Hello. Hello, Mike and Shana Acquisto here, real estate brokers and co-owners with Acquisto Real Estate in Frisco, Texas. And Houzz boards? Can they be useful for realtors? How can you use it? And how do you even spell it?

And what the heck is with that name? How do you spell it? I would have no idea, actually, to be honest with you. Is it? I don’t know. Look down here. Is that correct? I think I’m not sure. But I’ve spelt it probably six different ways and there’s not even that many letters in the word. So this is a great way to correct it. Well, thanks for the assistance there. Yes.

But anyways, as an agent, we spoke last time about some different things that we kind of run into. Right. And how we’re taking pictures and what we’re doing and how we’re putting it together and we see things we like and as we’re going around town and what we can be doing.

Houzz boards

Yeah, and then we spoke about , how you can take that stuff in, kind of curated it and present it and then show it to others and be like, hey, these are some things that I like. Is it a yes? Is it a no. Right. Like here’s some styles here, some things. So let’s go ahead and split screen off if we could and show them somehow stuff. So welcome to Houzz. Hello.

So Houzz is is a site that actually a lot of home home builders will use and they will, you know, put some of their projects on there so you can search and find, you know, different builders, different ideas, things like that.

And you can also create your own board, you know, and take something that you see on there and kind of put it together in your own board to get your own ideas. You can also upload your own photos there. And it’s a nice way if you are building or you’re looking to remodel or something like that, that you put it together. And it’s an easy way to show the contractor or builder your style. And I think they’re really you know, that’s a really good way for them to understand your design and what you’re looking for, to get, you know, to get on the same page.

And then the reality of it is people don’t put bad things in house. Right. So what they do is they put the best pictures, their best work. So that helps you. You can drill in and click and like expand and like, look all around. It’s pretty helpful. Yeah.

And you can share them with other people. So, you know, I think it’s a it’s a good way to to come and see what kind of like mark it up just a little bit.

Some notes in there highlight some areas or whatever that happens to be. Yes. So this is something that can help you with higher end clients. Yeah. The reason for it is it’s used a lot with luxury housing when people are put that together and they have to be super creative because when you go to the builder like a traditional production builder, they’re going to have like their own showroom, their own ways to do things. If you go to a luxury like super custom, right, then they’re like, no, we create your vision and they have like this more artistic.

So we’re like we’re starting with just a clean slate and like no parameters and like, what do you want? And then, you know, that can be overwhelming. You really can really overwhelming. But since you start to have this stuff and you become more competent in it and you utilize it, then you’ll be more prepared for that market if that’s something you want. Hey, I want to sell super premium properties. OK, well, then you need to know certain things, you know, about super premium properties.

Exactly. And some of the trends that is really good to see different trends. And you can see it on, you know, different parts of the country. But before you embark on some sort of project like that, I mean, it’s overwhelming. You have to have some sort of idea of what you want to do. Right.

And it’s fun. So whether you’re looking to do that or not or you are just getting an idea of what the new trends are, put something together and have that discussion with a potential client or, you know, a friend or just share the information just makes you a little bit more knowledgeable and understanding of, you know, how it works.

Yeah. And then I kind of think about your client as well. So now you’re going through this and you are explaining to that individual like what certain words are. So there’s been people that have talked to me and they’re like, we’re looking, you know, are you talking more of like a farmhouse rustic or are you talking about a transitional modern with a Texas slant? And I’m like, what?

And so I’m like, I actually don’t know what that means. How about you show me a picture or how about you ask my wife now? So anyways, right, what we’re kind of showing you is there’s times when you can’t speak to me except through a picture.

So that’s a good way on that screen. Share a board to be able to show it and be like, no, no, this is what I mean. Right. This is what it looks like. So when you start saying these words, sometimes it doesn’t connect with certain people because they don’t speak that language. You don’t speak design, but it would really help me if I saw a picture to be able to understand it. So you put all these things together, right? You’re like, hey, would you want this to be this? Would you want this to be that? And there’s here’s some examples of and then you can go ahead and share those on social media.

So if you’re looking for a way to do that, it’s going to go down to topic three to I’m so kind of look at that. But what it is right now, now we have these boards and these pens in these places and all those words in there, an idea books. And then you can start posting like, hey, here’s my dream property. Hey, here’s my dream kitchen. Like, oh, here’s the thing that I just talked about, the client.

And you start to put that out there. And now at least what you have is a simple way to collect and engage and engage. But now you can put out really nice items. Right. And then you put them all together and of course, doing a great job going through here. And he’s really he must be a designer himself. He has an artistic flair. He’s picking some nice items here and they get detailed.

It’s not just middle school or somebody here, you know, kind of dives in and gives you a designer tip on what you do with it. You know, some people see things that they love, but they are just clueless on how to put it together.

So I think Houzz is great. We love it. We’ve really enjoyed it.

And if you want to be a resource, there’s an app and like different things and you can put it together there. If you’re like, hey, Mike, I know you normally need some assistance with these things because you don’t get it and you’re not even on social media and you’d like to help at the company level. And you’re like, hey, Mike, we should have one of these for the company and then we should do this.

OK, so if you want to learn more about it or you’re an expert with it and you work with us, then please, please let me know. And we can you can reach out directly with me and we can see how we can do it. I’d love to put some effort in here, but I don’t know. And I need somebody that wants to collaborate with me, know if that’s how raise your hand is your hand and you can, like, chat in and be like, hey, Mike, I’ll be over ten. And I’m like, OK, I have a meeting with Rachel then, but we can do it after all.

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