Hey there, this is my question, and I’m super happy to be here with this guy knows what he’s doing. So he’s with Newport homebuilders, he’s the founder, the creator, the man, the myth and the legend all rolled into one. Like when you put it all together, he is all of that. And we’re going to be discussing how many family members work with Newport homebuilders. That’s an important topic to discuss, right. Because it tells you a lot about who he is, is a man who he is is a family man who uses a business. Right. These are important things. And you work with how many people working?

So we have four family members that are part of Newport Homebuilders. Who are they? Well, probably the most important I need to start with is my wife. That’s actually my wife. I’ve been married for 38 years and I’ve been in this business my entire life. And so she’s probably been my number one partner and and has learned a lot and taught me a lot along the way. My wife does our decorating of our models. She’s got good taste and good understanding of what the consumer is looking for. And so that is our primary mission.

Well, that’s amazing. So my wife and I, we’ve been working we’ve been married now for seventy six years and so we kind of have one up there. I knew. And the reason we say that is because, you know, we’re working together and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. We like work together. We’re together all the time on the weekends, during the week, all these different times. Ç

And so what we did is we looked and compared how often a normal couple is together and how often we’re together and how many hours we spend together. And we did this calculation and it just continues. We don’t I don’t consider it at the very least to be like dog years, to be aging that quickly. But obviously, we haven’t been married as long as you have. But it’s it’s amazing to work with your spouse.

Yeah, it is. It is. The honesty, I think is what’s important. Yeah. You know, you can have employees and tell you what you want to hear, but I found that family members tell you what you need to hear

And then you get to work with both your daughter and your son as well, Right? Yes. My my oldest daughter has been with me since Newport’s been created for 18 years. She started and to this day does our financials, our books. And it’s great having her involvement. And she also does our marketing and helps put together that back in. She’s a stay at home mom. And this allows her to do a lot of her work from home while she’s taking care of my four granddaughters.

That’s amazing. You know, you can just tell how much that matters to you when you’re talking about it. And that really comes across to everything that is about your company. Right. You can just tell when you’re talking about it that you’re a great person and it matters to you. And then you get to work with your son as well.

It does, yes. My son graduated from college and construction management just over three years ago, and it’s always been his dream and my dream to come work for me. And we work together day to day. And it’s been probably one of the most rewarding things I’ve been able to experience on a daily basis with the opportunity of teaching him and train him the daily aspects of building homes and doing the purchasing. And it’s been great watching him grow.

Very good. Well, I appreciate that you describe to a lot of great items to us about what you do with your family and how they each get to work with you. And you can truly tell that it matters to you. Thank you. So thank you very much for that. Let’s go ahead and hit the bell.

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