stop for a minute and think about that because I think we are I don’t know. It’s easy to blame. It is guilty. It’s easy to blame when in fact you’re actually wanting somebody to read your mind.

You need a psychic to read your mind and be able to take that information and tell path to the other person. Well, that doesn’t happen. So we have to think about that.

Maybe you’re so busy that you need a personal handler.

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