So Holmes is in a serious home. Let’s go ahead and discuss what this means. I’m going to take the screen and ask Omkar to split it and chat in the link for us and let us see what we have here.

But we have this lady here, Holmes, and she was formerly one of the richest ladies in the world. Now she happens to have a trial that’s coming up, so she is currently living in 150 million dollars home. That is a Silicon Valley estate. So we’re going to scroll down through here, and she is a former person that invented something with a blood test.

She dropped out of school. She was considered like one of the smartest people in the world, one of the richest women in the world. And I don’t know really enough about it to know if it’s one of those things. It was all built on a sham or if it was legitimate and it was just not right. So you would have to be the one that decides there. But it’s a big story in the news, and she now is staying in one hundred and thirty five million dollar home in Silicon Valley as she’s awaiting her trial.

So this is going on here. She was a former CEO when she’s on the seventy four acre property in California. That’s one hundred and thirty five million dollars, so she’s kind of crazy. So as we scroll down, what we’re going to do is see if we can pull up the exact property. So Omkar may be scroll on down and we’ll take a look through this.

And my questions for you as we look through this is going to be what would you do to stay in one hundred and thirty five million dollar home or to have that right? So it’s really crazy when you kind of look through this stuff and you see what it is, I’ll ask Omkar, take a second and see if he can pull up this house in particular and then put that on the screen for us as we kind of flash back and we’ll discuss some things along this real estate wise.

Ok, so as we look at this, what would it really comes down to is, you know, you think about a home that would be one hundred and thirty five million dollars and what would you do to get to the top? And then you think about your morals and your scruples.

And would you do something crazy for ten years of amazingness in your life to have everything that you can kind of dream of? Would you accept that? Or would you deny it? And did she go ahead and do something and bilk people of money, right? Or is this all legitimate and is there something that’s going on here? Right.

So, um, cars pulling up some of the different pictures here that we’re going to be able to look through on this property. But it is this really crazy world that we live in, that people are tempted from time to time to see these different things, whether it happens to be to accept that or not.

And it would be really hard to deny certain things to be able to to do it. But each day we do have morals and those are each tested, and I prefer to stay on the high road and have what we make and each of those items. So this is a person who may be potentially chose that other path, and she’s enjoying some of her final days before her trial in this palatial estate.

I don’t know how she’s here, why she’s here, any one of those other things, but I’m just reporting this is something that as you’re going out there and you’re talking with clients that maybe you do a little bit of research on your own and you see what’s going on here, but it gives you something else to go ahead and discuss with your clients, right? You have just a unique thing that you’re kind of discussing.

You can weave it in to your to your regular talk and maybe have some type of debate about it. Have some type of discussion to see what’s kind of going on here. Is this the right thing? Is it moral? You can talk about it from all different types of levels, but what is going to be doing is showing that you’re keeping up in the news showing that you know what’s going on and it just, you know, go ahead and take a look. Yeah, here’s the front main picture of the property.

They did a really nice job with all the stuff. Maybe they kind of painted in some of the stuff and it became really picturesque and more like a painting rather than what it potentially really, really looks like. But I’m sure it is an amazing place and that’s just about it.

This is hopefully a topic that you weave into your conversations today to create a more real real estate centric conversation, and that you take control of certain conversations in a very maybe organic fashion, right? So that as you do that, you’re able to to sell more properties because it is often difficult to say, would you like to buy or sell a home today?

What you have to do is kind of weave it in and take it from a different direction and then steer that conversation right back to where you want it to go and then have it where you’re able to talk to them about real estate. So that’s topic number one. Thank you.

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