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Hello there. That’s Shana Acquisto. She’s a luxury real estate broker and she’s going to talk about wave forms that we need to get in advance. We have it up on the screen as we do. But go ahead and talk us through it, please.

You guys know what promulgated means? Promulgated promulgated form is something that really we’re supposed to use. Right. We have all of these forms that have been provided to us by track, drawn up by attorneys, and they’re not meant to be manipulated.

OK, so that’s one thing. But this is a form that I think would be very helpful in. You know, we’re seeing a lot of delays with documents in September 1st is when we’re going to have some new rules set forth for which I’m excited about. But I think to avoid some delays, this would be a good form to use its form. Nineteen twenty three, a track form.

And if Omkar can pull it over, I’ll show it to you and tell you how you could use this to your benefit. So this form is subdivision information. So when we have a listing, we should provide this to the seller and ask them to send it to their site immediately. So in hopes that we get this back prior to the home going live or being listed. But what this does is it gives all the details of the way.

And it tells if there’s any go through their capital expenditures, all of these special assessments, all of these fees that come up at closing that are a pain in the rear. And something that is a surprise to others, maybe we can avoid it by using this form, so use this form, it’s in your listing template. You can send this in, get your seller to send it into the hallway and get this document back in advance. Think this would be very helpful? And it’s promulgated we probably should be using it anyway.

All right, so, Chad, now anyone that has a difficult time saying the word promulgated, if that’s a word that as I say it wrong, no, you did a great job with it. You didn’t say anything wrong. But it’s one of those words that’s sometimes difficult to say for people. And also let me know other words in real estate that you have a difficult time pronouncing. And help, like relief,

Help, help. We all have problems asking for help. That’s really good. Thank you guys for joining us.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 8.6.21

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