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Science revolving evolution. Nerd alert. Well, OK, fine, then I’ll start with this open people are always asking me, Mike, how big is it? And it’s just like they always want it measured and they’re just, like, totally concerned about how big and measurements and all these things. And I’m like, OK, fine. So I’m going to show you exactly right now how to go ahead and measure it. So let’s go ahead and share my screen and we’ll show you this and we’ll chat in the link to you. So let me control the mouse here for just a second. Hey, I didn’t intend on that.

And yes, he did. He’s been way couldn’t even sleep last. No way to say no.

What I’m going to do is show you how you can go ahead and measure different items on a map and show exact properties. Guys, we’re talking about properties here.
We are speaking about a property. And what we’ll do is let you know that I’m on heat on here. And this is a a product in which you can take and zoom in. So now I’m so this I gave him the link. And we’re going to actually include this within our website, within the new website at Acquisto Real Estate, dot com backslash maps. Yeah, it’s not up yet, but it is getting included right now. I’m currently using the one that I found from McKinnie and this is a planning and resource map that they put out there. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to scroll land and you can see this map here and I’ll scroll in on our property. I’ve found that people really like it when we actually were.

Why does this not look like I’m in the right spot here? So that’s independence. OK, here’s Coster. That’s Craig Ranch. We’re right this way. This way. I’ll just pick one. It’s fine. All right. Well, I don’t want to look at somebody else’s property. I’ve heard that I’m not supposed to do that type of stuff. So here’s Custer and our neighbor here, Ridgewood. No, it’s actually here. All right. So we’re zooming in on Richwood. Why people always tell me what to do, right?

It’s amazing the amount of time I probably do.

And let’s zoom in here and we can have all these different overlays that I address on the map where I’m trying to drive right now.

Can you just be the passenger on this? Let’s go ahead and let me look at the topographical information and show the right map so you can see we have a bunch of different maps that we can kind of choose. And I’m going to go ahead and choose the hybrid model and I’m going to zoom in on one of the best items here. What is this? Shawna Pearl? That is Pearl. Absolutely. All right. So I’m not going to even go over why that vehicle named Spurrell. But in the upper right hand corner, there’s a measurement tool, OK? And we said measurement tool.

You can go ahead and take this and you can figure out how big something is in acres and square feet, square yard, square anythings.

And you can also go ahead and measure it in miles, kilometers, ft. Whatever this meters. Meters. Yes, Cecille, I know she wants to know different things. So from this perspective, you change it now to how big is it in. I’m measuring things in feet and I can take and I can zoom in and I can start here at the top of my vehicle and I can click down to the end of it and drag down here and stop. And that would show me that the vehicle when I did that was if I stopped it where I was, I continued to move it. But it shows me that the vehicle is about that size. Right. I’m still moving my mouse. Right. It’s kind of give me some some stuff and I can measure it back and I can do different items and I could clear it out, play around with it. You have to like. Yes. So it’s so I can go ahead and clear but I could go ahead and use of this that you might actually use rather than figuring out how big your vehicle is is, you might want to measure how big the property is on the front of the property. So if I went ahead and Ganin click on this result in feet, I could click the front line of the property from here and I could go across to whatever this is to all this is helpful. Yeah. OK, so we would go across to this side and we would measure to here. Now this is a rough approximation. So this is seventy is seventy one feet across the front. Right. So this tells me how big it is now. People often talk about these things. You’re going into a new home builder and you’ll be like, oh, this is our 70s product and this is our one hundred and ten product. They don’t have a hundred and ten products. That’s big. But what they’re talking about is frontage feet of the. Property, right?

So it goes across from left to right across your property, and that’s how many feet you have on the actual on the street. Yeah, right. And so that’s your frontage. And they’ll say, look, these are our products and that’s how big it is. And that’s kind of the expense part. They also developers super side note, when they’re selling the properties, sell it by the cost per foot for the road frontage.

Right. When they’re putting this in and saying we can’t get this price or whatever it is. So they kind of have a price that they’re looking for on on these different products. The larger the front edge, typically, the bigger home they can fit on, the more footage. Yeah, right. So that kind of is what it is.  

And then if you wanted to see here, you can see exactly how long the property is from here. Now, I do have a couple other things going on. I do have multiple measurements going on simultaneously. Right. So that shows me the total lineage feet of the exterior of our property. And so, anyways, I’m thinking you guys are getting the idea, but maybe you’re not. So I’ll show you more. If you wanted to know how many this is in Acres, you would again put these points in and you would draw them around and move all the way around. So if somebody asked you how big this place is and acres, then you would be able to say here that there’s this spot and this is in fact point to four. So this is a quarter acre a lot.

So when you’re kind of thinking through these things, that kind of is what it is. People might ask you other
questions like what’s this set back? And then you could simply go on here and you could measure and you could see you could see how far between homes are is right. And there’s like all different types of applications you could do.

Sometimes people want to know if you can fit a pool in there. So if you like, just look at from the fence. I mean, there’s so many things you can do here.

I think it’s a good topic. Yes. Yeah. And you’re always wondering how big is that and why not now? You can now you can finally figure that out for yourself.

Great. That is it is kind of very cool. Now with this, you can also do some other things. I’m going to go ahead and clear. And that’s that was just a square that we measured. And it’s really interesting that you can go ahead and measure in this case, I’ll change it to square feet. So possibly you go ahead and you want to find out, like, how big the home is in a square foot and you can get a rough approximation, but you can go ahead and add in different dimensions. So I’m going to clear that out and you can add different dimensions. And I was supposed to scan our home here and oh, man, I need to clear this is perfect.

Yeah. You know, but I want to go to area square feet U.S. and I cleared it and let’s see if I can start here at this point. And then I would come down to this point.

And you can draw unique shapes, which is what I kind of want to go to. So, yeah, that would truly, totally kill this kind of concept. What I’m trying to show is how interesting it is that when you have a unique shape that you can still actually measure said unique shape to come up with what the total square footage is. And if I did this correctly, that would show the square footage of this place of the downstairs. It includes a garage. And like there’s some other things. I was just trying to show off some different things.

But most importantly, I was trying to show Shana how you can do different unique shapes. It’s not like squares, right? Like are mapping. Interest is a little tricky sometimes when you’re trying to draw a specific radius. But this is easier.

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