How a Sharpie can Help Your Homes Appearance ?

Sharpie around the house with Shana. So let’s talk about some different times that you love Sharpie, love them to write with. I just I I don’t know. I’m a huge fan of Sharpie.

All right. And I’m a huge fan of simple fixes, kind of like complex problems that make it a little bit easier on us every day. So that’s why we have a picture here for you, and I’ll go over that with you real quick. Car is going to bring that up.

Wait, did you use my Sharpie for this?

Well, so no, I actually need to use three sharpies for this one in particular. So thanks for asking. So out front our numbers, we’re getting a little bit light. So it was just over a period of time and they are just having a challenge and it’s recessed in there the numbers and set back in.

So what I did is I went out with a Sharpie and then I went in and filled me in. So I used a large Sharpie to fill in most of it and then a medium tip and then a super fine tip to be able to fill in the rest of it. And at the end, it comes out as a pretty good job.

Yeah. And now people can see it from the road. So all the drivers that come up to ups drivers making it a little bit easier on them, whatever it happens to be right, just able to find your address.

Sometimes it is hard to find, but that looks like, I mean, that’s impressive. Yeah, it’s very fancy and looks great, you did a great job on that, you just fill it in and it’s not a big deal, but so sometimes it’s some of the simple things that really makes a different painting.

Something that little is got to be extremely difficult. But the showpiece great, the Sharpie is also good if you have some touch up needed on wood floors, furniture, whatever it may be. It’s great.

I use it a lot on the kitchen table, so I use the black one there because the chairs on the side get nicked up all the time. So I hit that up all the time and it just makes it so you don’t see it.

Also, we have a problem with some tape, some chairs, the high chairs by the island and the side. The sides hit it. So I fill those in and you don’t see it.

And one of my favorites is if you ever get the fine tip pens to write with, I love, that’s probably my favorite pen to write with. If you ever, you know, writing a Christmas card or whatever it may be, try the Sharpie pen. They’re amazing.

I love them. Yeah, so this is a super fine one. It’s fun. I love them.

Yeah, they’re my fave.

I use this to label rocks. So are you sharpies for a lot of things back behind it? Whenever I travel, we’ll use the white out.

My favorite is the Sharpie pen and yours is white out.

I use the white out and then I use the Sharpie over the white out and then it shows up so you can label whatever that would happen to be. Anyways, so just a little tip about sharpies and how you could use them to have a big impact.

And Stacey said there’s lots of sales on Sharpies right now. Whoa. Probably nobody bought them over the last year and they need to get rid of them.

Oh my gosh, could you imagine that? Yeah. Would kids not own to school? Hmm. Wow. Yeah, that’s really nuts. That’s also going to happen with cars. So all these, all these cars are just sitting out there, but that’s for a future topic.

We’ll just use the Sharpie to do touch up, paint on your car. I bet you could. Hmm. Sure. Yes, you probably do. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. Some.

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