How do People Find You ? – Good morning, thank you for joining us. How in the world do people find you? So what we’re talking about your files and all these different places, you should be claiming them. I’m Mike. This is Sean. We are real estate brokers in Frisco, Texas. And you are probably an agent as well. And we hope you’re not an incognito agent, meaning that people can’t find you or. Yeah, that’s not right.

You don’t need to be a secret agent. You don’t need to be any of those different things. We want people to find you. So where’s where’s your profile? Are you top of mind? Are you being visible? Are you a resource to have parties? Like what are your things and how do people find you? Google.

All right, so it’s a good start. Google your name. That’s a great idea. Write your name and see what comes up. Look at images.

It’s amazing if really you were talking about that before, how Mike, you know, in Montana and then all these images came up that you want you want people to be able to find you.

How do People Find You ?

Yes. So go ahead, type in your name and see how you find yourself in Google. Scroll down, click on all the different links. Right. Like see what’s there, see what’s relevant, see what’s not. See if there’s profiles you need to claim. Often there’s ones that you should from other places. I found one the other day for you that I claimed I was like, hey, let’s claim this profile. I just typed in your name and realtor and then found some stuff like, oh, let’s grab that one.

And periodically you should go back into, you know, knowing how people search for homes. You know, do they go on third party sites, Zillow, go to those sites and see how you show up, because that’s going to be important too often.

Sometimes your phone number changed, maybe your email changed, like whatever it is, maybe the link to your page change. Oh, yeah. I just think you want to update it.

Just go ahead and do that photo, see what you’re perceived like online, see what others see regarding you and now potentially find you keep them updated. Yes, ma’am. And then maybe look up some other people and see how they’re doing. And then maybe you get some ideas and if you come up with anything great, just like pass it over to me and I’d be happy to take a look at it. Right. There’s something awesome going on somewhere else. Yeah, just some ideas.

Food for thought I say would say can never be in a comfort zone and just think everything’s done forever.

It’s always changing, consistently changing. That is the only constant. OK, is that it?

You know, I kind of think it is I’m glad I found you. Yeah. And I’m glad I found you. So we actually met in Florida. That’s how we met. That’s how I found her. Each other at the same time, sure, the exact same moment. That’s how it always has to happen, I believe. OK, we’re moving on.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.26.21

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