Benefits of a Seller Home Inspection for listings

Yes, there are many benefits. And that is Shana Acquisto, luxury real estate broker, and I’m just a dude walking through and helping you identify issues that this can lead, not lead to fix. It also allows you to fix things at your own pace. You can repair as you see best fit. You can use parts that you want, not necessarily like manufacturer parts or whatever that happens to be. Maybe you’re not getting like a warranty and extended, you know, type things with it.

And, you know, it just gives you a full status of, you know. So let’s talk through this in such a crazy market. And even if we’re not in a crazy market, the inspections, the inspection period is so daunting for a lot of people. And I found that a lot of, you know, agents aren’t really they don’t explain. They kind of let the buyer take care of this on their own. And sometimes they don’t attend the inspections and it becomes a nightmare.

Right. Because if they don’t explain that, hey, for one example, the inspections, the inspectors required to know everything, that’s not up to current building standards or codes as deficient or they think it’s all these things are wrong with the property, which is not necessarily true.

And it just gives you a weird feeling when the document in general, if there was like nothing wrong and I checked everything and took pictures of everything, I looks like this thick. Right. It’s really crazy. So all of a sudden as a buyer, you start thinking to yourself, wow, this is a lot of maintenance. There’s things that go on like I didn’t even think about this. Should I really be buying a home? Like, whoa, right. And that’s with, like, zero things wrong, right? Yes. OK, and then keep going.

So getting the pre inspection done by a reputable inspector, we have we use Vergis all the time. They do pre list inspections and they’ve done they’ve been around for a very long time. And most people who have been here for a period of time or bought and sold homes, they are familiar with Burgess. So we always get that, you know, unless the home is a couple of years old, I say, get it. Give it to the the buyer, be transparent, OK? Why would you hide it? These are things if the more transparent you are, the more likely you are to get through it without any issues.

So imagine if you’re the buyer now, right. And you’re like, oh, before we list the property, here is a home inspection we had done. There was a few things that came up. We fixed this one, this one, this one. And this one wasn’t an issue. So they’re all done. And here’s like the info. There you go. You know what?

Go ahead and get your own inspection. No problem. But we’re in control. We know what came up. So you can’t come back to us and be like, ha, we’re going to try to renegotiate and. Yeah, and, you know, it’s not a time to renegotiate the contract.

And it also helps that you now have the time to fix it as you want. So you don’t necessarily have to use a carrier certified air conditioner repairman that gives a full one year warranty. It’s know parts and you know what I mean, does whatever on workmanship in a ten year warranty on parts and all of a sudden that’s just more expensive. Right.

You guys need to explain this to your sellers, because most sellers, when you say, you know, I suggest a home inspection and I know what’s going on with my home, I live in it almost nine times out of ten. That’s the response you get. But if you say this is the real reason that we’re doing it, not just so you find out, but so we can be transparent and keep that buyer on the hook because we were seeing contracts go back on the market. I mean, fall through and the listings go back on the market.

And you also have buyers that are going in and getting, you know, no option period in their contracts. So they’re waving the option period. They can still have a home inspection. But that’s scary for a lot of people. So they would any information that they could have to make them feel more comfortable could actually get your seller more at the end.

Oh, one hundred percent. Yes, right. During times like this, home inspections super important, slow your process down just to touch. And what you’ll see is if you put the work, the hard work specifically at the front, right, then what you’re going to have is a much easier process all the way through. You’re going to have enough to deal with as a listing agent if you have multiple offers, if you have all these different time frames, deal with papers to get back and forth like option money is in earnest. There’s things. Yes. And don’t worry about all of those when you can do this one in particular up front in a void.

Yeah. And, you know, you mentioned do you share it or not share it? I always share it. And it may be shared with you know, I plug it into my notability and and. We will provide notes on actually this was fixed, this was repaired, this was repaired and provide receipts if necessary. If you have so many things that you think, wow, someone’s going to be a little nervous about that, then have the inspector go back and do a reinspection and maybe eliminate some of those items. Some will. Some won’t. Some may just mark them off. But they’ve been verified by the inspector. So, you know, the buyer should feel good about that.

You know, these are all amazing things as part of the process. For each listing that we have, I do highly recommend this. This is something that is paid directly by the seller. Right. And the report is provided to them. There’s something with that. Well, it’s not like they didn’t do the report for us. They do the report directly for

The seller or the seller. Yeah. So if you never see it, then it also might help you fill out a seller’s disclosure statement.

Yeah, I just you know, I get this is something I feel differently than most. But on the inspections, when back when we had option periods and we were doing this a different way, you know, an agent would say only send me the one page. OK, why just they’re licensed by the state, these inspectors.

It’s going to come up regardless. So just be transparent. I found even if it if it’s a kind of a a long and lengthy inspection, if you’re transparent and you come up with a plan and you show it to everyone. Normally you have success

That you can’t pull the wool over anyone’s ISIS and nor should you try to you want to be open, transparent and honest and help consult, facilitate the transaction to get it done in the most efficient way and get your buyer the most possible. You’re going to have less fallout and a higher price. So why wouldn’t you do it for a couple of hundred bucks?

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