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Amazon and the Indian Market – Good morning, one and all. This is producer O and the first topic that we are going to talk about is how Amazon is affecting the Indian market and how it is transforming it from an offline market to an online market. So firstly, let me talk about Amazon being something that, you know, most of these sellers always do on Amazon.

India is a big, big market. I know of it all with a population of more than, I guess, one point three billion people. It has become like the most, you know, most sellable or, you know, a big marketplace for many companies such as Wal-Mart, Amazon and many other brands.

So what’s happening over here is most of these brands that you have back home are coming way in India. And these brands, you know, this being an entirely new market and that new audience and the various behavior patterns, such as, you know, various shopping behaviours, various purchase behaviors, like how the audience, you know, reacts to certain products and how the product placement.

So being a new market, they had to experiment a lot. You know, Amazon came back in 2016, I guess, and people started shopping at that time. But it wasn’t quite you know, not many people used that as the, you know, go to shopping place or online shopping.

So they did something different. OIA what they did is, you know, they gave in some vouchers and they gave them discounts. They partnered with some of the local banks all year to, you know, inculcate that discount into, you know, like encouraging the people to make purchases using those bank, you know, debit or credit cards on Amazon.

So you get, you know, certain kind of discount added to your wallet, which you couldn’t use later. So this is how they converted this entirely offline market into an online sort of you know, it’s still it’s still growing. It’s still becoming something entirely different. So, yeah, it’s a great, great you know, it is still a great opportunity for, you know, investing into and, you know, many brands like.

So for IKEA, IKEA being the Swedish, you know, online marketplace for furniture shopping has become a quite of a trend. Indian people are, you know what where to go for, you know, shopping furniture. So everybody is like I go to . So. Yeah, and that’s about it. You know, these marketplaces, like online marketplaces like Amazon, are really deeply affecting, you know, the purchase behaviors, Oleo.

And I think it is like really coffee waiting to see, you know, an audience of so many people transformed, like including myself, transport from and offline shoppers went online one. So, yeah, I leave you with that and comment down below, you know, reach out and let me know what you think.

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