How did Shana and Adi meet

Hey, everybody, this is my friend Adi Sharma and Adi and I met a few years ago at Orange Theory and I’ll say Adi is a robust I would get beside Adi rowing. And I was like, holy cow, I can’t keep up with him. But so we met. And, you know, I think you guys are all aware who work with us. But we had this cool core group of people that, you know, we just pushed each other at Orange Theory, made each other laugh.

And, you know, just we’ve kind of all stayed in touch. So Adi has this family home that we want to we want to show you. So we’re going to talk about that first about his family home in the Himalayas. And, you know, I noticed that he was sharing this on social media and I was like, what is this place? And he said, it’s our family home. And told me a little bit about it. And I thought, man, after the pandemic, we’re seeing so many people looking to travel to different places and looking for seclusion and this one. Is total seclusion.

So I want to bring Addie on just so I could catch up with him and see him and so he could share with you about this wonderful property. So I think Omkar is going to share over we’re going to split the screen. He’s going to show us. We’re going to start showing you some pictures and some good stuff. So this property is located in the Himalayas. And I would like for everyone to chat in right now and let me know if you know where the Himalayan mountains are located.

Because I was wrong, it’s kind of embarrassing, but I was wrong on where they were located and, you know, that’s OK. But now I’ve been set straight on where they’re located and where this home is located. And, you know, I think it is I mean, it’s spectacular. So let’s let’s talk a little bit about this and tell us about how your family acquired this and kind of the beginning of the story of it.

Absolutely. Thank you. So this location wise, I mean, as everyone may or may not know, families like friends across multiple countries, it’s a huge range. It starts in Pakistan, in the majority of workers in India and Nepal. That’s where Mt. Everest, as it happens to be in the Himalayas. But it’s and physically in Nepal and then also goes all the way into China, all the neighboring countries in the northern portion of of India, Pakistan, southern China, southernism, less less than OK, but it spreads all the way across.

And this particular location where we are is in the foothills of the Himalayas. Then India and my grandparents moved there in nineteen seventy two after they retired in this neighborhood. They built a home there and we just love it. Ever since we were kids, we’ve been going to this area. Every year, and as we grew up, we wanted to also create something similar and creating a house and my brother kind of your own home, was the key person, my older brother. He said, I want to create a house like what my grandfather had and keep that seclusion and, you know, peace because where his house is.

But my mom currently has become more commercialized. More people as touristy as people, you know, started coming because from seventy two to now, it’s been the transformation that I wanted to recreate that old environment. So we bought this and our property starting in 2006, now over four acres of land. And his concept and our concept was seclusion, yams. So that’s what we kind of built all the time. And it’s a labor of love and that’s something that we all enjoy going to. And we’ll be there in India and opening around for people who are really looking to wait a minute,

That’s vineyards ? No, that are not vineyards, those are rice and narrow terraces. OK, so these are all and yeah, we are the only developed property in that vicinity. Everything goes to the villages, all the, you know, traditional style of houses and farming. So our neighbors in this area are all the local villagers and the local culture they look at this is like, well, this is initially there was a lot of pushback because this is I think within within around 50 or 60 kilometer radius from here, there is another house like this of the site, six thousand square feet building that is in the house of this size and scale. So there was a little a little bit of apprehension by the locals.

But they realized that, you know, this was a family home. It wasn’t the hotel that was being right. And even the people who come there now are of the same thought process as it was that you go there to relax. You don’t go there to to, you know, create a ruckus. Just relax. Want to talk to part. You do your body inside. There are people who are helping you out that stuff. But it’s just meant for you to chill and soak in that peace and quiet and just get yourself one with nature. I mean, these rooms that you can know that you see the way he built the house, every room in the house wakes up on a clear day to the Snowy Mountains that you can see, you said are 200 miles, about 200 miles away.

So as the crow flies, yes, it is far, but you get a beautiful view because the property’s on top of them. So you see all of the surrounding hills and you see these mountains. And, you know, most of the days you get a nice, clear sky of the sunsets up pretty. You can see the sun setting about the mountains and oh, my gosh, it’s just like just relaxing. Yes, absolutely.

And I keep saying that you have to get that together. And yeah, I’m sure you have a fun time for anyone else if you’re ever in India. I know it’s a long haul from here to India.

Yeah, let’s talk about that. So you said, you know, the closest airport is New Delhi, which is the capital. I didn’t know that. I don’t know that. And it takes about twenty four hours. Yeah.

On average, it takes about twenty four hours from here. So it’s a long flight. There’s no doubt there’s a lot of time zones that you cross. But once you get into India from a cultural immersion standpoint, I think anyone who goes there enjoys round friendly people, everyone and all safe. And it is it is it is safe. People are friendly. You can get around with English, which is another good thing, because a lot of people speak English there, because this is what is the normal medium of instruction to understand English.

So that’s not a problem. And, you know, you get away. I mean, again, you take time to get to Delhi, do your sightseeing, and then displaces another eight or nine hours from there. But when you get there, the objective is to just sort of, you know, if you have a mindset of saying, I need 20 different things to see, I need to see thought, I need to see this, I need to see this year, that is not what you would go here for. You just got to relax.

So we go on vacation with our best friends, Captain Dave and. It’s always action packed, like I think we believe that you have to max your day out, right. And there has to be something filled in every minute. So I’m not sure how he you know, I have to put him to work.

So he would he would. You can have an action packed day. Hiking, you can go down to the river, you can spend time that and all you come back, we’ll have a good meal ready to stop freaky. But that’s another thing. Yeah.

So I have a full fledged staff who is there to serve you and their meals go to our local style so you don’t have to, you know, and you can effectively tell them, I like this, I want this kind of meat, I want this kind of food. You decide what you want so you can keep us so busy by doing other nature based activities but not sightseeing. That has nothing to sightsee in that area. But you can go for long walks, the trails. There’s a river that runs down below. You can go and visit that little town there, right there.

And do they provide transportation and everything for you?

You can always do that. Yes, you can, because climbing up is a problem, going down as easy as a taxi app and stuff like that. So there are those kind of things, but. It’s yeah, I love going there. It’s a family property, so we whenever I’m there, then we make sure that I make sure that I can go up there for a day and the best time that I have, because you just kind of all tensions are relieved. You just relax. Yeah, so we need our next real estate retreat. We’re going to Montana this year, but maybe next year.

Absolutely. Let me know. I’ll join you.

That’s great. That would be great. All right. We’re going to close this topic out and then we’re going to go to another one if you.

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