Hiking the “M”

You know, today’s real estate word of the day is hiking the M. So first we’re going to go ahead and define it, then we’re going to use it in a sentence and then we going discuss it for just a moment here. So, Shawna, let’s go ahead and find it.

Ok, hiking the M a quick that steep hike of half a mile up the mountain from the base of the Bozeman base of Bozeman to the M. It’s a huge M. The peak reveals a glorious view of the city below this physical activity is on the list of must do items when in Bozeman, remember that if you ever make a trip to Bozeman. This could happen, there’s a couple of options. I guess this could be was it

Innocent and use it in sentence?

There’s a couple of options to hide them. You can go straight up, which is the most difficult moment we typically choose or you can go an easier route. That’s a more scenic route. A little. A little more. Less invasive.

Now, just just go point A to point B and just go like straight up. Yeah, no reason to worry about it. So when you do go to Bozeman, bring your hiking shoes and wear something comfortable and you’ll all be ready in, each one of you guys can hike them yourself.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.1.21

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