How buyer love letters Free Speech or Housing Discrimination

Home buyer love letters. Does it happen to be housing discrimination or is it free speech? It’s there’s like kind of room for both, and you can, depending on where you happen to be standing, you could look at it one way or the other, possibly that Shana Acquisto.

We’re not going to make our political opinions or anything along those lines. That’s not it. No, that’s not a thing. But we’re just going to discuss how you could see it from both sides. Yeah, sure, right. So I do have an article that I’m going to reference and I’ll pull up on the screen here for us.

And this has to do with the state of Oregon. And I just want you guys to see the issue here that the judge orders Oregon to pause its homebuyer love letter ban. Ok, so if I it’s like to

Like now you can send your love letters in. Yes, but you know. We went through this in the beginning of our crazy market, and we don’t see the letters so much anymore, and I think it’s just educating the buyers, but from a seller standpoint, if you’re selecting based on something subjective versus objective versus an objective item, then I think you’re just opening the door for lots of liability there.

You know, you can only accept one offer. There’s a whole slew of people that are not happy and they’re upset and they’re just desperate to find a home. So you just don’t want to put yourself in that corner to to be subject to an issue.

So, you know what? Just pick it based on who the other agent is. No, but I mean, honestly, if you just take a look at it, right, so take that comment aside, but you don’t know who the other buyer is on either side. Right, all you see is a name John Jim Rohn, like pick whatever name it happens to be.

On the other side, that’s the actual buyer. Mm hmm. But there’s an agent and you have experience working with this agent. And I think that’s where some of the great agents shine through is with that name there, and that’s where we want to make it.

And I think that’s a starting point. It is selected. Well, it’s a date. It’s a very important data point.

You know that person is reputable. Do they even greater than that when you’re narrowing down of offers that may be similar in nature?

And you know, it’s a fact to consider if we think that having a local lender that we know, like and trust is important, then so is the agent. So both of those are data points that you could consider. But the difference in distinguishing this here, if we’re to just talk about the issue at hand that we wanted to talk about is, is it housing discrimination or is it free speech? Right.

So you should be able to say, this is who I am. Right. And the other party should be making a selection based on specific criteria, not necessarily the person’s race, color, creed, sexual national origin, or like, whatever those things are. Yeah.

So and remember to the buyer’s agent could request to be present when the listing agent submits your offer or presents it to the seller.

Well, yeah, that’s a crazy concept, isn’t it? Yeah. All right. So go ahead. How does that work?

Well, they can request that, Hey, you know, I want to be present when you. When you’re presenting my offer to the seller, and unless the seller has something in writing says I’m not going to do that, then you have the right to be there now, not through negotiation.

I would know him. Would that be if you’re the listing agent?

I see it could get awkward. You think that questions aren’t going to come up because you’re there? Tell me about your buyer. Tell me about this or that. So it could get really crazy there.

Have you checked in now if you’ve seen that and you’ve had that request to come across?

I’ve never had they had the request, actually. But it’s interesting

To hear a lot of times that did you even submit my offer? How do I know you submitted my offer? I want to know. I want confirmation and all of that. Does that really enough? In Montana, there are contracts, have a have a place that you actually respond back with if you accept or reject the offer. And I really like that. So it shows an acknowledgement that it was received and we don’t we’re not going to accept it.

So, yeah, that’s better than just like we didn’t pick your offer, right?

Because how do you know, create some questions? Some questions, for sure.  
Oh my gosh, I can imagine the paperwork when you have so many offers on it, like no reject and no reject.
Oh, what if every person wants to be present when you how do you do that?  

It’s like. No, I think it’s interesting. Tell us if you’ve had any experience with anyone saying that they wanted to be present. So who?

Sometimes you wonder how it’s being presented and maybe you, yeah, don’t know or trust the other, the other side that it’s going to get done the way you would like it and you would like to present and show all of these things. All right.

Let’s try it. Let’s try it out. I encourage all of our agents who are putting in offers it. Anyone is putting in an offer. Check that box every single time. Where would we find this? There’s not a box, there’s not a box.

It’s just you have to request that of the listing agent and how would you request it like, here’s my offer. I want to be present when you. Present to your seller, and I isn’t just the agent or I is in the agent and our client. Now I don’t know about that. I think it’s just the agent

I want to meet you at Starbucks and go over that I want to go to your house when you zoom them to discuss it.

Maybe you could do a zoom, really, you know, but is it valuable that I think it able to to be there? I mean, you lie on your behalf defending, well, yeah, lobbying on behalf of your client, you can at least be asking some questions. I think it’s interesting. Let’s try it on every single offer for the next 30 days and see how it works. I bet you get a lot more accepted. Well, I don’t know, I have no idea.

I bet you it will be. People want to smack you and you’re going to say my seller said no. That’s what I think is going to happen. Ok. Show me. Show me where they said no. Then they’re going to want to punch you in the face. No, but try it out. I bet you get more offers accepted by doing this statistically.

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